Thursday 25 May 2017

Growing Family


My son and daughter in law have just adopted Tinks. She is from the same rescue that Harley came from and is about the same age or a little older. Harley will be four this year.

She seemed like a perfect match for us. Friendly, likes children, loves (absolutely adores) dogs and has lived with another cat before.

She spent the first 24 hours in a “safe” room away from the rest of the house, but was allowed to wander round the whole house to get used to the smells and sounds while Harley and Dusty were out of the way.

Dusty in the woods

We should have waited 24 hours before introducing Harley and Tinks, but they met face to face through the patio door. Harley’s tail puffed up, but I think that was just surprise on her part to see a strange cat in her house. They seemed so eager to meet that we allowed them a brief encounter and waited for the hisses and growls.

Harley just wanted to be friends, but Tinks had a little growl and a hiss. They met several times after that and within 5 days they are getting along fine. Not cuddling each other or anything like that, but respectful and relaxed together.


With Dusty it is a little more difficult. He has always chased cats out of the garden because there are a couple round here who come into our garden with the sole purpose of beating Harley up.

Tinks is not in the least little bit afraid of him. She’s come right up to him and rubbed noses, but occasionally he’ll lunge, so when they are together he has a lead on – just in case. I’ve put a baby gate up on the office door and they spend a lot of time close together but with the gate as a barrier. She is desperate to be near him and he is desperate to play with her.

Making friends

Meanwhile, Harley is throwing herself at Dusty, batting his ears and yelling, “Chase ME! Chase ME!”

I am sure with patience and time and lots of positive reinforcement (they get to eats lots of chicken when they are close together) they will be good friends.

And just as the weather hots up, we have to have all the windows and doors closed so Tinks can’t get out! Phew! Hopefully it won’t be too long before she can go outside to sprawl in the garden with Harley.