Saturday 16 December 2017

Wrapping Up For 2017

Tinks helped me wrap the Christmas presents (well I say help, I mean she took up the sunny spot on the table so I worked round her until she decided the bag with all my wrapping paper in looked very comfy and sent rolls of wrapping paper flying across the floor, then she went off in a huff because obviously I tricked her into thinking the wrapping paper bag was some sort of soft squishy bed).


Talking of cats in huffs, Harley wasn’t speaking to me when I took this photo.


I keep treats in the cupboard behind me and she taps me on the shoulder until I give her some. If I don’t move fast enough, she starts shredding magazines, pulling tissues out of the box and throwing things on the floor. When that didn’t work the other day, she said, “It would be a shame if this little china unicorn that you treasure so much were to get broken.” Then she gave it a smack and it flew off the shelf and landed with a sickening crack on my mum’s old Toby jug. Luckily the sickening crack was just a noise and nothing was broken. “Now will you give me a treat?” she said.

I said I certainly would not because her bottom is starting to look big in that fur coat. That’s why she came and sat on my mouse mat with her back to me. What do you think? Of course I caved and gave her some. She might be a little gangster, but she’s my lovely little gangster. 

As I was typing this, she started with the shoulder tapping. The photos aren't great, but I managed to catch her in the act!

Ahem - Excuse me

I'm here!
For heaven's sake woman, tap tap, give me a treat!

She likes to keep my printer warm too.

Every Printer Should Have One

If Dusty wants a treat from the cupboard, he tries to dig his way into it (I think Harley tells him to do that). Hm, I think keeping treats in there was a big mistake. Every time I open the door to get out the sellotape or a new printer ink or an envelope, Harley pops out of her little house-bed and Dusty pings out from under my desk.


This is me wrapping up for this year and wishing you a very Happy Christmas. I can’t tell you how excited I am that we’re less than a week away from the Winter Solstice and the nights starting to pull out again!