Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little People and Me

I haven’t blogged for a while. I’ve been busy. Looking after the Little People is quite tiring, but goodness knows, I do my best.

This is my smallest little person. He’s the one in blue trousers.

I’d lost my treat ball under the sofa bed at the weekend and the little man was trying to help me get it out. We both had our heads stuck underneath for a while and I did try to persuade him to wriggle right under, but he wasn’t having any of it.

He gave me almost a whole packet of cheesy puffs the other day and quite a lot of his tuna sandwich. Yesterday he shared his fromage frais with me. I have really got the hang of training these Little People, which considering I didn’t even encounter one until I was five, isn’t bad going.

Trouble is, the bigger they get, the less likely they are to share, although they all shared their cookies with me after swimming. Herself says it’s unhealthy, but I says it’s tasty.

I like to sprawl out on the swing seat, but I didn’t realise there had to be a human bean on it to hold it still when I jumped up. No one ever bothered telling me.

I leapt up, looking forward to a shady nap and the whole thing moved and flung me skywards like a clay pigeon. As I flew through the air, I half expected someone to yell, “Pull!”

I landed in a heap and when I stood up, my back leg stuck out at a peculiar angle. I hobbled round the garden with Herself running after me, “What have you done?”

“Well, I thought I’d see what it was like to fly,” I said. It was lost on her. She rubbed my back, felt all round my hips and my legs and got herself into a right state. I milked it for a minute or two, did the whole sad-eyed I-need-a-treat thing (to no avail I might add), then spotted one of the Little People emerging from the house with a packet of Prawn Cocktail crisps.

It brought about a miracle recovery.

Before I go, she says I have to tell you about this link. Lots of prizes up for grabs, including two chances to win a Kindle. Can you beat it, she said - Can you eat it, that’s what I’d like to know?


  1. No, Indy you can't eat a kindle, but they're good for keeping human beans so occupied they won't notice (and therefore won't mind) you eating all their biscuits.

  2. You sound like you have everything under control Indy. You wouldn't like to come and train my two new grand-puppies would you?

  3. Ah, they always say that dogs make good nurse maids! :D

  4. Sounds good to me, Patsy :-)

    Yes, I would, Maggie - will there be cookies? :-)

    Jenny, she says she'd sooner trust me than a lot of people to take care of the kidlets :-)

  5. The only time we'd try to eat a Kindle (whatever that is) would be if it was sausage flavoured. Or Cheese. Or chicken. Or smoked salmon.
    We don't see many little people here in the hills. If we do, it's when they come to feed the geese and moorhens. Our humans have looked after them ever since they had a gosling and a - erm baby moorhens. So other humans sometimes bring their little ones with bread and our humans won't let us eat that because they say we've got a wheat allergy.
    We just hope your Herself never thinks you've got one of those or all your training of your little ones would be wasted.
    With many woofs
    Tim 'n' Ted
    TED and Tim

  6. Geoffrey says shoes are delicious, provided they are real leather and nice and smelly. He's eaten, and digested, several. He'd prefer crisps, but shoes last longer and people leave them around. On the floor.

    They don't do that with crisps.

  7. Ted and TIM, you're making me hungry, all this talk of sausages :-) Sometimes mine scatter bread for me in the garden, then wave their arms about when I eat it! Honestly! And you should hear them when I rummage about under the bird feeders!
    Best not mention the wheat allergy to Herself as she's a bit of a hypochondriac-by-proxy when it comes to my health.
    Woofs to you too :-)

    I've never eaten a shoe, Frances, but I have chewed up a few little figures, a bit of doll's house furniture and the occasional cushion. I usually spit it out though - I have to leave room for crisps. I've even been known to rip up her rejections which she seems to like :-) My littlest Little Person drops crisps on the floor for me :-)

  8. Indy, I don't blame you for seeing what it's like to fly. I often dream of doing that and I think you're very brave to try. x

  9. I think so too, Joanna. Why should the birds have all the fun? :-)