Thursday 8 January 2015

January Giggle Blog - Welcome to Ditzville

It’s 6.50 am and cold. I get in the car, switch on the engine and start adjusting my seat and mirrors. I’m due at my daughter’s to pick up the kids and dog at 7, but it only takes 5 minutes at this time of the morning.

But my interior light won’t go off. I turn on my headlights and put the car in gear (hoping to make it realise I intend to drive off), but the light remains stubbornly on. So I check that I’ve shut my door properly. I have. I fiddle with the switches. The light stays on.

There’s no way I can drive with it dazzling me, so I fetch useful (if somewhat disbelieving) husband. He has a fiddle. Light stays on. “We’ll have to think of some way to cover it up,” I say.

He goes in the house and comes out with some tape and a piece of card which he tapes over the light. He goes back indoors and the card drops off. I stick it back. It falls off. I stick it back. It falls off. The air turns slightly blue.

I’ll have to drive round there holding it in place. Useful husband reappears to find out why I’m still sitting on the drive at 6.58. I’m panicking. I hate being late.

“You’ll have to come with me,” I say. “You can hold the cardboard over the light.”

He jumps in and I reverse off the drive and a dashboard light flashes and an alarm says, “Beep, beep, beep, beep!” A door is open (why couldn't it have said so sooner?). He jumps out, checks all the doors and finds the rear passenger side door isn’t shut properly. He closes it. Interior light goes off.

Absolutely everyone who has been told this tale says right at the beginning, “Did you have a door open?” Well I did check MY door. I just didn’t expect one of the rear doors not to have been shut properly the night before. Sigh. I’ll know better next time.

Here’s Harley enjoying her cosy new bed. It's actually a carrier, but she liked it so much I left it up and she even prefers it to sleeping on the printer. Little does she know she’ll be travelling in it to the vet this afternoon for her annual check-up.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year – I can’t believe we’re in 2015!  By now we were all supposed to be walking round in silver jumpsuits, eating pills instead of food and travelling everywhere in flying cars. My mum even made silver jumpsuits for my Sindy and Paul dolls as a nod to the future. 

Did you have any expectations as to what life would be like now?

Thank you for all your support my lovely blog friends. I hope the New Year is kind and brings you happiness, good health and peace.