Friday, 10 July 2009

Stop Me and Buy One!

Remember how the ice cream sellers in comics used to say that – or have it written on their bikes/vans whatever?

What’s that got to do with the price of charcoal briquettes? Nothing. I just thought it would be a good title for a post.

Anyway as usual this is going to be a bitty post because that best sums up how I’m feeling – bitty!

I spent part of last weekend away with my youngest son and his family which was lovely even though the little one had a virus, poor little mite.

Just don’t get me started on doctors wearing face masks and suggestions of swine flu . . . no really, don’t!

It was a normal week with Lachlan at playgroup for his usual four mornings. It’s his last week next week before the summer hols and then he’ll start big school in September.

I must just tell you. When I was on the park with the kids today a man cycled past with a yellow Labrador sitting in a box on the front of his bike.

He had another dog running alongside and when that dog stopped to do its business, he stopped too and I wondered how on earth he was going to manage to pick it up.

I still don’t know how he did it, but he managed to hold the bike upright with the dog still in the box, bend over and using both hands, picked up the poo (in a bag!)

As someone who struggles to handle three dogs and a poo bag, I had the greatest admiration for him. There’s no way I could handle a bike as well!

You see what happens when I hit the bottle on a Friday night? I start rambling and waffling. You probably lost the will to live after my mention of swine flu and went off ages ago to watch grass grow.

Just think yourselves lucky I deleted half of this before posting it!

Finally and if you’re still with me, watch out for Anti Plagiarism Day on the 17th July. You can read about it here,

I’m off to pour myself another big one, dig around in the freezer for a Cornetto and flop in front of the telly to watch House!

Writing? Yes, I’ll get round to it . . . eventually!


  1. I'm just impressed the chap scooped the poop at all! I'm sure there would have been a tangle of dog, bike, me and poo on the floor if I tried it!

    My daughter starts school in September too and she also has just one week left at nursery. It's a wonderful time and she's so looking forward to it and, if I'm honest, so am I!! For good reasons.

    Enjoy your wine and ice cream!

    Julie xx

  2. Cornetto! Mmmmm. I love your latest story in My Weekly - the numbers one. It really made me smile yesterday.

  3. Hi, Teresa! Hope you enjoyed House! And the vino! And thanks for the link to Plagiarism Day. I'm always surprised that it isn't done more often, actually. Having been reading women's mags for years I don't think I've ever read one plagiarised story.

    It'd be nice to see you over on where I'm blogging about "Titles".

  4. THanks Julie, I did! Starting school is such a huge step isn't it. I remember all my kids first days as if it were yesterday - ah if only it were!

    Thank you, Helen!

    I did, Geri thanks - I'm off to visit your post now!

  5. Lordy that swine flu will be the death of us all yet! Poor baby at least he had mum even if you were being traumatized ;) I'm right there with you applauding the pooper scooper bike holder ;) That's some serious talent!