Sunday 29 December 2013


I’m very sad to tell you that yesterday morning, 28th December, we had to take Indy to see our vet, Tom. Indy was asleep in the back of the car, so Tom came out to see him and confirmed what we already knew, that he was very ill. After all the battles he’d fought with his health from the time he was a little puppy, it had all got too much for him and we had no choice but to make that final hard decision.

On Friday he had had a brilliant day and was so full of life that the speed of his collapse and decline came as a terrible shock.

He was such a dearly loved member of our family, sweet natured, loyal and gentle. I just can’t believe he’s gone. 

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

You should see my Christmas tree. No, perhaps you shouldn’t. It was cute at first, watching Harley shin up the centre knocking baubles flying while she fought with straw owls and became entangled in the lights.

Oh how we laughed as the tree swayed back and forth and bells jingled. It’s wearing a bit thin now. Like the tree. All the baubles have been moved to the top quarter of the tree and the lower branches are naked and most of them are flattened and drooping. I keep bending them back into shape, but resistance is futile.

It is the most ridiculous looking Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. But just one look at those bright eyes peeking out at me from behind a wildly swinging bauble just melts my heart. Who needs a perfect tree when we have this little cutie? Not us!

Fizz is much too ladylike to climb artificial trees (although she’s quite good at removing lights from windows). She watches her little sister with disbelief. But she absolutely loves her and now they sleep together on my bed. She keeps her in line too. If Harley tries to nick one of Fizz’s Dreamies cat treats, she puts her paw on her head and holds her back.

Harley was amazed to see herself and Fizz on the computer screen!

We've been keeping a seat warm at the vet's this month. Indy was on antibiotics for three weeks for a cough, which improved, but got to a stage and got no better. He’s now on a pill which perks up elderly dogs and acts as a bronchodilator.  He’s also on a new painkiller to have alongside the anti-inflammatory.

It has been taking me the best part of an hour and sometimes longer to get all his pills/food/insulin sorted out in the mornings mainly because he’s been refusing to eat and he can’t have some of his medicine or his insulin on an empty stomach (apart from the medicine he has to have half an hour before food). So I’ve been spoon feeding him with help from Harley.

This morning I made him porridge and crushed up some of his dry dog food and mixed it in. I didn’t have to spoon feed him, raise his bowl or anything. He dived in and ate the lot! Mind you, all this time he’s been fussing about his food, he’s still managed to climb up in the chair to pinch the kittens’ food and lick their bowls clean!

But then, Harley helps him to eat his food, so that’s okay!

But Fizzy is still his best mate!

Sunday 1 December 2013

Early Days...

We’ve now had Harley for one week and it feels like she’s been here forever. She’s slotted in so nicely.

The only time Fizz grumbles at her now is if she nips in and pinches one of her treats. They sleep together – well not touching, but almost.

During the past week Fizz has been on hunger strike, refused to speak to anyone, eaten twice as much as normal and curled up with her nose in the corner looking sad - most of that over a period of two days!

Now she’s back to her normal self I’m glad to say! 

Isn't it lovely to see all the Christmas lights going up, cheering the dark evenings? 

Happy December!