Saturday 1 April 2017

Getting My Goat!

Sadly I haven't got a goat - although I would love to have one or a few. I took the photo at an animal rescue centre. Look at that beautiful expressive face, "Stop taking photos and give me more FOOD!"

There are several explanations for the origins of getting your goat. One is that in days gone by, a goat was placed with a racehorse the night before a race as a calming influence and rivals might nick the goat to upset the horse.

The title of this post came to mind because at the time I started writing it, a lot of things were getting my goat and turning me into a grumpy old mare (see what I did there?).

I wrote a lengthy rant about all the goaty things and deleted it. Life’s too short to dwell on the goat getters.

Some upheaval during the past few weeks has resulted in a very tidy house and multiple trips to the tip. I even found a couple of books I’d bought a few years ago for research and never got round to reading. Happiness!

I’ve rediscovered my baking mojo too and have been making lots of cakes every weekend – including Heavenly Nutty Chocolate Cups which aren’t cakes and don’t need to be baked. They are extremely popular with everyone. The kids are always asking when I’m going to make more and they are vegan which pleases my oldest grandson (and me!). And I ring the changes by sometimes using different nuts – I like to use peanuts and cashews.

At the moment school seems to be getting the resident little person’s goat and Harley thought if she went to sleep on her school shirt she would save her. Unfortunately her cunning plan didn’t work – it was a shirt put aside because it has been outgrown.

They’re all more than ready for the Easter holidays and a break from school – and so am I.

Happy Spring!