Saturday 7 August 2010


Last Wednesday we took the kids to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary near Gt Yarmouth.

It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and the fact that Marilyn Fountain would be there to sign copies of Gentle Footprints in which Lyn has a story (a donation from each sale goes to the Born Free Foundation) was the added push I needed.

It was lovely to see Lyn again and I meant to take a photo for the blog, but we were so busy chatting that I completely forgot. But I did remember to buy a copy of the book which Lyn signed for me.

And I didn’t get many photos of horses either.

As well as the sanctuary, Redwings runs a re-homing scheme and around 500 horses and ponies live in Guardian homes, but with the charity keeping an eye on them.

It was a lovely day out. The kids enjoyed it and have all said they want to go back. As do I.

The little uns made a fuss of a handsome 19 hand shire horse, a very friendly little Shetland pony and a beautiful Newfoundland dog (visitor not resident) among others and I thought how animals usually do tread gently, especially around children. If only people could be relied upon to do the same.

And on another subject I am sick and tired of the Back to School adverts hooting out everywhere you look. As a child I can remember being depressed once the Trutex adverts (are you old enough to remember those?) signalling the end of the holidays started to appear (I can still hear their annoying jingle). These days I’ve seen Back to School adverts before the summer holiday has even started. Shouldn’t be allowed!

Gentle Footprints is published by Bridge House Publishing


  1. Redwings is a marvellous place. My wife had intended her pony to retire there but, sadly, Toby died suddenly in 2001. She still receives a regular newsletter.
    The Stephen King I have is Duma Key. It's a bit slow going at the start but I'll persevere.

  2. There is a branch of Redwings about 20 miles from us, near Stratford upon Avon. I've been wanting to visit for ages. They do such great work. Must make the effort to go.

    Never mind back to school adverts - how long before the Christmas stuff is in the shops?! That seems to happen earlier every year too!

  3. That is sad about Toby, Keith.
    I enjoyed Duma Key - I hope you will too.

    Yes do go, Joanne.
    Christmas is here already
    I like her apron Ho Bloody Ho - in fact I want one!

  4. I love horse! It sounds a remarkable place, Teresa.

    Julie xx

  5. Beautiful horse photos. Sounds like a fab place.

  6. I was saying the same thing last night about the Back to School adverts - they've only just blummin' broken up!

    Lovely photos, and by the way I really enjoyed your Special Assignment story in Fiction Feast :o)

  7. I love horses too, Julie.

    It is fab, Helen!

    Those ads really wind me up, Karen. I feel sorry for the poor kids. The last thing they want to think about is going back to school - let them enjoy their holidays I say!!
    Thank you about the story - I enjoyed yours too, lovely warm characters - I specially liked Pearl!

  8. Most Scottish schools go back next Wednesday so we've had the 'back to school ads for months - and, worryingly, I've already seen a couple of ads for (whisper it) Christmas lunch.

    Love the horse photos - gorgeous.


  9. I thought it was too early that Lachlan goes back on the 2nd, Suzanne - next Wednesday is even worse :-(
    Christmas lunch! Argh!