Saturday, 14 April 2012

Disney Magic

For a long time my favourite Disney film was Beauty and the Beast. Not really sure why because I don’t think much of the bloke that the Beast turns into, but while he’s the beast I think there’s something sweet and vulnerable about him.

And I like Belle too and it always helps if you warm to the heroine.

But now I have a new favourite.


I watched it twice over Easter – ahem – well what I mean to say is my granddaughters watched it twice over Easter and of course I had to sit with them didn’t I? And when they went off to play with something else – well I carried on watching.

I absolutely loved the character of Rapunzel. She was feisty without being annoyingly argumentative, sweet without being sickly and she was just so pretty! As for Flynn – well he was nicely flawed, but not too flawed.

And on the subject of romance, someone this week got The Call and anyone in the business of romance will know exactly what that means. Here is a link if you’d like to read how it happened to Maya. Reading it put a big smile on my face. Congratulations, Maya.

Anyway what’s your favourite Disney – if you have one? My youngest son’s favourite was Robin Hood and he watched it so much he used to recite great chunks of the dialogue off by heart. Not sure what that says about my parenting skills…


  1. Tangled is just wonderful. We must have watched it at least a dozen times. And I have to admit to being a bit in love with Flynn, even though I'm old enough to know better and it's wrong on so many levels. :0)

    I'm still grinning over Maya's news - haven't stopped since I heard.


  2. I'm glad it's not just me, Suz :-)
    It's really great about Maya isn't it :-) xx

  3. Oh, thanks for mentioning that film. I haven't seen it yet but I love these kind of films - roll on grandchild!

    Went over to congrat Maya on such wonderful news.

  4. I really love Tangled and have watched it twice with my thirteen and seventeen-year-old girls who have never grown out of Disney films. We like Rapunzel for her lack of twee-ness. My youngest daughter calls her a bad-ass princess. I think Flynn is gorgeous too and all the songs are very good.

    Maya's news is wonderful. She is an absolute inspiration to writers. It's an incredible journey. I was so impressed that she began so soon after having a baby.

  5. You'll love it Rosemary :-) x

    Something very special about that film isn't there, Joanna - some of the old Disney magic I think x

    I found Maya's post so uplifting, I thought you'd all like it too :-)

  6. I haven't seen Tangled. I'll look out for it now.

    Popped over to congratulate Maya, it's a fantastic post.

    Tim 'n' Ted send woofs to Indy


  7. Hi Teresa, I can see I'll have to buy Tangled (for my granddaughters, of course)
    And thank you for pointing the direction to Maya's lovely story. Her post was a delight!

  8. Oh, Teresa, looks like we have something in common. I loved Beauty and the Beast (for the same reasons) and am now crazy about Tangled. I couldn't stop watching it.

  9. Hi Teresa,
    Good grief, where have I been? I've never even heard of "Tangled". My favourite Disney film is, 'Bambi meets Godzilla', oops...I meant, "Bambi" :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Gary x

  10. I've not watched Tangled - I must admit it sort of came and went in the cinema didn't it and I sort of missed it!!!?? But I will definitely get it on DVD!

    Oh I love Beauty and the Beast!! Awww Belle is totally a great character and I still sob my eyes out at the end when the Beast "dies"!

    My favourite disney animation? The Fox and the Hound. Cried BUCKETS! Buckets! Bambi completely traumatised me and I can't watch it ever again! :-)

    Awww yay for Maya!!! Well done her!!

    Take care

  11. I adore Entangled too!! Can't get enough of it :)

  12. Indy sends woofs back to Tim 'n' Ted, Pat :-) Maya's post is lovely isn't it x

    Yes, do, Rena - you'll love it - er I mean of course your granddaughters will love it ;-) x

    You too, Liz - isn't it lovely :-) x

    Ah Bambi, Gary - I cry too much so can't watch it. Dumbo is even worse in the tears department. x

    To be honest, Kitty it wasn't a film I particularly wanted to see or really thought anything about - I'm so glad I've seen it now x

    Lovely isn't it, Lacey - I want to watch it again :-) x

  13. I love the story of Beauty and the Beast, it's always fascinated me.

    Thanks for linking to Maya's post, it's always heartwarming to read about someone receiving The Call.

  14. Great, isn't it? Under cover of our own granddaughters' Disney devotion, we get to revisit old favourites and enjoy being introduced to new titles!

  15. I think Bambi traumatised me as a child and I don't watch Disney films unless the grandchildren happen to be watching something, and then I get involved and end up trying to hide the tears. What a softy I am.

  16. Forgot to add that Maya's hard work and determination are what gave her success. A lesson to us all.

  17. Me too, Debs - I seem to remember liking a version with George C Scott as the beast x

    One of the many joys of grandchildren, Martin ;-) x

    I remember sobbing in the cinema when my mum took me to see Bambi, Maggie, and a woman sitting nearby said "What's wrong with her?" - I always thought that woman was odd!! Maya is an inspiration isn't she x

  18. Well done, Maya.

    I really enjoyed 'Tangled', and you're right, Teresa, Rapunzel is anything but a wimp(ette). My favourite Disney cartoon, though? It has to be 'The Lady and the Tramp' - especially the 'We Are Siamese,If You please,' song. In fact, I think I'll go and watch it on You Tube now if I can find it!

  19. I hadn't heard about Tangled up until now. I will have to look out for it - Ummm I have a five year old, lol. I have to admit Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourites. x

  20. I hadn't heard about Tangled up until now. I will have to look out for it - Ummm I have a five year old, lol. I have to admit Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourites. x

  21. Teresa, thank you, thank you so much for linking my call story on your blog. I'm so touched. You're wonderful!

    Thanks also to your blog readers. I really appreciate all your kind words! :)

    Maya x

  22. Oh! Biddy - Lady and the Tramp! Another lovely one. Now I can't get the Siamese if you please song out of my head - I'll be humming it all day :-) x

    Watch it, Diane - your 5 year old (and you) will love it x

    It was a pleasure, Maya - I enjoyed so much reading your call story, I thought others would too. Congratulations again x

  23. It's got to be Jungle Book for me, because of the music.

    I'm the King of the Swingers, the jungle VIP....

    Since my boys hit their teens we've not seen any of the newer Disney films. They prefer the action-adventure movies. I'm missing out!

  24. The Jungle Book is brilliant, Womag - those songs, wonderful :-)
    You could always watch the new Disney films as "research" ;-) x