Monday 22 February 2016

A Proper Bed At Last!

Tonight for the first time since the middle of November when Dusty had his TPLO surgery, I will be sleeping in a proper bed! Yay!

Last Tuesday, Dusty’s X rays at our vet’s showed his bones had healed and the metalwork was fine. Now we are waiting to hear from the orthopaedic surgeon about what happens next with regard to his exercise and the timing of an operation for the luxating patella.

I was walking round on air all day.

Last week we got rid of our old very high bed base, so I moved back upstairs with Dusty knowing he’d be fine getting on and off the mattress on the floor which was slightly more comfortable than the chair bed. Today the new bed arrived – it’s an extra low one designed for attic rooms. It feels so comfortable, but when he has his next op, I’ll probably end up sleeping downstairs on the chair bed again for a while.

We have pushed the bed up against the wall to minimise the risk of him falling off. It’ll be handy when smaller grandchildren come to stay for sleepovers too as I won’t have to put bed rails on the sides to stop them plummeting to the floor (it only happened once and fortunately the very small grandchild was unharmed, but I don't think my nerves ever recovered). And it'll be handy if we ever move to a house with sloping ceilings.

Harley is glad he’s getting back to normal. She can’t wait for the day when he’ll be allowed to run round the garden chasing other cats away. Today it was me running round the garden in my socks after another cat had cornered her behind the bins. She’s such a gentle, inoffensive little thing and at least two of the other cats round here pick on her.

Happy Almost Spring!