Friday, 27 May 2011

Tag - You're It!

Thanks Suzy for tagging me. I have to answer some questions and then tag three more people.

Q1 Do you think you’re hot?

Only when I’m not cold.

Q2 Upload a picture or wallpaper you’re using at the moment

I was going to put my desktop picture up, but it’s already here on the blog somewhere so I thought I’d put the last one I took yesterday instead. This is Indy – he dragged his bed out onto the landing, flung it around, shook it, beat it into submission then left it for dead.

Q3 When did you last eat chicken?

At my daughter’s wedding in 2003 – it was an accident. I helped myself to some rather delicious looking creamy stuff from the evening buffet – goodness knows what I thought would be in it, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be chicken and in my defence I have to say my judgement was impaired. It had been an emotional day. And as it was a wedding I couldn’t spit it out so I had to chew it up and swallow it - it was only one mouthful, but it might just as well have been the whole chicken. It may have been Coronation Chicken, but I was so far gone by then it could just as easily have been Coronation Street.

Q4 The song you listened to recently?

Indiana Wants Me by R. Dean Taylor. Always loved that song and now I have it on CD along with a load of other R. Dean Taylor songs. And as I only currently have two CDs up here because I’m too lazy/forgetful to bring any others up, that is what I listen to.

Q5 What are you thinking as you do this?

Doesn’t it feel lovely and fresh after the rain and don’t the birds sound happy?

Q6 Have you any nicknames?

Loads. My first one when I was very small was Charlie Macey. A neighbour once said to me, “Hello Teresa, what’s your name?” So I said “Charlie Macey.” Poor man went and told my mum that it was a tragedy I didn’t know my own name. There have been others.

And now for my three victims! Hm, who shall I choose? This is the fun part.

Should you choose to accept it, I nominate…

Novelist in the Making


Pat Posner

Your turn to answer the questions and pass it on, girls - if you so wish!


  1. Great to know you're up and running again, Teresa. Like you, I have to be careful when I'm eating out... The thought of finding myself at a buffet and having to swallow... How awful!

    Great picture & answers.

  2. Fun picture of Indy. Perhaps Indy decided to air the bedding...

  3. Fun answers - especially your nickname! What must your mum have thought.

  4. Great answers Teresa - and thanks for nominating me (I think!) ;o)

  5. I spoke too soon, Jarmara! I knew you'd understand about the chicken :)

    He likes airing my shoes too, Carol! And socks... and slippers...

    It was my mum and godmother that gave me the nickname in the first place, Rosemary!

    You're welcome, Caroline - hope you enjoy it!

  6. That was me by the way, Teresa, not Anonymous!

  7. That's such a random nickname - I love it. Have you ever used it in a story? When one of my boys was little he used to tell people his middle name was Sky, for some reason!

  8. No I've never used it, Karen. I used to plan to use it as a pseudonym, but never did. I don't know where the Charlie came from, but Macey was my godmother's surname.
    What a wonderful middle name to choose - Sky!
    Teresa :)

  9. I enjoyed your answers and the photo of Indy Teresa. I have a brain like a sieve at the moment, I can't recall if I mentioned I'd written stories for My Weekly too. In the days that Gladys Sturrock was fiction editor. Well, that's one thing we have in common lol! The other must be dogs. Love the name you gave out - my middle sister and I were called Pixie and Dixie by a policeman friend - Grrrrrr! I hated it!

  10. Thanks Helen - that mad look he's got is so him!

    Thank you Deborah. Pixie and Dixie - oh dear! Gladys was a sweetie to work with wasn't she.

    Teresa :)