Sunday, 1 March 2009

What have I done today?

Having looked at a site about Blogs and what they are all about, I realise that I need to focus my blog on a particular subject. Well, the clue is in the title, "A Likely Story" and so rather than rambling about visits to vets and adventures with glue, I should stick for the moment to rambling about writing.

So here goes. What have I written today? Three emails.

I have also finished writing a 2000 word story which has taken me days. Not solid writing you understand, but an hour here, a half hour there and it has been one of those difficult stories. The main problem being that there was no plot. As sometimes happens, I had nothing but a title. It was a title I liked. Catchy. So I wrote a story to fit it and I don't think it has worked.
But I've edited, spell-checked and printed it off and it'll find its way into an envelope with a little help from me and I shall send it on its way.

Sometimes I think a plot isn't so important if the characters are good, but then again, are they good enough? Time will tell. At least I can feel righteous and pleased with myself for finishing something.

I've been in this business for 25 years and I still can't tell if I've got it right. I can type THE END and feel pleased with what I've done, but that doesn't mean an editor will agree with me.
So what is this post about? I have absolutely no idea. Just I guess to say that it isn't always easy to stand back and be objective about what you've written.

But for now I have another idea to work on, a story with a plot you'll be pleased to hear, but will the characters hold it up . . ?

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