Wednesday 6 January 2010


I knew this was coming. By looking at the weather forecast? No the herons told me. I knew when I saw their dark shapes huddled in the fields like an undertaker’s convention (not that undertaker’s have conventions in fields as far as I know) that bad weather was coming.

I knew also because Tilly kept sitting on my head in bed and wrapping herself cat-like round my legs out of bed. She normally only does that in the case of fireworks/thunderstorms.

So as if you haven’t already seen enough of the stuff, here’s some more.

I am so glad I bought those coats for the dogs.

So here’s Tilly proving that she doesn’t really mind the snow, Indy showing that he never minded it anyway and a picture of the eastern sky.


  1. Those coats were bought just in time - don't they look lovely! I want the snow to go away now - it was very pretty when it was falling but it's too cold and too slippery now!

    Julie xx

  2. I think we were much more sensitive to imminent changes in the weather many years ago. Probably because many of us worked on the land then. But you can still depend on animals to show us signs, and they're so much nicer to look at than your average meteorologist.

  3. Nice to see them getting good use out of their coats. They do look like they're having fun.

  4. I'd like it to go away too, Julie. We've had a lot more snow since yesterday but underneath it is rock hard ice!

    I couldn't agree more Martin - I'd much rather look at a dog any day.

    They love the snow, Helen, but only if we're going for a walk. They act like a right pair of wimps if you try to get them to venture out into the garden in it.

  5. I just love photos of Springers and your two look absolutely gorgeous. We are getting two Springer puppies later this year (provided liver and white Molly gets pregnant when she next comes into season). We lost our lovely boy, Max, to cancer two years ago. He was such a sweetie and so good-natured.

    On Boxing Day, Rob was out shooting when, in conversation with a guest on the shoot, he discovered that Molly was our Max's half sister. The sire of both Molly and Max was a dog on the Duke of the Buccleuch's shoot called 'Monty'.

    Molly's owner said that he wanted her to have puppies, but that he would only put her with a stud if he could be absolutely certain the pups would go to good homes (ie not kenelled outdoors). We said we would like two, this time, especially because of the link with Max, and so he agreed.

    We already have two labradors, Zak and Barney, but they will be 7 this year and Rob will stop taking them out on full-day shoots after next season.

    I am so excited - I'm already making a list of potential names!

  6. That's very exciting, Annieye - I hope there'll be photos of the new pups on your blog when they arrive.

    When we got Indy we already had a lovely black & white springer, Sweep and it turned out they were distant cousins with common ancestors. It's great to have a link like that isn't it.

    The owner of Indy's parents wouldn't let the pups go to anyone without assurances that they wouldn't be kennelled outside and the promise that if there were problems, they would be returned to him. Which is how we came to have Tilly - she was returned to him and he offered her to us - thankfully.

    I feel very excited on your behalf!

  7. I do like that image of herons being like an undertakers' convention!

  8. Much more sensible to listen to Tilly and the herons than to look at the weather forecast - according to the BBC, we were supposed to thaw out between Christmas and New Year, but we've been frozen solid since mid December.

    Gorgeous pictures.


  9. Great pics, Teresa! I've been trying all day to get some pics of my dog but he just won't cooperate. Mostly I seem to have lots of images of him weeing because it's the only time he stands still! Telling everyone because I'm scared stiff of only talking to myself, that I'm now blogging at : Would be good to see any of you if you have time! x.

  10. I haven't seen the herons for the last couple of days, Hydra. It's a worry, poor things.

    Suzanne, my mum used to say when there were patches of snow and ice still on the ground that it was "waiting for more" - I think she was right as it never did go away between Christmas & New Year did it?

    Thanks for the link to your blog, Lydia - it's great and you're talking to all of us now. Tee hee - your dog only being still when he's weeing!

  11. I loved seeing your pics of your gorgeous doggies Teresa - and reading Annieye's news about her forthcoming pups! I must remember to post a pic of my own dear departed Springer on my own blog for you next time. She was such a gorgeous happy dog, so full of life - but so naughty! I still feel a pang whenever I see Springers out for their walks - but we've decided No More Dogs. I think. x

  12. Yes please post a picture of her, Olivia. I like your two words at the end "I think". We tried going without a dog once and we held out for less than two years. x