Thursday, 29 March 2012

As it Happens

I should apologise on her behalf for the lack of posts from moi lately. Of course we all know it’s because I haven’t been allowed near the keyboard. She reckons I clog up the keys with my fur. What sauce.

Since she’s got herself into this sewing machine lark – between you and me and the mouse - she’s letting the writing slip. She might tell you otherwise, but that sewing machine has seen more action than her printer of late.

So far she’s made a dress, a baby’s blanket and two aprons (with a myriad of pockets – why do children need six pockets in an apron I ask you - unless of course it is to hide treats for Yours Truly?) and she’s now in the process of making a pair of trousers. She’s got a box loaded up with fabric, another box full of patterns and she can’t go to that Internet without a detour to the Remnant House.

She used to spend hours (not to mention £££) browsing on line for presents for me. Now it’s five minutes on Vet UK if I’m lucky; my powder, vitamins, chewies and food in the basket and Bob’s your uncle (or in my case the bloke round the corner). I dared complain about the lack of gift items in the parcels and yesterday something very worrying happened.

The postman arrived with a new parcel of dressmaking patterns and she showed me one which she said was for me. Who does she think I am? Barbie? Or maybe she's thinking of inventing a whole new character My Little Indy. Help! There are bathrobes with hoods, raincoats, T-shirts, jumpers and pyjamas. I have a feeling I’m going to start living a double life as a dressmaker’s dummy if I’m not careful.

Turned out nice again hasn’t it! She’s been taking me for my favourite walks down through the marshes to the beach.

Pity she can’t hold a camera straight. She took this one to show off my “clown” legs, well ha ha on her because all you see in this is the wonky horizon. And just because I have one brown leg and one white doesn't make me a clown. More sauce!

She took this one because she said it was one of her favourite things – sun twinkling on the water. And I always thought I was one of her favourite things.

Perhaps I am.


  1. Lovely post, Indy, how could you not be one of Teresa's favourite things? And what a cute photo of you!

    You've just reminded me how much I enjoyed sewing when first married, until I got rid of the machine when we moved. Wonder if I might be tempted again one day...

  2. ...truly wonderful prose you're blessed with ;)

    I very much enjoyed the view of things from your pup's perspective!


  3. Thank you, Rosemary. I am very cute in an unassuming kind of way. With the machine, once she'd threaded it, got the sniff of brand new fabric and put her foot on the pedal there was no stopping her ;-) x

    Thank you, Elliot, that is very kind of you x

  4. It's all nice to know how the other half lives, Indy thank you for sharing it with us. I can't believe for one minute, She has given up writing, though I'm working on my next goth outfit. Lovely photos. Gosh, you're a handsome dog...:-)

  5. Hello Indy! Well, you may hate to hear this but I am most envious of the new sewing machine. I was saying to someone this morning that when I was a child there were fabric shops and wool shops in every little town, and now you hardly find them anywhere.

    I've promised Harvey he can do the blog this weekend as he hasn't had a turn for ages. Prepare for moans and groans about dieting!

  6. What beautiful photos. You must have wonderful walks in such a beautiful place.
    How wish I could sew. The machines at my school filled me with dread. Everyone else knew how to use them, it seemed! All I could do was struggle and was too shy to ask for help.

    Thank you for showing us your fabulous world. x

  7. Elizabeth McKay29 March 2012 at 16:49

    Looking forward to seeing a photograph of you in your new spring outfit, Indy. I'm sure you'll look very dashing.

  8. I won't disagree with you, Jarmara! (Don't give her any ideas about goth outfits - she had a gleam in her eye when she read that!) x

    I know just how Harvey feels, Joanne - the minute she gets the scales out I know I'm in trouble. She's been lamenting the lack of fabric shops too x

    I am very lucky, Joanna - but not when the wind is blowing off the sea and the hail is bashing me ;-) x

    Dashing, Elizabeth - I hadn't thought of that. Hm, maybe it won't be so bad after all :-) x

  9. Hi there! Bob here - but not necessarily your uncle. LOL. Your walk looks lovely. I'm lucky too - in that her indoors takes me for lovely walks along the coastline too. Ahh there's nothing like the feel of wind flapping through your ears is there? And I had my first paddle of the year the other day. Ahh there's nothing like the cooling waters splashing around your *&%$" is there? Well with full fur coats in this hot weather - what's a boy like me to do?

    Sewing ehh? Her indoors can't sew a straight line, never mind attempting something to wear - so your mum seems quite talented me thinks? But saying that she did knit me a really naff woolen jumper one year. Looked like a right one I did. Being part Staffie Bull my street cred took a *serous* nose dive I can tell you!

    Anyhoo - best go - there's the small chance that she might take me out for another walk before "the weather changes" -whatever that means. A walk is a walk in my book no matter the weather. Love Bob xxx

  10. Opps - my paws mis-spelled *Serious*. Sorry. Bob xx

  11. Indy, you're not just one of her favourite things - your one of her most favourite things in all the world (and I suspect some of those apron pockets are indeed designed to hold treats for you)

  12. Indy, there are two things you've got wrong. Firstly, we're sure you're her top favourite. Secondly,
    we bet that every stitch she sews equals a word or words of a story. She's just writing it in her head like our human does at times - like when she takes us for walk (she's been doing that more than usual what with this warm weather).
    No coastal walks for us. But we have moorland meadows and a lovely wood on the doorstep and this year is a brilliant year for squirrels. You can't beat a good squirrel chase.
    Happy Easter for next week, Indy. We're looking forward to extra gluten-free sausages. We heard our human say she is going to make them egg-shaped.
    Woofs and Wags
    Tim 'n' Ted.
    OK, Ted says I always get my name first so more woof and wags
    Ted 'n' Tim.

  13. Hey Bob, she can't sew a straight line but that doesn't stop her ;-) Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a staffie in a jumper :-) I haven't been for a paddle in the sea yet - I told her I will when she does ;-) x

    Thanks, Suzy - not very relaxing for me, so many sniffs to smell ;-) x

    Thank you, Patsy - you know her so well ;-) x

    Hi Ted 'n' Tim :-) I like the woods best of all and those meadows sound fantastic.
    You're very lucky - egg shaped gluten free sausages? My mum doesn't make me anything like that - I shall have to have words ;-) x

  14. Thanks for the post Indy, and for those gorgeous photos of your walks.

  15. You're welcome, Debs (I keep telling her my posts are more popular than hers) x

  16. Oh Indy love what a claim to fame My Little Indy. It has a wonderful ring to it and with your looks you'd probably be more famous and well loved than anyone before you.

    What super photos. Especially the ones with you in them.

    Your biggest fan :o) xx

  17. Indy, you are so lucky to have all those wonderful places for a walk.

    Never underestimate the advantages of having someone available who can sew...

  18. Thank you, Sue (my biggest fan) - perhaps I should start a fan club. She could make some Indy T Shirts, Indy baseball caps and Indy keyrings and I could make myself look gorgeous for photo sessions and interviews :-) x

    She's always telling me I'm lucky, Carol, but I think she's the lucky one. Ah, advantages - is that why people are always giving her things and saying "Could you fix this?" which makes her sigh and groan ;-) x

  19. Just to say I got my 'paws' on your Pocket Novel today when it popped through the letterbox. Cannot wait to read it. Huge congrats.
    All best

  20. Lovely photos, Indy - you are a clever dog to post them. I'm sure you and her-indoors have had a lovely time this week in the sunshine. x

  21. Oh Indy, this is great. You have started off my Sunday morning on a good note, and for this I thank you. You know I can see all your 'tales' recorded in a book that would entertain and make so many people smile. Perhaps you could give this some consideration? I'm a fan already. Do say hello to Teresa for me. xx

  22. Greetings Indy,
    Oh wow! All those lovely photos. Great places to visit and not bad photos taken by your human :) You know it's great to see another pawsting from you. I just took over my human's keyboard. Don't be fooled by the picture icon :) We both know that we are the true talents on the blogs and we could teach our human's how to write better. If only they would listen. Arf! Arf!
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star xx

  23. Thanks, Judy xx

    She should let me take them too, Lydia - I couldn't make a worse fist of it than she does ;-) x

    I would write a book, Diane, but I need her help and she's got her nose stuck in a sewing pattern x

    You and I could take over the world, Penny - well Blogland anyway and we would make it a better place for sure x

  24. Lovely Indy!! Your human is a most talented and creative human! She writes stories, she sews, she takes fab pics...! Wow - she is just amazing!!!

    And you are one very clever Indy too! :-)

    Take care

  25. That is very kind of you, Old Kitty - but she'd be nothing without me ;-) x

  26. Indy, Flossie will be clamouring for time on the keyboard now or maybe for one of those interesting garments Teresa is making! Great photos and great weather of late eh?

  27. Indy, Flossie will be clamouring for time on the keyboard now or maybe for one of those interesting garments Teresa is making! Great photos and great weather of late eh?

  28. I think Flossie should have a go, Deborah. I love this weather - no soggy fur round my nether regions :-) x

  29. Indy - it's so nice to hear from you again! Would you mind passing on a message to your mistress, ahem! I meant Slave, for me? Could you tell her thank you very much for the link to the site to buy sewing stuff and fabric from? Ta muchly!

  30. She loves that site, Jacula - she's ALWAYS on there! x

  31. Is that Harwich/Dovercourt beach? If so, that is where I hail from. It looks very much like it if not!

  32. Indeed it is, Glynis :-) Dovercourt - well upper Dovercourt from Earlhams beach x

  33. I knew it! :) My wip is based around Earlhams beach! I decided to go back to my roots.

    My maiden name is Honeycombe. DH and I were both born there. I now live in Cyprus. :) I will be visiting my parents in Sept, so will no doubt have a stroll along the front, to inspire me.

  34. That's brilliant, Glynis :)

    I bet it's a lot warmer where you are now x

  35. I think it might be, Teresa. ;0