Friday 26 April 2019

Poor Neglected Blog and a few words about Tennis Balls!

I think Blogging has fallen out of fashion. But I don't want to leave this one to die, so I'm posting some pictures which are far more interesting than anything I have to say! I particularly like the artwork on the bottom of the boat.


You may remember little Scout. She's not little any more. She's much bigger than her little big sister, Poppy.

Dusty and Tinks.

The biscuit queue (this house is still rug central as I worry All The Time about Dusty slipping over on the hard floors).
 Harley, my little sun-loving panther.

And Dusty.... being Dusty. He got the kids' football out of the box he's standing on.

Oh while I'm here a note about Dusty and tennis balls. Tennis balls badly damaged Dusty's teeth so he was only allowed them under supervision. BUT he can break into a tennis ball in seconds (minutes if it's a good quality one) - and often does. It wasn't just costing a fortune in tennis balls, but it was making him sick, because he'd always end up swallowing bits of ball and green fuzz. Bear in mind he isn't given tennis balls to just play with and only has them on a field for games of fetch. He fetches and brings them back, but now and then he'll lie down for a rest and just rip and tear.

This is the dog who picked up my ball-flinger and snapped it in half with no effort at all. For a dog with several teeth missing and only two blunt fangs, that's pretty good (or bad) going.

I think I have found an indestructible ball - and one he's happy to play with. Last December I splashed out on a couple of Chuckit balls. Not the fuzzy tennis ball, but just rubber balls. The reviews were good and I thought if I can get a ball to last a week, I'll probably break even. Well, friends, he is still playing with the original Chuckit ball - this is every day since last December so he's had four months worth of ball out of one ball. I've more than broken even - I've saved a fortune and he isn't continually throwing up bits of tennis ball.

Here's a link to the balls in case anyone is interested.

I had to change comments on this blog because I had to come on here every few days to delete all the spam from the "awaiting moderation" section so I have stopped allowing anonymous comments at all.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather while it lasts!