Tuesday 26 May 2015

New Short Story Collection

I've finally got round to putting another collection of stories on Kindle.

There are twenty stories included and all have been published in The People's Friend

In the title story Margaret thinks a mouse is pinching her cakes. Meanwhile, out in the garden, something is eating husband Gordon's chrysanthemums - or so he thinks!

There are also stories of romance, new babies, friendships and weddings, all with love at their heart.

Margaret's Mouse & Other Stories is available for Kindle from AmazonUK and Amazon.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

The Perils of Forgetting Your Camera

Phone cameras are great. But there are times when you need the Real Thing.

We went to the 70th Anniversary of VE Day Open Day at the Harwich Redoubt Fort. It’s always a great place to visit with the kids. Then we had a stroll round Old Harwich and ended up sitting on the Ha’penny Pier with drinks from the cafĂ©.

We then went down onto the pontoon and watched a very nice man and his lovely little boy (and beautiful dog) crabbing. He let the children hold the crabs and pull in the lines, then we all watched as they released the crabs to race back into the sea.

We thought we’d missed the flypast by the P-51 Mustang, but as we were heading for home, it zoomed overhead. We watched all the wonderful manoeuvres, hearts in mouths as the pilot flew low over the trees before soaring upwards.

I took some photos with my phone.

Brilliant isn’t it? It was there - you'll have to take my word for it. Just out of shot.

Here it is again.

And another.

Yes, I know - it's a seagull.

You wouldn’t believe how many photos of the sky I had to delete. But I did manage to get a couple – more by accident than design.

I particularly like the one above of the plane flying over the Dubs.

Seagull and plane! They're both there, honestly.

I feel very lucky that I did not have to live through the times my parents did. Very lucky.