Tuesday, 25 August 2009

An Inspiring Day

I nipped into Morrison’s to pick up stuff for a picnic as we were planning a day out and about and I hadn’t made a picnic of my own – lazy so and so!

We planned a trip to Shotley which was home to HMS Ganges. It sits with the River Orwell on one side and the River Stour on the other and looks out over Felixstowe, Harwich International Port, Harwich Dock and out to the North Sea.

Of my picnic my other half said, “Remind me next time we have a picnic not to let you choose it!”

So what exactly is wrong with Dairylea Dippers, Lunchables, mini cocktail sausages (with tomato sauce), babybels and mini Victoria sponge cakes? There was a good reason I didn’t buy sandwiches . . . there were two men and several children playing with the balls from a display right next to the sandwich fridge and I wasn’t about to risk life and limb for a couple of BLTs and an egg and cress!

I bought us a packet of six rolls and I said it would remind us of our school days if we had dry rolls stuffed with crisps.

Somehow they used to taste so much nicer in the old days!

We went to a play park in Bradfield, then to a picnic area on the river Stour at East Bergholt for what is now laughingly known as my picnic. This is near to Flatford, home of the Mill and Willy Lott’s cottage. It was lovely and peaceful – and empty!

From there we drove to Shotley. See this river? Same one as above. A river is a bit like a book isn’t it. Starts off small and kind of hopeful and ends up huge and busy and changed. Well I’m sorry, but I had to get something in here somewhere about writing didn’t I?

That’s Felixstowe to the left, Harwich Dock to the right and straight ahead to the North Sea.

Lachlan and I went for a walk round the marina and found a trail that skirts round the edge, lots of boats (what else?) and a little bit of beach where we made shell butterflies on the sand.

A couple of pictures of Felixstowe.

And I couldn’t resist this one – a Thames barge sailing past. I love those!

There’s a museum at the marina now – the HMS Ganges Museum, but they only open at weekends. Well I’m going to be away from home this weekend, but I hope to go back there sometime in the future.

I should include a picture of Shotley shouldn’t I? Stupidly I didn’t take many of Shotley – I was too busy pointing my camera at all the other bits!

No story ideas, but I do feel inspired!

We're going to have another picnic tomorrow. This time I shall mostly be making sandwiches!

My parents met at HMS Ganges during WWII. The place is somewhat special to me.


  1. I've never seen a barge but that's such a great picture I'm sure I'm far too excited about it...

  2. I am banned from making picnics. The most memorable involved only dry rolls and sour apples. One of my daughters insisted on taking over the next time. She made individual packs to suit each person's requirements, but forgot to make one for herself!

  3. What a lovely day out, Teresa. Did you watch that series presented by Griff Rhys Jones on rivers? I thought it was excellent. I don't live far from the river Severn and the famous Ironbridge so it's nice to go and be near the water sometimes. I am Piscean you see and so crave to be near water!

    Oh my verification word is nutil - says it all really doesn't it! I am the nut who lines by a hill (the Wrekin!)

    Oooh I used to love crisps sandwiches - got to have butter on for me as well though. Ignore your husbands protestations at the picnic choice! He can go but it himself next time if he's that bothered!! Men!

    Julie. xx

  4. I've got a confession to make Teresa - I still like crisps on a buttered roll (or should I say Flora-ed roll these days).

  5. I don't know, Lacey - there is something wonderful about them! I get all dewy eyed when I see them sailing. THey look wonderful on a misty morning when they just appear out of the fog.

    Oh Joanna - bless her! I used to make individual picnics up for everyone, but now it's peanut butter or chocolate spread sarnies all round (and maybe jam if there aren't wasps about). My mum always used to make boiled eggs with a twist of salt and pepper in a piece of greaseproof paper - I used to be SO embarrassed eating those!

    Yes I saw that series, Julie - well not all of it, I've still got some recorded, but I am enjoying it (I particularly love Cadbury!).
    I don't like being too far from water either.
    Nutil - I like it!

    Glad I'm not the only fan of crisp sandwiches Elizabeth and Julie - I prefer mine with butter - well Clover, too!

  6. That sounds a lovely day out, Teresa, and I'm sure the inspiration will pay dividends!
    I love the area around Flatford Mill. And Felixstowe - haven't been there for ages, even though it's not far, really ... that tends to happen, doesn't it!

  7. I've been to Shotley again today, Olivia - went by boat this time.
    I love Felixstowe - all the hustle and bustle and watching ships from all over the world and then the quiet bit at the end where you can have a nice walk!
    I really fancy a trip to Orford now - haven't been there for years either!

  8. It's years since I ate a dry roll filled with crisps - but I do often treat myself to a crip sandwich (with slices of bread and butter). I once watched an interview with Joan Collins where she was asked if she liked crips sandwiches and she expressed horror at the thought - she doesn't know what she's missing.

    I'm glad you had such a lovely day.


  9. Thanks Suzanne. I quite agree - Joan C doesn't know what she's missing!