Friday, 29 April 2011

Awards, Awards, Awards!

Perri from Lesser Apricots and Rosemary from Romy’s Regency Romance have both awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award – I’m so chuffed. I love Blog Awards, especially when I’m on the receiving end, but giving is better than receiving so I shall be passing it on.

First of all seven things about me. Hm. Well what to say that I haven’t already waffled on at length about.

1. I’d go mad without my emails and the wonderful friends I’ve met through the internet. Whenever I moan and grumble and swear and curse about how pissed off I am with computers and/or the internet, I remind myself that without them I would never have met some of my dearest (what an old fashioned word) friends.

2. I can’t bear to be away from the sea for long. I can only see a tiny bit of it in the distance from my bedroom window, but I spend far too long gazing out at it and wishing I could have a house on the beach.

3. I am a blog addict. My only complaint is that there are so many brilliant and wonderful blogs out there and that I don’t have time to keep up with them all. Or, back to moaning about computers, I try to leave a comment and it starts playing silly buggers, then I go back a few days later and my comment isn’t there and then I think so long has passed and no one likes to be late at a party so I end up not commenting at all. I wish blogs had a little tick box so you could leave a calling card so to speak and let the blogger know that you’d called by, even if you didn’t have time to leave a comment – or else couldn’t think of one! But yes, blogs, I love them. I’ve just added a load more to my blog list. I can’t help myself.

4. I love the moon. Hard to explain, but the moon has accompanied me on many difficult journeys and I only have to look at that silvery white presence in the sky to feel a sense of peace and the certainty that things will turn out all right. However sad I am, heartbroken even, however worried, I find comfort in the moon. And no, I am not a werewolf.

5. I love books. Well that goes without saying really doesn’t it? I can get excited over a book in a way I can’t get excited about anything else. As soon as my hands touch a new book and open the first page, there’s a feeling as if I’m about to embark on an adventure. And in all honesty I’d rather have a book than chocolate and if I really had to give up one or the other, it would be chocolate, no competition.

6. I love Star Trek. The original series, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Next Generation – the films. Love them. Love the characters and the stories and I wish they would make a new series.

7. I am lactose intolerant. Doesn’t cause me problems because I use soya milk and tend to steer clear of animal products.

And now – drum roll – I’d like to pass the award to some versatile blogs.

Suzanne at Suzanne Jones

Sally at Quiller's Place - the View from the Shed

Gaelikaa at Gaelikaa's Diary

For reasons I can't figure out, Gaelikaa's Diary doesn't appear in my bloglist and I can't comment on there - so if anyone out there could let her know about the award I'd be ever so grateful, ta.

And the reason for the three Awards in my title is that Deirdra awarded me this Creative Blog Award – thank you Deirdra. Her fab blog A Storybook World has interviews and all sorts! Isn’t it pretty?


  1. Great "7 things" Teresa. I'm with you on loving the moon. Every night when I let the dogs out for thier last wee of the night I gaze up at the moon and make a wish!

    P.s Gaelikaas diary had finished I think! But I'll let her know via a blog group we are both members of! Caroline xx

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one, Caroline :-)
    Thanks for letting Gaelikaa know :-)

  3. Congratulations Teresa, from one trekkie to another!

  4. Thanks for the award, Teresa :o)

    I'm the opposite with the moon and find it quite spooky for some reason. Maybe I AM a werewolf and no one's told me yet!

  5. There are a lot of us about, Gail :-)

    You're very welcome, Karen. You don't look like a werewolf ;-)

  6. Thank you for my award, Teresa. Congratulations on recieving your awards. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  7. Love your 7 things - I also like the moon and the sea.

  8. Hi Teresa, Caroline very kindly got in touch with me. Actually, my 'gaelikaa's diary' is still very much around, but there was an older blog, "Out of Ireland, into India". I tried to merge the two and ended up, for reasons unknown, being unable to do so. So I just left a farewell post with a link on the older blog. But my comment section is giving me a bad time. I installed this wordpress based comment system on my blog which promised to be more interactive. The thing is, the comment section won't load until you click on the post title. A lot of my readers don't seem to be able to figure this out and I suspect that the comment section is failing to load for them. The stats tell me I'm getting the visitors, but the comment sections doesn't reflect that.

    I must apologise to you, I've been following your blog on my mobile but I find it rather hard to comment from there so I don't comment. Then when I open up my computer I tend to forget to visit and comment.

    Thank you for nominating me. I'll put up my post soon. I'm so honoured. Thank you. BTW I got a copy of TAB which was sent by my sisters and there was a story in it by you. I loved it!

  9. The moon and sea are very special and somehow soothing. I loved your seven things!

  10. Congratulations on your award, Teresa! And I agree with all your likes, especially the sea and books (although I'm not lactose intolerant!), and (tho' you didn't mention it here) I enjoy royal weddings.

    I've also received this award, but am not sure how to collect it...

  11. You deserve it, Jarmara!

    The moon and the sea go together well don't they, Rosemary.

    My inability to post on yours may well be down to my computer problems, Gaelikaa - I can't get beyond the comment box. I know exactly what you mean about commenting - I do it all the time (forget to go back and comment). THanks for saying about the story :-)

    Yes, soothing - that is exactly it, Joanna :-)

  12. Sorry Frances, missed your comment - to collect your award you just right click on the award picture and "save picture as" to your computer, then copy it into your blog.

  13. I enjoyed your seven things, Teresa.
    Number 3 struck a chord. I've been visiting your blog for a while now and have never commented. So today, with the absence of a calling card to tick, here I am.
    I love Tilly's doggy tails, so do Tim and Ted my two rough collies.

  14. Sue Blackburn1 May 2011 at 13:45

    What a great 7 things Teresa. I think I'm in tune with them all. I've watched Star Trek since being newly married. We are both great trekkies. Got Voyager recorded and keep dipping in. Never get sick of them! We are so lucky to live at the seaside. I always feel rather smug when the visitors come - they have to go and I can stay! xx

  15. Thanks for commenting, Pat - those calling card boxes would be a good idea I think! (I love rough collies!)

    They're lovely for dipping into aren't they, Sue. And yes, I agree, I feel very lucky to live near the sea (also nice for dipping into!)

  16. Thank you for the return visit, Teresa.
    You probably know the Rowan Tree as a Mountain Ash. It's got a lot of different names, one is the Whispering Tree. Good idea for a new post - all the Rowan's aka(s)

  17. Thanks, Pat you have inspired me for my next post (but nothing to do with Rowans)! I looked up Rowan Trees and to my embarrassment we have lots of them hereabouts so I really should have known what they were. The berries get splattered all over the pavements!

  18. I see you have that nice award you told me about Teresa. Do I just copy it from your blog and then award it to someone else as well? Your blog is really very nice and full of lots of interesting things. I see that you are a writer like Harry. He also writes books for grown ups as well as his dog books, but he writes those under another name and has won lots of awards for his books. Believe it or not, some of them are being made into movies too, and the first one is already in development in L.A.and London.
    Lots of love once again
    Tilly XX

  19. I've left a note on your blog about the award Tilly.
    That's very exciting about the movies :-)

  20. Tilly, Harry's grown up books look right up my street - and now I have added another great blog to my list. Thank you!

  21. Thank you so much for the award, Teresa. Love your list. We like the moon in this house, too.
    Although, when she was younger, my daughter used to wind down the window in the car and howl at it as we drove over the hills in the dark. I really worry about that child sometimes.


  22. You're very welcome, Suz - I'm still giggling over your smarties.
    And now I'm giggling about your daughter :-)

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