Tuesday 1 March 2011

Stylish? Me?

Many thanks to Novelist in the Making for the Stylish Blogger award. I hope you'll pop over and pay her a visit.

Now I have to tell you seven things about myself and then pass on the award to 15 bloggers.

This is a nice way of bringing blogs to the attention of others that they might otherwise have missed and I hope you’ll go along and see some old friends and maybe make some new ones.

So first my seven things.

1. I sold my first story to My Weekly when I was in a lead lined room in Essex County Hospital. My husband phoned and opened the letter and read it to me. I wasn’t allowed visitors, but the sister adjusted the bandages round my head so I could use the phone and wear my glasses!

2. I think I may have Dyscalculia. I was in the dunce class at school for maths and after I left school I got a job in the office of a furniture company. Within six months I was in charge of all the accounting side of things, from cashing up the tills to doing the end of year accounts for the auditor. I got another job before the auditor saw the books. He must have had a heart attack when he opened those big ledgers and found tear-stained pages with so many rubbings out that there were holes in the pages. I was 16.

3. I left there and got a job in the solicitor’s office across the road. My old boss gave my new boss a glowing reference – I daresay he was eager to get rid of me. Within six months I was the most senior secretary in the company’s three offices and because we were the smallest branch I was in charge of all the banking, the smooth running of the building society agency and the petty cash! By then I had learned to check, double check and check my figures again. As long as I make extra sure I am writing numbers down in the correct order I’m fine. I did okay.

4. I was married at 18. Several people said it wouldn’t last. One person gave us six months and here we are 35 years later still together. On my last birthday I was 35. See 2.

5. I am a bit of a hypochondriac - see 2.

6. I have been a vegetarian for about 25 years. The last time I ate meat (except for a couple of buffet accidents) was in December 1986. I was at the Lancaster Gate Hotel in London meeting Liz Smith from My Weekly and I think I had something with beef mince. I was so nervous and rather pregnant and I can’t really remember, but she was – and is – lovely, and put me at my ease.

7. I am a qualified crystal therapist. I also did a Reflexology course, but gave it up before the final exams when I came to the realisation that I don’t like touching other people’s feet.

And now my fifteen bloggers. It is up to them whether they accept the award, but whether they do or not, go along and pay them a visit! It’s a mixed bag – as I said some old, some new, but all worth a look.

I think you will be entertained, informed or find kindred spirits among my chosen blogs.
Having just spent hours checking the links work (couldn't get my hyperlinks button to play ball today) and leaving messages for fifteen people I would quite understand if my victims would prefer not to take part. I did enjoy myself though floating round the interweb visiting all those lovely blogs!


  1. Thank you for including me in your 15, Teresa. I'm going to have a look at all the other blogs mentioned too.
    And I always enjoy your blog posts too. :-)

  2. Congratulations on your award!

  3. Aw, thank you so much for that, Teresa - and for promoting my blog through it. I'm delighted to accept it and will enjoy deciding on my 15! Like CarolB, I'll also enjoy looking at all the blogs mentioned.

  4. Thanks Teresa for the award. I'm honoured. Not exactly sure what I'm doing, but hopefully it'll turn out alright.

  5. Congratulations on your award and thank you for including my little blog, I'm so chuffed!
    How interesting to learn more about you, as for the reflexology, I understand what you mean about other people's feet :/

  6. Ha great about the award. Okay I'll have a look at those blogs because if you have recommended them then they must be good.

    I'm not a fan of feet either - yuk, big time. You made the right decision.

  7. Pleasure, Carol!

    Thanks, Patsy.

    You're welcome, Rosemary.

    And you're welcome too, Suzy.

    I like this sort of thing, penandpaints - steering people towards blogs I enjoy :-) The only person I didn't mind practising the Reflexology on was my little grandson - he has lovely little feet :-)

    Thanks MOB. I'm not really a very hands on sort of person at all. Maybe I'd be better learning to do that thing where you just wave your hands about over people and don't have to touch them ;-)

  8. Thanks for the award Teresa! I just want to hug your 16 year old self. Poor thing!

    I have no idea how I'm to match such a fascinating list :-)

  9. Congratulations, Teresa. people said the same about us. Yesterday, we celebrated 37 years!

  10. Aw bless you, Lacey. I can still remember vividly the gut wrenching terror I felt doing those books and the harder I tried the worse it got. I shall look forward to your list :-)

    Thank you Martin - congratulations on your 37 years :-)

  11. Yhank you Teresa for making me laugh (should I be worried that I've taught remedial Maths, yet had to go back again and look at what you'd written?!) - oh and for signposting some lovely new blogs to get my teeth into. Currently chuckling at http://writewritingwritten.blogspot.com

  12. Thank you, Teresa, for this. It will be lovely to have more visitors to my blog from this award! This was a warm surprise on my return from a holiday from hell. Life is a bit grim right now, so not blogging, but will be back soon!
    Thanks for being a friend in cyberspace. xx

  13. Thanks for recommending these blogs. I've worked my way through half of them but I've got things to do so I'll look at the rest later.
    Nice to learn a few more things about you.

  14. Congratulations, to you, Teresa, and to all your nominees.

    I love reading these award posts - a great way to find out more about my favourite bloggers.


  15. THanks, Alison - hope you enjoy all the links!

    Sorry to hear about the holiday, Lydia - wasn't quite what I'd imagined for you. Hope things are better soon xx

    Thanks Keith - since doing my list I've thought of better things I could have used for my seven without embarrassing myself so much by owning up to my numerical shortcomings!

    Thanks, Suzanne. They are fun aren't they. I didn't have time to do the last one I got and by the time I did, it seemed too late, so it was nice to get another chance :-) xx

  16. Congrats on the award. It was lovely to learn more about you.

  17. Hi Teresa..Thank you for including me. I have had a few more people take a look at my Blog. Your followers list, to say the least, is impressive. I have been trying to work out how to accept the award???? This morning I have convinced myself I am 'Blogger Challenged'! Happy writing....

  18. You're very welcome, Diane.
    What you do (if you want to that is) is click on the stylish blogger picture, copy it to your computer and post it up on your blog (at least that's how I do it).