Monday, 5 April 2010

Beautiful Bloggers!

Thank you Julie P for giving me a Beautiful Bloggers Award – I am so chuffed and delighted. It was a lovely surprise to come back to after being offline for a few days.

Here are the ten Beautiful Bloggers I am passing the award on to with links to their blogs.

Lynne Hackles – I Should Be Writing

Joanne Fox – A Zigzag Road

Martin H – Square Sunshine

Diane – Tales From Baggins Bottom

Lacey Devlin

Hydra – Told You I Was Ill and Hillingdon Wilflife and

Karen – Get On With It

Menopausal Old Bag

Joanna – Brightwrighter60

Suzanne Jones

Yes, yes I know I’ve pinched one off Julie’s list, but I think she should get it twice!

Now it’s over to them to pass on the award to ten more blogs.

Thank you Julie!


  1. Oh, thank you Teresa! Now I have to put on my thinking head and see who to send it on to...

  2. Thank you, Teresa, so much. This is very kind and a lovely surprise.

  3. How lovely Teresa, thank you and a Happy Easter :o)

  4. Ooh! I haven't won an award since I was six and sang 'Linden Lea' at a children's talent show in Calderstones Park in Liverpool. Thank you very much indeed. You've made my day!

  5. It's all good fun isn't it and nice to be able to acknowledge some excellent blogs!

  6. Oh ta for this Hen! I am really chuffed. Hope you are feeling better, sounds awful but hey 6lbs weight loss - result!

    I loved the post about Zulu and the picture is so cute. Just loveley.

  7. Hi Teresa - I've just tagged you - details on my blog.


  8. Thank you, MOB.

    Ooh tagged - thanks, Suzanne! I'll get onto that.