Monday, 15 February 2010

Do Something Special

Greg McQueen has done it! He had the idea and he pushed it through and now the book is available for pre-order.

100 Stories for Haiti. As it says on the cover, all proceeds to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Please buy it if you can. Just click on the 100 Stories for Haiti link on the right. The book is being published by Bridge House Publishing and will cost £11.99 plus postage and packing and remember ALL proceeds go to helping the people of Haiti.

Thank you.


  1. You are being typically modest, Teresa! I've looked at the list of authors and seen your name there!

  2. Unsual isn't it, Helen. I hope they sell loads and raise lots of money.

    Oops, I didn't realise I hadn't mentioned it, Geri. Yes I'm in it and over the moon to be part of it all.

  3. Nice cover design, isn't it? Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! x

  4. Looks great, Teresa, and well done for getting in it! I sent one in but never got a reply back! But I still intend to buy it - it's for a great cause.

    Julie xx

  5. Me too Joanne!

    Good girl, Julie! It's all down to people buying it now isn't it.

  6. Absolutely - and I think we should ban access to our blogs unless you've bought a copy...

    Seriously, Greg's done an amazing job for a great cause. I hope it raises huge amounts of money.

  7. Sorry to intrude. I have no idea how many of you in the womag world are getting this message from Liz Smith:


    I wonder if you could do me a big favour. I believe you are a blogging fan.

    In your next blog could you please post a message from me to anyone who might know Brenda Carter, author of short story Past, Present and Future.

    Her contact details are not with the story and I would like to buy it. The writing world is a small one I know but this is still a long shot.

    I’ve tried very other means at my disposal.

    Can you help at all?



  8. Thank you BigFatLion - I've put up a post for Brenda in case she stops by. Hope she gets the message somewhere, somehow!