Sunday, 8 July 2012

Buying Books

I really shouldn’t look at The Book People website and I really shouldn’t put so much in my basket, but then again money spent on books – and most of them are for the kids – is never wasted.

But I did treat myself. I ordered the Maya Angelou collection – six books for £3.

And I’ve been in for this free to enter competition to win a cottage holiday from the Daily Telegraph.

In other news – my beloved took some photos of me and Indy for an upcoming article. 44 pictures and I didn’t like any of them (only needed one). Indy looked his beautiful best in them all, but I did my usual blobby impression.

I’m not going to mention the weather. Oh, I just did. Sorry.

And I still haven’t sorted out a cover for the new short story book. I haven’t finished editing it either, but I am determined to get it finished soon.

Warm sand and ice cream, birdsong and soft grass – for an explanation see Lynne’s blog about Favourite Things.


  1. Indy is totally adorable and so are you!! Look at your avatar pic with your lovely smile!! Yay!!!

    Good luck with the telegraph comp!! Fingers crossed!

    Weather? It's Wimbledon weather here in London! Take care

  2. You are so kind, Old Kitty :-)

    Wimbledon weather here too - but I can see a tiny patch of blue up there now x

  3. Awww Indie is so cute, and I'm sure you look fab too! Caroline x

  4. I so agree that money spent on books is never wasted, especially at these good prices.

    I love your picture of Indy because he looks so contented and trusting.

    Good luck with the book cover and the cottage competition. I'm going to look at the Favourite Things now!

  5. I seem to have been spending a fortune on Amazon lately. But I have also been buying up old Beano books cause the kids love them. Goodness knows what my buying profile looks like! the woman who reads about economics and history and the Bash St. Kids! :)

  6. Thanks, Caroline - he can be a cutie when he wants to be :-) x

    I love getting books for the kids, Joanna (as well as for me):-) x

    There's a point, Jenny - the Amazon buying profile can look pretty weird! Kids do love those old Beano books don't they :-) x

  7. Ah, The Book People…yet another distraction!
    Doesn’t Indy look sweet? Did you and your beloved really go all the way up the Amazon for that jungly shot, Teresa? Rx

  8. I read so many good books at the beginning of the year, but lately I am struggling to find one that I can get lost in. Any recommendations would be gratefully received!

  9. Thanks for that Book People link, Teresa - or maybe not! Lovely photo of Indie - and good luck with that cottage comp.

  10. It does look beautifully lush doesn't it, Rena - the upside of all the rain :-) x

    Have you tried the Dr Siri books by Colin Cotterill, Maggie? Or anything by Liane Moriarty. If you're still fancying Stephen King, Dolores Claiborne is a particularly good read - I'm awaiting his latest - it's on its way :-) x

    Thanks, Rosemary. And I'd love it if someone saw the cottage holiday link on here and went on to win :-) x

  11. Cute pic Teresa and STOP putting yourself down - don't make me go there and knock some sense into ya! lol x

  12. Love the photo of Indy - the photos of you are probably lovely too - we are all far too self critical don't you think? Have clicked the competition link and entered - Thank you - you never know! :-)

  13. Thank you, Diane, I will try :-) x

    We are too self critical I agree, Deborah - I am learning to accept who I am. It's taken a while :-) Good luck with the competition x

  14. Indy's a handsome boy.

    Like winter here again today - just the weather for buying books (thanks for the link to The Book People - I've seen their catalogue, but not thought to look for them online).


  15. He is lovely :-)
    It's always worth a look on their website, Suz as they have stuff on there that isn't in the catalogue x