Friday, 19 February 2010

Meet Max!

Isn’t he gorgeous? Max is an eighteen month old Mastiff. He’s micro-chipped, castrated and fully vaccinated.

As you would expect, Max needs a firm hand, but tell him “No!” and he understands.

Della Galton passed on the info about Max because he is desperate for a home.
We're hoping a blog appeal will help. Someone out there may be looking for a dog just like him and you may know that someone.

Time is running out for this beautiful dog.

I grew up with big dogs and if my circumstances were different I’d have Max like a shot.

If anyone reading this knows anyone that might be able to help, then please contact
Thank you.


  1. He's utterly gorgeous. I really hope he finds a home soon.

  2. My he is a handsome chap isn't it! Sadly, although I'd love to have him, with my too cats and a husband who doesn't get on with dogs who live in the same house as him (don't ask!) I can't. But I hope he finds a great home soon.

    I just want to give him a cuddle - bless him(the dog, not my husband!)
    Julie xx

  3. He's lovely but I have a biggish dog already. Fingers crossed for Max.

  4. I hope so too, Suzanne.

    Trust you to make me laugh, Julie :-)

    Yes fingers crossed, Joanne.

  5. He looks a gorgeous dog ma, I'd take him in an instant if we had a bigger house, more time and less kids...

    Handsome fella like that will find a home no doubt!

    :) Lovin the bloggies!

  6. What a proud looking fellow - same colouring (and collar!) as our Molly. Unfortunately, she's not good with other dogs but I do hope he finds a loving home soon :o)

  7. Thank you, Karen. Tilly's not good with other dogs either.

    It's a long shot putting him on here, but you never know do you. Someone might be looking.

  8. I also hope he finds a good home. Unfortunately I have a very nervous cat.

  9. Oh,God now I won't sleep tonight worrying about this gorgeous chap finding a home! I can't take him because my dog (who is also a rescue dog) doesn't like other dogs either, but I hate hearing about wonderful animals like Max desperate for a home. It's one of the reasons I support Dogs' Trust because of all the good work they do and never put a dog down, but I hate going to their kennels beacause it upsets me too much. Really hope he finds a home soon. x

  10. Thanks Hydra. I really hope he does too. He'll make someone a lovely companion.

    Dogs Trust are excellent aren't they, Lydia.