Sunday 26 July 2009

The Whitby Sheep

They shot the sheep.


I think it's a shame.


Maybe it’s just me, but the news seems to get more depressing by the day.

I’m not talking about the credit crunch or swine flu, but the seeming unwillingness of Anyone to do Anything these days.

The Whitby sheep is just an example. She’s stuck on a ledge on a cliff at Whitby where she has been for a month.

The Mail reports that locals have called her Aretha because Aretha Franklin sang “Rescue Me”. The Whitby Gazette told us a couple of days earlier that the crew of the ship that have been keeping an eye on her have called her Shaunetta. They seem to find it amusing!

So this poor sheep is stuck on a ledge – and who knows she may have been injured in her fall there. So who will rescue her?

The Coastguard and Lifeboat are waiting to be asked to rescue her by the RSPCA. The RSPCA – well they haven’t asked anyone to rescue her because although they are aware of her precarious position, they can’t do anything until a member of the public puts in an official complaint.

Yes, well I bet you’re sitting there with your jaw on your keyboard! I know I had to scrape mine up from the space bar.

And of course no one has come forward and claimed ownership of the sheep. I wonder why! That’s not a question by the way, I can well imagine why.

But what else can you expect from a country where it is considered acceptable to let people die while health and safety checks are carried out?

Never mind eh. Victoria Beckham has a new haircut, Katie Price has a new boyfriend and we’re all going to be taxed into oblivion if we can see a distant blob of sea from our bedroom windows.

Who cares about the plight of one sheep?

UPDATE: They are mounting a rescue operation according to the Whitby Gazette!


  1. Poor sheep.

    My daughter's mad about sheep and her enthusiasm's infectious, so any story of injustice to an ovine friend is taken rather badly in this house.

    I hope the drama has a happy outcome.

  2. Nothing surprises me these days, Teresa. The world has gone stark, staring bonkers.

  3. It's so ridiculous isn't it. Poor sheep. The response of the RSPCA is staggering.

  4. The RSPCA claim to care about the welfare of Animals so why they won't get off their a***s and rescue this sheep is beyond me! Sorry, Teresa! But I was speechless for a while and then got enraged!! What is the matter with people?!

    Unbelievable they are and should be prosecuted themselves for just standing by and doing nothing. The news never ceases to amaze me anymore.

    I'm particularly mad about this council tax robbery. Those of us who have worked hard to buy our own houses in a nice area with nice views (I don't have nice views but I some people do) and we get taxed extra for buckling down at school, working hard to pass our exams, work hard at a good career so we can buy nice things and then the Government come along and tell us we will be taxed more to pay for those who sit on their butts all day claiming benefits and who didn't bother to work hard at school (I'm not talking about those who really can't work as they are genuinely ill or disabled by the way). What's the point?!! Grrrr!!

    I'm going to lie in a dark room now. Julie xx

  5. RSPCA response is not jaw-dropping if you know what they are like!

    Take a look at the following sites and see what you think:



    RSPCA Injustice Blog

    And that's just the beginning! Follow the links and there is worse to come!

  6. Not happy! I'd complain about the sheep! And I'd keep it up until they filed a restraining order or rescued it. Hell can I rescue it myself? Do I really need to know how to absail or how to drive a boat?

    I might remember a bit about absailing...

    In Australia there have been some horrific cases of animal cruelty including the severing of a puppy's ears and tail using scissors. He's about to have cosmetic surgery and there are 1000 people hoping to become his new owners. I cried when I heard his story and although they caught the guy he's only having a pysch evaluation. I think he should get a taste of his own treatment.

    I've actually stopped watching the news. It's probably the most dangerous thing I've ever done (especially during cyclone season ;) ). But the snooty people in suits never tell me anything that doesn't make me reach for the chocolate and I'd much rather watch a rerun of Friends ;)

  7. I’m keeping an eye on the news, Suzanne and hoping! I love sheep too – they’re as friendly and daft as dogs.

    Bonkers is right, Sue.

    Yes Helen, staggering but not surprising.

    I do wonder just what the RSPCA are for, Julie. Their indifference leaves you tearing your hair out.

    Oh I know very well what they’re like Fenris I’m afraid – thank you for the links.

    I don’t watch the news much these days either, Lacey for the same reasons. And I agree with you, in cases like that puppy (and that goes for child abuse too) the punishment should fit the crime. There are some truly vile people on this planet.

  8. Never mind, here's a bit of cheering news. Regarding Katie Price's new haircut, I have heard she has a new book out too. Well, she and whoever writes them for her. Ahem!

  9. You have made me smile this morning Marian! Thank you!

  10. Perhaps we should all jam the RSPCA's switchboard and report it ourselves ...

  11. Perhaps the RSPCA are aware of it and are dealing with it?? Maybe even though everyone was chuntering about it noone actually bothered getting on the phone and reporting it?? Saying the RSPCA won't react til they get a call is ridiculous and obvious. How are they supposed to know about these things if no one tells them?? Fgs. I find it staggering that people are happy to slate them without knowing the whole story. Once they've risked their lives to rescue this sheep you'll still probably be moaning. The important thing is this sheep is fit and active, it has food and shelter and must have water or it would be dead by now. You people should get a life.

  12. Congratulations. You have levelled up in the world of Internet Fame.

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  13. Sorry if you don't like my valid opinion. I've just looked to see what a troll is, not sure it applies in this case actually. I just stumbled accross this page and saw your narrow minded comments and had to respond. I worked for the RSPCA for 11 years and it just riles me seeing a bunch of people slating them without knowing the full story.
    As you were.

  14. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, anon, but shouldn't you have the guts to put your name on it? The H in mine stands for Hipwell, by the way.

  15. It's very brave of you to hide behind anonymity, but I think the point of this blog post, which is someone's opinion to which she is entitled, was the amount of bureaucracy we have to go through these days just to save an animal.

    Why did the coast guard or mountain rescue have to wait for the RSPCA? If they've got the means to rescue, or at least investigate, why don't they get on with it - before the animal dies or has to be killed?

    (Pause as we reflect on the eventual outcome of this case.)

    Why did the RSPCA have to wait for a telephone call? Or why did they say they had to do that? I've tried ringing the RSPCA and I think I'd have more luck trying to get through to the Queen of England, and when I have eventually got through (and yes, people do get through to the Queen too in some cases), I've been told it's a bird/wild animal/domestic pet or it's not starved/injured/mistreated so therefore it's "not the RSPCA's responsibility".

    Just like us, you are entitled to your opinion. We, however, put our names on. And perhaps things have changed since you "worked" for the organisation. I've never got them to help me yet. The police were more use, and that's saying something.

    Sorry, Teresa, for hijacking your blog, but these anonymous cowards are so pathetic, they aren't worth it. I also think a "you lot might be interested to know that the RSPCA *is* aware of the situation and is dealing with it" might have been a more diplomatic approach.

  16. Thank you Marian and Mavioni.

    And thank you, Diane! You've said all I wanted to say.

    I've nothing but admiration for people working at the sharp end in the RSPCA but they're not the ones running the show.

    Like you I've reported things in the past and been given various excuses as to why they can't do anything.

    Your last sentence sums it up perfectly.

  17. I just read that in the paper - such a shame and surely unnecessary?