Wednesday, 11 March 2009

5000 words

I have today finished a story that came out just over 5000 words. For the first 2000 words it was like wading through treacle with your ankles tied together. Then something unexpected happened. A new character appeared and the story took off. She made sense of all the rest of it and brought it all together.

It took me five days and three early mornings to write it. I had to go back to the beginning and change a little here and a little there to bring the new character into the story, but she slotted in so well it was as if it was meant to be.

I have also written some bits for the About the Author slot for my new serial. I tell no lie when I say that I found writing those pieces much harder than just making something up!

Maybe that is what I should do, make up a glamorous life for myself. Pretend I'm not a grey-haired granny (my grey hair isn't some noble gesture - I became allergic to hair dye otherwise I can assure you I'd be blonde or a red-head - I've been most colours over the years since I started going grey at a disgustingly early age) but that I am a gorgeous, six foot tall ex-model, dividing my time between my homes around the world.

I have also been trying to use the car less so I walk up to meet my grandson from playgroup. Today I had to walk all the way home carrying a paper plate on which was stuck a paper sheep with damp cotton wool for its fleece - bear with me - which was liberally scattered with cress seeds. It was windy. I was afraid the wind would dry out the cotton wool and blow the seeds away. It was a perilous journey, but we made it home with every seed intact.


  1. Seeing as there are pees and poos mentioned, here I am, your number two!
    Good luck with the blog. Mine's empty but maybe one day...Perhaps when I move to civilisation where I can get Broadband.

  2. Thanks Lynne. Hope that move comes soon.
    I'm finding this blogging business very addictive!