Wednesday 29 May 2013

Clever Dog!

My lovely friend (thank you Jan) just sent me this link.

Isn't Jesse a great little dog?

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Bat Dog/Cat Fish/What Scares You?

A couple of the Little People decided to play dressing up. One dressed up as a bat, the other as a pirate. Later, they abandoned hats and scarves and went off to make a car with the dining chairs and set off on an adventure.

Indy was on the sofa. The bat hat was next to him. I couldn’t resist. I was going to take it off, but after I took the photo he went off to sleep still wearing the bat hat.

Meanwhile, the kitten has taken up fish watching!

He is amazing. So tiny and yet so unafraid of the dogs and they must look enormous to him.

Today out with Indy there was a tractor on the field cutting the grass. Scared? Too right I was. I’m almost as scared of tractors as I am of spiders. I have been known to get hysterical when they’ve turned up and started working on a field I’m on.

I’ve leapt across ditches and into bushes. It’s completely irrational I know. Today the tractor was already there, so I carefully walked where he’d already cut the grass, but I walked close to the hedge and planned to pick Indy up and leap into it if it came anywhere near us.

Meanwhile my daughter finds a snake wandering round her allotment and moves it. Her husband thinks it incredible that she can be so petrified of a spider that she’s stuck in her bedroom for half an hour too scared to move, yet she’ll happily touch a snake.

That’s the thing with things that scare us. It isn’t always rational. We’re all scared of the same sort of things to some degree or other, but my fear of tractors has always seemed ridiculous. Then we remembered the public service adverts that used to be on when we were kids.

I’ve looked for them online, but can’t find them, but they were scary. Maybe it harks back to then.

My dad, who gently picked up the biggest spiders to put outside; who was on the Arctic Convoys; who was generally fearless, was terrified of wasps. Understandable that. Mosquito larvae too – I remember showing him a jam jar full of little fish I’d found in the water butt! He hit the roof, but he’d almost died of Malaria, so again, understandable.

But he was scared of crabs, so when I used to catch them and take them home to show him (just little ones) he’d tell me to take them back to the beach as quickly as possible. It was only years later that my mum told me he used to break out in a sweat and his skin would crawl at the sight of them.

So what makes your skin crawl?  

Sunday 19 May 2013

Hello Kitty!

Isn’t he cute?

No, he’s not mine. He’s my daughter’s kitten, so I suppose you could say he’s my new grand-kitty.

It has been so long since we had a kitten in the family, I had forgotten how tiny they are

And that's the leg of the man who says no more cats that he's sitting on. Just saying!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Who Are You?

I’ve just done this fun test to see what career would suit me. I enjoy doing this sort of thing and thought you might too. 

Turns out I am, along with 1% of the population, an INFP – Questor. Careers that would suit me include: holistic health practitioner and writer. Whoo!

I could also be a minister/priest/rabbi – oh well.

Well that was fun while it lasted. 

Any more INFPs out there? Did you do the test and find it accurate?

And while you’re in the mood for tests, how about this one on the BBC? 10 questions on grammar. I scored 8. I wasn’t happy with that!

I do love this time of year when/if it behaves itself!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Dogs and Cats!

We had to take Indy to the vet on Friday. He hadn’t been himself and I’d been up with him all night on Thursday night. He just couldn’t settle and didn’t seem to know what he wanted or where he wanted to be.

We couldn’t get an appointment with Tom, so saw one of the other vets. I was concerned that he had a urine infection or was in pain or… well you name it.

Gemma found that his legs are showing improvement! He was quick to put his feet back to normal after she’d folded them. His temperature was fine and there was nothing in his wee to indicate a problem.

Then she took a glucose reading. 4.9. A good reading for a healthy dog, but looking back at Indy’s curves, his readings are usually much higher at that time of day, sometimes up in the 20s and don’t dip down until just before his evening meal.

So his insulin has been reduced. Friday night was much better – he did ask to go out, but he wasn’t aimless and lost. Last night he woke up at 4 and asked to go outside, but for the rest of the night he slept peacefully.

I think what he’d really like is a little kitty companion like in the old days.

I think my beloved is getting fed up with me saying that, but my bed looked much prettier when it was decorated with dogs and cats!

Here he is on his 13th birthday.

And this is how he looked the first time I saw him.

And here’s my Gt Grandad with his cat in 1946 for no other reason than I like it! Oh look, he has a cat! I believe the cat's name was Bill. 

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Ripped Genes - Glynis Smy

Today I am delighted to showcase an exciting new book by Glynis Smy.  

Last year saw the debut launch of Ripper, My Love.

Today, the sequel makes its presence known: Ripped Genes.

Ripped Genes will be at a special launch price of 99c/(77p approx) for the ebook version, until end of May. 

The descriptive blurb holds a spoiler for those who have not read the first book. If you would like to read, Ripper, My Love, first, then contact Glynis at: glynissmy at outlook dot com, and put FREE BOOK PLEASE in the subject line. You will be sent a code for Smashwords, where you can download a copy in any format you please. This offer will finish at the end of May, so spread the word.

Growing up in late nineteenth century East London, Kitty Harper’s life is filled with danger and death – from her mother, her beloved neighbour and the working women of the streets ... Read more.

The author has lived for eight years, in Cyprus. Her historical novels carry a twist in the tale, and she creates strong female characters who struggle in life.

In June 2013, Glynis returns to her hometown, Harwich, Essex, in the UK, where she will gain inspiration for her next novel, The Man in Room Eighteen. 

Find Glynis on:

Twitter: @ghunibee

Glynis also runs a site where she showcases, (not reviews), books for authors. It is free of charge, with no catch:
New Book Blogger (not just for newly published books). She actively encourages self-published authors to submit to the blog. 

Good luck with Ripped Genes, Glynis! I can't wait to read it!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Parade, Pixie Ears and Painting!

I went to the St George’s Day Parade to see my oldest granddaughter and oldest grandson take part (oldest makes them sound so old - they're 5 and 8). They've recently been invested into Beavers and Cubs.

It was lovely! Leading the parade was the Pipe Band, then came the little Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts and Sea Scouts.

The evening was hot and the tears in my eyes had nothing to do with the brightness of the sun!

And I forgot my camera! So I had to take pictures with my phone and because of the sun (not that I’m complaining) I couldn’t see the screen and had to take pot luck! Don't ask me how I managed to give the cubs pixie ears - I have no idea - phone wobble? My little granddaughter is the one with the two pigtails in the picture below - actually the only girl I think. She's not wearing the scarf because she wasn't invested until the following week.

I’ve been a bit busy preparing another short story book for Kindle, The Painting & Other Stories. This one has ten short twist in the tale stories and because the stories have a different tone to previous collections, I’ve gone for a completely different sort of cover to my usual.

In Indy news, we had a worrying few days with him refusing to eat his breakfast! Well, it wasn’t that he wasn’t hungry because he was yelling at me to hurry up and give it to him, but when I did, he backed away, even when I held the bowl for him. Most unIndylike behaviour.

I tried raising his bowl, holding it for him, changing the bowl, adding something extra tasty, but to no avail. In the end the only way to get him to eat was to hand feed him. Then after about half an hour, he’d be back at his bowl licking it all round the kitchen.

But in the evenings, fine, no problem.

Back to the vet. Weight stable – he’d lost a tiny bit. Diabetes controlled. Wee, nothing amiss. Teeth, nothing obvious. So a thorough check and his difficulty eating in the mornings seems to be all to do with a worsening of arthritis which causes morning neck stiffness, so he’s now on medication for that.

At this rate he’s going to need his own medicine cabinet! One thing Tom did say was that you would never believe Indy was going to be 13 on Friday! He looks like a young dog which seems funny when you think of all the medication he’s on, but it’s true all the same!