Tuesday 27 March 2012

Lucky for Some!

Thanks to Patsy for tagging me with the lucky 7 meme. It’s all about the number seven – lucky for some. The tagged-one has to turn to page 77 of their current work in progress, go to line 7 and copy out the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs. Then 7 more people must be tagged.

Well I looked through all my works in progress and most of them don’t stretch to 77 pages – and the full horror dawned on me – I have at least twenty books “in progress” scattered around in various folders on my computer. In progress as in going nowhere, but as they are unfinished I guess they count as current.

I stumbled upon this one which happened to have enough pages! It’s written from the pov of a house husband who runs his elderly mother in law (Vi) and her mates round while his wife does her window cleaning round. So here it is, page 77, 7 lines from line 7.

She bustled into the kitchen, opened a door and took out a bottle.

“Vi,” I said. “This isn’t for making plants healthy.”

“Yes it is.”

“It’s weed killer,” I said. “And you put it in the man from the council’s tea?”

Violet suddenly became very interested in her feet. She kicked one against the other, then yelped because she’d hurt her sore toe.

I was stunned. It was only a couple of weeks since she’d killed the last two. I thought she’d got it out of her system, but apparently I was wrong.

“Vi,” I said. “Think very carefully. How often do you get this urge to kill people?”

This is another fun one to do, whether you have a book to promote or - like me - need a bit of a kick to look through those works in progress.

So now to pass the meme to 7 lucky people!

Della, Liz, Joanna, Debs, Jarmara, Linda and Suzanne - sorry if any of you have already been tagged, but your mission should you choose to accept it – page 77 of your wip, 7 lines down, 7 sentences, lines or paragraphs and pass it to 7 more. Over to you!


  1. Oh crikey! I hope he's nice to Vi or this book will end at suppertime.

    Love this snippet.

    ps, you've made me feel a lot better about my own 'going nowhere' books as I only have three.

  2. Thanks, Patsy - and thanks for tagging me - this was fun! x

  3. That's great Tag! Thank you, Teresa for tagging me, I shall give it a go.

    Just give me a little while to sort it out.

  4. Wow there's a hook to make people want to read more. What a fantastic first paragraph that would make, Teresa! If the preceding 77 pages are that gripping why on earth haven't you finished it?
    Interested to see work in progress spells WIP - would that it whipped us into action more efficiently eh!! :o) xx

  5. You're welcome, Jarmara x

    Maybe I will finish it, Sue - I'd forgotten it was there until I was looking for something with 77 pages :-) x

  6. What a great excerpt, Teresa - you must finish this one! (Says she who has far too many unfinished works in files)

  7. Ohhh how interesting! I *would* love to read more! Caroline x

  8. Good one Teresa. I want to read more, so get to it girl x

  9. Thank you so much for tagging me, Teresa. I'm looking forward to this.
    And I love your seven lines. They are so intriguing and make me want to read on. I've been thinking about what might happen next ever since!
    I shall ge straight to my WIP now!

  10. Thanks, Rosemary - glad I'm not the only one with lots of unfinished works!) x

    Thank you, Caroline x

    Thanks, Diane x

    Glad you liked being tagged, Joanna x

  11. This is terrific - can't wait to read more.

    And thanks for the tag :0)