Saturday, 30 January 2010

Perigee moon

Did you see it last night? What a beautiful sight. I love the moon and January’s full moon is otherwise known as the wolf moon.

The native Americans named it for the hungry wolves that would howl outside their villages on the bitterly cold January nights.

Perigee means that the moon is closer to the Earth than at any other time in the year.

And as an added bonus we got to see Mars. I got far too excited about it, but it isn’t often we get to see our next door neighbour so clearly in the sky is it?

While I’m here can I direct you to this excellent post “The ten most annoying things authors do."

Well worth a read.


  1. That blog entry was really interesting, Teresa. It's always a revelation to discover a blog worth reading, isn't it?

  2. The moon should be even better tonight. Full Moon is Jan 30th. Our bedroom was filled with silvery light last night. Great day today for performing spells.

  3. Yes, last night, the moon really did look like a balloon. Nice post Teresa. Interesting to know the meaning of perigee.

  4. Glad you liked the link, Glynis. It is a good one!

    I shall be moon watching again tonight, Lynne.

    I only just found out myself, Martin. And Apogee is the opposite, when the moon is furthest from the Earth.

  5. I wondered why it was so incredibly bright when I took Molly out last night!

    Interesting blog link by the way :o)

  6. Interesting blog link. What I want to know is: how does a book with all those mistakes in it get as far as an editor anyway?
    Fabulous moon, wasn't it?!

  7. It was beautiful last night too wasn't it, Karen. I could spend all night gazing at the moon.

    Fabulous, yes, Lydia.

  8. Lovely to learn all that about the moon, Teresa. And yes, the link was very interesting and quite scary! Will check my work even more carefully than usual now!

  9. The moon's been amazing the last couple of nights. Fabulous and inspiring.