Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another Wedding!

Yes, you read it right, there is another wedding in the offing. My four, soon-to-be-five year old granddaughter, Imogen, and her five year old boyfriend haven’t set a date yet, but it’s going to happen so maybe I should start looking for something to wear now. But I’ll worry about that later.

I’ve been out and about trying to get a suitable picture for the cover of my next eBook. I wanted a river shot and went to Mistley yesterday only to find the tide was out!


I took some props (paintbrushes and so on), but I won’t show my efforts with those. Yes, they really were that bad. What I saw in my imagination and what I took a photo of were two completely different things.

We stopped at various spots along the river. This was taken at Wrabness.

But it was too cloudy and grey.

Today the sun came out. What a difference.

Not sure I shall use any of the dozens of river pictures I took, but I’ll see how they brush up with some twiddling. It certainly makes you appreciate the skill of professional photographers!


  1. Wonderful, Teresa. I have a programme on my computer that turns photographs into paintings... Maybe you should give something like that a go.

  2. I know a company that do lovely covers and are really reasonable. I'll give you their name if you'd like it?

  3. The blue skies make a difference Teresa. Those views are lovely, and would match your stories.xx

  4. Hi Teresa,
    Oh my, they get 'married' so young these days :)
    And your photos have a sense of tranquillity in varying contrasts.
    A little bit of 'doctoring' can work wonders to photos.
    Take care and happy writing and photographing!
    Gary x

  5. Hi Teresa

    With regard to the photos, what a difference a day makes.

    My eldest got married when he was about five at the village hall. When his little brother who constantly talks asked where he was going on honey he said, 'To go and see Shrek and Fiona, you can be the annoying donkey.' Unfortunately for him the name stuck.

    A few years later we were over in Ireland and another ceremony was about to take place between the annoying donkey and a second cousin. Unfortunately the groom did a runner at the last minute. Hopefully this won't happen later in life.

    Aren't kids wonderful!


  6. LOL about the kids! The sunshine certainly made a difference to the pics. :-)

  7. I think there's an 'app' on Facebook that can turn your photos into drawings or paintings.

    Had to read the 'annoying donkey' comment twice to make sure I'd taken it in properly. LOL

  8. Practice makes perfect, Teresa. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll get the shot you're looking for.

  9. Thank you, Paula! You reminded me about the effects in Photoshop - I shall have a play around :-) x

    Thank you, Frances, I may take you up on that one day :-) x

    Thank you, Suzy - lovely thing to say x

    Thanks, Gary - I think a little doctoring is what's needed! And yes, that is a very tranquil place. When I win the lotto, I'm planning to knock on the doors of the people who have that view and ask them to name their price ;-) x

    Loved your comment, Linda - made me laugh! I sincerely hope you have, or are going to, write that up as a story :-) x

    Sadly the sunshine seems to have gone again, Diane! Never mind eh x

    I am going to have a go at tweaking my pictures, Jacula, but I may try to get some more first. Maybe what I need is someone in the photos - or a dog! I did hope to catch someone painting by the river which would be perfect. Must get the husband a smock and some brushes ;-) x

    Yes indeed, Martin - and I'll know the picture when I get it :-) x

  10. Lovely pictures, Teresa. There's a serene quality in them that I like.

  11. Love the youthful engagement story! Hope you manage to find the perfect cover.

  12. Amazing what a bit of airbrushing can do to all kinds of pictures. Looking forward to seeing the finished cover.

    Aren't kids wonderful?

  13. Thanks, Joanna x

    I'm sure I will, Rosemary - just need to have a go with Photoshop! x

    I would love to be airbrushed, Maggie :-) x

  14. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  15. I love taking pictures for kindle book covers, and like you, Teresa, favoured the scenic shots.
    Then my son advised I would get a far better image by just focusing on a much tighter area ie: a rooftop, a single tree or interesting branch, a family of ducks in the water etc.
    You’d get the same effect by cropping a wider image from your files. (I always make a copy of the original photo then it doesn’t matter if I mess up the edited version}
    Happy snapping! Rx

  16. Awwwww love that your granddaughter is planning ahead already! Yay! LOL!

    Well I think these pics are all fabulous!! They all depict a unique atmosphere and I can totally see them as covers for different books!! Well done you!!

    Take care

  17. I'm glad they haven't set the date just yet!

    Lovely pictures.

  18. Thanks, Rena. Yes I'm going to have to do some serious tweaking with my photos before I have a cover I'm happy with :-) x

    Thanks, Old Kitty :-) x

    Thank you, Debs - I am quite relieved they haven't set a date yet too :-) x

  19. I love photography! Keep snapping away,eventually you'll get the shot you're after...

    I use a free program called Pic Monkey to edit, its very useful and fun.

  20. Thanks, Maria, I'll take a look at Pic Monkey :-) x

  21. Congratulations to the happy couple (aww).

    And hooray for the sun :0)


  22. It's so sweet, Suz - and another little boy told me he's engaged :-) x