Friday 26 July 2013


Sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, this has to be one of my favourite songs of all time. Never fails to make my skin tingle however many times I listen to it. And it is a perfect song for a heatwave.

Also perfect for hot weather, for the rest of the summer my novellas, Buckets and Spades

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Fizz says It’s too darned hot for dogs like me! Yes, that's right, when she isn't being Shere Khan, she thinks she's a springer spaniel.

Thursday 18 July 2013

1976 / 2013

I remember 1976. I was still a teenager. Life was good and the sun was hot.

We had an invasion of ladybirds and some said they would bite you to get moisture from your body. I can’t say I was ever bitten or that I knew anyone else who was – but I do remember being decorated in ladybirds for much of that summer!

Also I got my first kittens in 1976.


And Star...

I got two as company for each other as I was out at work all day and I’d nip home in my lunch break to feed them. I’ll never forget coming down the road to see them both swinging on my net curtains. Bless. They loved to watch the world go by and I knew the time would come when I’d have to let them out into the big wide world.

Star was dumb and couldn’t make a sound, but he could purr with the best of them. He was a very affectionate and loving little chap and he had a magnificent tail! 

He went missing when he was a year old and we never saw him again. The local newspaper even did a piece about him, but to no avail.

Leo was bereft without Star. Enter Huggy, orphaned feral kitten who hadn’t a clue when it came to personal hygiene.

But Leo took care of him and taught him the ways of a cat.

And Huggy fixed Leo’s broken heart.

Huggy was beautiful, but always had that wild streak and he used to stay away for days on end until eventually he stopped coming home. I used to see him sometimes and he always looked healthy and content.

So, once again we have a heatwave + kitten = windows shut!

We’re all roasting. When Fizz goes to sleep, we rush round opening all the windows. I’ll be glad when she can start going outside… except I know I won’t, because I’ll be worrying until she comes home!

How grown up is she looking now?

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Stay cool!

Monday 15 July 2013

Summer Loving!

Summer Loving for 99c/77p 

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So go on, treat yourself to one, or maybe all six!

As I said at the start of this post, you can find out more and find some tasty excerpts to tempt you over at the Minxes Blog.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Shopping for Donations!

For years I’ve shopped through a third party on the internet, gathering up points until I have enough to get myself a voucher. I used to spend my points on Amazon vouchers, then when they were no longer offered, I had Marks and Spencer vouchers instead.

But recently I heard through Hillside Animal Sanctuary about a site called Easyfundraising. So I signed up and now when I shop, I go through them.

You choose which charity benefits and I chose Hillside and it’s amazing how quickly those donations add up.

In other news… Fizz turned something off under the desk which turned my internet off, but I didn’t realise and tried to restart my computer thinking something had gone wrong with it – only it came up with the reboot thing… There followed a mildly hysterical few minutes until a male person who knows about computers came to my rescue.

She likes my bed and showing off her spotty tum.

And I think she gets tired of posing.

But she is mega cute.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Summer Fun and Crazy Juice

Yesterday I went to see two of my grandchildren take part in a carnival. There were about 1000 children gathered on the green, plus families.

I loved it. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the children were brilliant.

We walked with them along the procession route which took them through old Harwich and along the Quayside and back to the green.

There were drums and singing and the kids were so enthusiastic – it was lovely.

And their school won the prize for best performance.

Even Queen Victoria turned up.

Fizz had her second lot of vaccinations in the morning. I think they vaccinated her with Crazy Juice. Midnight last night she was still jumping about all over me – turning the bedside light on and off, knocking things over, beating me up…

And she woke me up at 6 this morning, face in my face, purring like mad. Time for breakfast!

I found her in Isabel’s doll’s house the other day rearranging the furniture after I’d taken a balloon away from her. I'd heard her banging about on the landing and when I eventually went to investigate she was battering a balloon up and down. 

How did she manage not to puncture it?!

Oh and I found a feather for her. I’ve never known a cat that didn’t like to play with a feather. She ran away from it. I’m hoping this is a good sign!