Tuesday 30 March 2010

From Blood and Gore to Suits and Bore?

There is nothing like a touch of Norovirus for making you stop and take stock.

When I was a child it was referred to as sickness and diarrhoea or gastroenteritis or “I told you not to eat all that chocolate.”

Last Friday around the stroke of midnight I fell onto the bottom of my bed after yet another dash to the bathroom and told my beloved I was dying. I’d had enough. I didn’t even worry about how they’d manage without me. I just wanted to sleep.

The next day I stayed in bed all day. And the next. It seems ridiculous to be so exhausted, but that is why it is also known as stomach flu.

Lachlan has come down with it three times in as many weeks. He’d get over it, stay off school for at least the required 48 hours after last symptoms, go back to school, some other child would chuck up all over the classroom and lo and behold, he’d be ill again the next day then Imogen would follow. Why didn’t they close the school?

It’s been a horrible few weeks. The kids got it, their parents got it and I thought I’d escaped, but no. Today I read that the winter vomiting virus as it is quaintly known is growing more virulent and this year has been a bad one for it with about a million confirmed cases which is probably the tip of a very large iceberg.

When the virus first struck I took to my bed with a pile of books, magazines and DVDs I’ve been meaning to watch for years and thought I could savour the hitherto unexplored delights of daytime telly.


Did I read? Did I hell. Did I watch telly? Not on your nelly. How about the radio? I listened to it for about half an hour, but that was all I could manage.

How pathetic to not even have the energy to listen to the radio.

Weekends are my writing time. I lost the whole lot. I didn’t even manage any research. But – and there is always a silver lining isn’t there? – I planned out how I am going to redo my garden.

Languishing in a kind of sensory deprivation over the weekend, I started to write a novel in my head. Story ideas came to me, characters appeared and whispered in my ear and I walked through a summer landscape of buzzing bees and flowing meadows with coarse grass scratching my legs. No energy to write any of it down, but you can’t have everything.

And when I finally started to eat again yesterday it seems my taste buds have reawakened. Things taste so much tastier. Water tastes so fresh and clear. Oh and talking about silver linings – I managed to lose 6 lbs over two days.

A major worry has been passing it on to the other four in this house. So far touch wood I'm the only one. I hope it stays that way.

I made it downstairs last night to watch some telly with the family. I caught up with the recording of Embarrassing Bodies and then watched the Battle of the Chancellors which I hadn’t planned to do. From blood and gore to suits and bore?

Actually I found the whole thing very interesting although I’ve read reports that say it was boring. I think sometimes elections are not so much about who you like, but which party you think will do you the least damage as an individual and to the country as a whole. Watching the debate hasn’t changed my mind about who I shall vote for, but it has strengthened my resolve about who I will not be voting for.

And what about The Bill? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it was being axed. I don’t know the full details as I’ve been out of the loop since last Thursday, but I imagine it is to make room for more programmes like I’m A Has Been Let Me Get My Face On Telly Before I Fade Into Total Obscurity While I Dance With Someone Who Wants To Be In A Musical On Ice Before We Clean Your House Come To Dinner And Sort Out Your Finances After Painting The Bathroom And Selling Off The Family Silver.

Pah. I suppose there should have been some sort of punctuation in that. But I can't be bothered.

If I sound cranky it's because I am. I've got to have a filling tomorrow.

This is probably my last foray into Blogland for a while. My granddaughter Roxanna is coming to stay over Easter Weekend and I intend to enjoy every minute.

I hope it’s stopped raining by then and I hope you have a very Happy Easter whatever you are doing.


  1. Oh dear - hope you're back to full energy soon.

    Yes it's a shame about The Bill. I used to like it, before they moved it to 9 o'clock and spoilt it.

    Have a lovely Easter. x

  2. Hey, when does I’m A Has Been Let Me Get My Face On Telly Before I Fade Into Total Obscurity While I Dance With Someone Who Wants To Be In A Musical On Ice Before We Clean Your House Come To Dinner And Sort Out Your Finances After Painting The Bathroom And Selling Off The Family Silver start? Can't wait to see that one.

    Hope you're feeling tons better.

  3. Thats a particularly nasty cycle of Norovirus you just went through, there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of the cycle though - regular hand washing is obvious, but what about encouraging the school to take extra precautions and use products that are designed to kill Norovirus. At home washing laundry carefully and wiping down with an antibacterial cleaner will help too.

  4. I feel for you. My husband has just recovered from it. It started while he was working away, so he struggled home feeling dreadful. However, my middle daughter, who has a phobia about vomiting, wanted me to book her into a hotel. She was appalled that he hadn't stayed away. When he staggered downstairs for some sympathy, she begged me to keep him out of the living room and send him back to bed. So the poor man felt like an outcast at death's door. He did as he was told. He didn't have the energy to do otherwise. And I slept on the sofa to convince my daughter that I was doing everything in my power to avoid catching it.

    Fortunately my husband was the only one who caught it. He has now been allowed back into family life again and is very relieved.

  5. Oh, dear. Norovirus and a filling tomorrow. No wonder you're a bit grumpy.

    Hope your Easter is a good one.

  6. Hope you're fully recovered in time to enjoy Easter properly. I can't believe you watched Embarassing Bodies while you were feeling poorly. That show makes me feel nauseous at the best of times.

  7. THank you, Joanne. I always think of The Bill as being a bit of a national treasure really.

    The sooner the better, Diane. By the time they've introduced it, it'll be over.

    Your poor daughter, Joanna. She must have been worried. I feel for your husband too - I felt like an outcast or an embarrassing relative locked up in the bedroom. He did well to keep it to himself.

    THank you Bernadette. The dentist surgery rang me this afternoon to remind me my appointment was tomorrow - I said "How nice of you to remind me!" Grrh!

    Helen - they were terrified of watching it with me, but that sort of thing doesn't affect me. Okay, I do cover my eyes for a lot of it, but it doesn't turn my stomach thank goodness.

  8. You poor thing, sounds like it's been a terrible few weeks. Get well soon!

  9. Sorry you've not been well and hope you're fully fit for your granddaughter's visit.

  10. So sorry to hear that you've been unwell. Glad that you're feeling better.

    Have a lovely Easter and recharge those batteries.

  11. Sounds like you've been having a dire time - so sorry! Hope you're fighting fit soon and that you enjoy Easter with your family.x

  12. Thank you, Womag.

    And thank you, Patsy.

    Thanks, Martin - wouldn't it be great if we could get new longer-lasting batteries?

    Thanks, Lydia.

    I feel very guilty really - I wasn't looking for sympathy honest, but you've all been so lovely, thank you.

  13. I felt just the same when they got rid of Heartbeat, Teresa. They think we all like reality shows and cookery programmes. Glad you are feeling better.

  14. Thank you Marian. I used to like Heartbeat too!

  15. Hugs, Teresa. I hate being sick so really feel for you. Wishing you and your family and healthy and happy Easter.


  16. Thank you Suzanne - hope you have a happy, healthy Easter too xx

  17. Hope this makes you feel better, Teresa. I've awarded you a Beautiful Blogger Award! Go to my blog for details.

    Get well soon

    Julie xx

  18. What a nightmare. Glad you are feeling better now. My mum used to blame sickness bugs on 'modges' which usually meant the contents of lucky bags, chocolate, rubbishy sweets and swallowed bubble gum!

  19. aw, thank you, Julie! You've put a smile on my face I can tell you x

    Modges - what a great word Annieye!

  20. My partner had it a few weeks ago and it is VILE! Hope you're better now x

  21. Yes Hydra - VILE is the word! At least I managed not to pass it on to anyone else in this house. Thank you, I feel fine now x