Saturday 12 March 2011

Notebooks, Indy's Story and Good News!

So there I was wondering what to blog about next when along came Gail from The Writing Bug with another Stylish Blogger award to kick start me. Thank you, Gail!

But I’m not going to bore you with seven more things about me. I wrote them down, deleted them, wrote them again and deleted them again. So consider yourselves lucky.

I had another post drafted and as I started to read through it I thought it may make a story, so that has been moved to my ideas notebook.

Indy’s paw seems, touch wood, to be better. His eye is still runny so I’m afraid it looks as if another trip to the vet is in the pipes.

I bought myself a new notebook this week. New project = new notebook. It’s a new one on me – an
Oxford Acts for the Planet notebook and I have to say as something of a notebook freak, I like it very much indeed.

Also got a new subs book. I use a hardback A5 lined book to record all my submissions and have them in various shades of red, blue and black – but this time I went for purple.

I spent ages browsing round the notebooks, project books, this book and that book, but the Oxford one felt right for my New Project.

My new project of course, is Indy’s story. I started to write thinking I’d do a page of notes per year of his life to expand on later. I started writing it all down last night and so far I’ve filled about 20 pages and I’ve only covered 6 months.

Whether it will ever come to anything I don’t know, but I am enjoying it and I’m finding as I write things are coming back to me.

And I’ve saved the best till last - CONGRATULATIONS to Sue Blackburn who has just had her first story acceptance by Ireland’s Own. Well done, Sue!


  1. Kick start, eh? Hope it wasn't too painful!
    So glad to hear that Indy's paw is better.

  2. Good luck with the new project - if you're finding it an interesting and enjoyable process that's a good sign.

  3. I'm glad Indy's a bit better! I love buying new notebooks, my subs notebook has a little kitten and message on each page, such as 'You can choose, furniture or cats...' Best of luck for your new project.
    Congratulations to Sue!!

  4. I needed it Gail!

    Thanks Patsy - I had almost forgotten how it feels to pour things out in a notebook like that.

    That notebook sounds lovely penandpaints - furniture or cats, hm, well you can't cuddle a sofa ;-)

  5. Good luck with your next project, Teresa.

  6. Glad Indy's paw is better. My Dylan's face has almost healed over now, so he's enjoying being free of that dreadful lampshade collar!
    I love notebooks too and completely identify with the wonderful feeling of starting a new one. My subs book is an A5 lined book covered with roses and swirls but I don't have an organised colour-coded system inside!
    Good luck on the new project and CONGRATULATIONS from me too to Sue! x

  7. Thanks so much for your good wishes Teresa. I am walking on air as you can imagine. One of the most lovely things to come out of my acceptance was the support of all my fellow writers. When I told them my news EVERYONE of them (including, of course, yourself) was so delighted for me and sent me their congratulations and good wishes pretty much by return. What a super band of people to belong to. Good luck with Indy project and hope his eye is now better.
    Thanks to penandpaints and Lydia for your lovely comments x

  8. Glad to hear about Dylan, Lydia. Those lampshade things are horrible aren't they and must be so uncomfortable.

    Thanks Sue - Indy's eye is still troubling him so he's off to the vet tomorrow to have it flushed under sedation :-(

  9. Congratulations to Sue.

    Indy's story is going to be fab.

    And notebooks: I have an A5 black'n'red subs book that I've used since 1991 - and I'm still only half way through it (in fact, the first page lasted two years). I'm thinking I maybe need to write more?


  10. I've got a couple of those A5 black and reds - they're great too aren't they.
    Definitely - get writing and fill up those pages, Suzanne, you write lovely stories :-)