Friday 22 March 2013

Romance Reader!

Please come and say hello to me over at the Romance Reader – and go in for the draw to win an e-book of The Doctor’s Decision.

Speaking of romance… Been reading through one of my teenage diaries. Oh dear. But some things never change, “I was fed up, so wrote out a plan for a story with maps and drawings. I’m getting my petitions off tomorrow.”

Amazing how many girls I went to school with who were catty big-headed bitches and nasty cows and how many boys were gorgeous with wonderful brown eyes/beautiful blue eyes etc etc etc! And how many times can one 14 year old think she’s fallen in love?

One thing that does become very obvious is that I had one really good friend, even if I didn’t realise it at the time and I’m glad to say she was about the only person I never moaned about.

I had a bit of a lament about my bus fare to school going up from 2p to 3p and was pleased with the pouffe I got for my mum from the Green Shield Stamp shop! Then there was the day the school truancy officer came round and told my mum I was playing truant with my mates. So she called me out to prove I was at home. He took one look at my swollen black eyes and said she should keep me home for the rest of the week (I’d had a head on collision with my dog the day before and come off worst).

I was lucky that he’d chosen that particular time to check up on me, although I was caught a few months later.

I complain about one friend coming round and “always ruining my mum’s pens”. Your guess is as good as mine.

And I’ve realised that my parents bought me an Adler reconditioned office typewriter for my 15th birthday, not my 16th as I’d always thought (“Oh, well, nearly 15 – getting old.” – Did I really write that? I’m afraid I did).

I saw Monty Python at the pictures. Don’t remember it. I do remember going to see Steptoe and Son though. I “blew” 75p on a trip to London and paid 45p for typing and Dutch evening classes. I spent £1 on make up for myself and two of my friends. Were things ever really so cheap?

One thing I do know – reading through my teenage diaries, I would never want to live through that again. Although things did improve the following year when I met my husband!

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Saturday 16 March 2013


Thank you Patsy for nominating me for The Reality Blog Award

I love this! It’s nice and short and easy to do.

The rules are - Visit the blog of the person who nominated you and link to them on your post. Answer the questions, nominate more bloggers and let them know.

1.   If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I’d make everyone vegetarian “ping” – there, done, you won’t miss those bacon sarnies at all.

2.   If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

I’d be anywhere in my 30s again. Happiest time of my life.

3.   What one thing really scares you?

Cruelty. To people and animals. We should have got on top of it by now!

4.   If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

Thought long and hard about this and in the end decided I’d like to be an astronaut on the International Space Station – closer to the sun, no rain, no snow. Plus I would weigh next to nothing and I have it on good authority that they have ice cream.

I’m nominating :

And for no other reason than I haven’t posted any photos lately, here’s one of Indy playing with his treat cube. It takes him a while to sniff out all the kibble that drops out as he pushes it round with his nose or bats it with his paws – unless there are little people on hand to gather it all up for him which he doesn't object to at all!

Monday 11 March 2013

Keeping a Diary!

My father-in-law started copying his father’s diary into Word some time ago, but circumstances have made it difficult for him to continue, so my oldest son has taken over.

My grandad-in-law was a lovely man. I know I say a lot of things are lovely, but he and Nanna were very special to me. My grandmothers died before I was born so I grew up without, but I had two wonderful nanna’s in law.

My grandad-in-law cycled to Lambeth every day to work and every night he wrote in his diary, usually in the air raid shelter.

My mum often spoke of WWII – my grandfather had the family moved to West Ham because he thought they’d be safer there than here and they lived through the Blitz - until they came out of the air raid shelter to find their house had been flattened so back they came.

But nothing has brought home what it must have been like more than reading my grandfather-in-law’s diaries. Night after night of sirens blaring and planes going over and bombs dropping. I must admit there were tears as I read as I thought about what it must have been like, never knowing when it would end.

But one thing that shines through his words is that he never complains. Not once!

So I had a look at my diaries. Oh dear. Moan, moan, moan! I dread to think what future generations will think of me if they read them. “What a moany old bag,” they’ll say. So, inspired by my late grandad-in-law, I am going to try to up my game when it comes to keeping a diary.

So now to put a positive spin on snow in March! Who’d have thunk it? 

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Leap Year

One of my favourite short story writers, Marilyn Fountain, has written a People’s Friend pocket novel Leap Year. It’s in the shops now. Get one if you can – I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. 

Isn't that a lovely cover?

Back in the days before I actually knew any other writers, I used to look out for Lyn's stories because I knew they would always be a good read and nothing has changed. I am so pleased she's started writing longer stuff - more to enjoy!

Friday 1 March 2013


I love Call the Midwife on television and I enjoyed the book very much too. In fact I found it very difficult to put down.

Some time ago I read In the Midst of Life by Jennifer Worth and I intend to treat myself to her other two books, Shadows of the Workhouse and Farewell to the East End.

At the moment I’m reading My Future Husband by Karen Clarke – it's a lovely, fun read!

This week I took Indy for his check up and – I hardly dare breathe this – I don’t have to take him back for three months as long as he continues to do well and doesn’t start to lose weight again. The worst part of all this is his blindness. He has to stay on an extending lead now on our walks because he gets worried off the lead.

But he’s sleeping through the night which is a huge plus, especially as some nights I had to carry him up and down the stairs. It must be better for him if he can have a good night’s sleep. And he enjoys playing with his treat ball – I save some of his kibble to put in that.

I know he’s nearly thirteen, but I still look at him and see a puppy. He has never really grown up and he still has his naughty moments – I am very glad to say!