Sunday 20 March 2011

People's Friend and Authors for Japan

There is good news from Shirley Blair from The People’s Friend over at Womag’s blog. And if you’ve any questions for Shirley, post them over there and she’ll try to answer them. It's a great opportunity, so if there is anything you need to know, now is the time to ask.

Authors for Japan. Now I’ve assumed everyone must have heard of this, but in case you haven’t there are over 100 items on the site and the auction ends tonight at 8 o’clock.

There are some fantastic lots on there. How about a dedication in the front of
Jill Mansell’s next book? There are signed copies of books, the chance to be a named character, mentoring and manuscript assessments to name but a few… the list is amazing and it is so easy to bid.

There is also a copy of
Diamonds and Pearls which will include the signatures of all 34 contributors. Don't forget you can also buy the book from Amazon for the bargain price of £4.29.

Thanks for all the entries so far for the first line competition in the previous post. They’ve all been great and so different! I’m really enjoying reading them and I don’t know how on earth I’m going to make a decision when it comes to picking a winner. But please keep them coming!


  1. Thanks for these links, Teresa. And that is good news from The People's Friend.

    PS still thinking about my first line

  2. Thank you for the link to Womag's blog re The People's Friend. All the info on there was so helpful. I'm renewing my efforts!

  3. Hi Teresa!
    Good to see you are still blogging. (Note to self: get on with it!)
    Here is my entry for first line:
    "It wasn't the sort of thing she usually did."
    If it doesn't win, I might just use it myself!
    Comp is great idea. I usually struggle with beginnings but am much comfier with endings! x

  4. It is good news isn't it, Suzanne :-)

    Good for you, Sue :-)

    Thanks, Lydia. I'm looking forward to picking a winner soon :-)

  5. Hi Teresa, I hope all is well. You wouldn't believe it, I have been writing like a woman possessed lately, but do you think I can come up with a decent line for your first line comp???? x

  6. Ok Teresa.. hope you like it, here is my attempt at your first line competion:-

    My hands shook as I read the note; 'I know what you did!'

  7. LOL .. I spelt 'competition' wrong. Hope that's not an instant disqualification.

  8. Thank you for entering Diane. (I hadn't noticed your spelling of competition)