Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What a Week!

Happy August. We welcome this lovely sunny summer month with open arms, dollops of sun cream and cries of, “Phew, what a scorcher!” – what? I’m a writer and there’s such a thing as artistic licence you know. And we can dream can’t we?

It’s been an eventful week. My daughter’s pup, Poppy, has a fondness for socks. She has been known to help herself from the washing basket or off the clothes airer or even in a surprise hit and run attack while the washing machine is being emptied.

On Thursday last week she stopped eating and she was sick and very quiet. She was taken promptly to the vet and given her sock-eating history, they kept her in for x-rays.

And there, stuck in her small intestine, was a sock. This was returned to them after the operation in a plastic bag.

“Don’t open it,” the vet advised my son in law. “It’s very smelly.”

The trouble is, she doesn’t know that she felt ill because she ate a sock. Now she has a shaved tum with a long neat scar down the centre which she is showing off at every opportunity. 

It was just such a relief to see her back to her usual self and I am so glad she's okay.


  1. Glad Poppy is OK. Shame you can't make her understand that eating socks, although obviously great fun at the time, is likely to give her trouble later.

  2. Oh my goodness they are worse than tiny kids. I am glad she is okay now though!

  3. I'm so glad she's all right, Teresa. It must have been a huge worry. I love the thought of her showing off her shaved tummy.
    It's so amazing what they can consume! I hope Poppy feels fully recovered very soon. x

  4. My son's dog had the same problem - he just loved socks until one day he too had to have an op to remove one! The trouble is you may not even know what has made them ill until have to have an operation!!! And it's such a worry!

  5. Hi Teresa,
    Ah puppies, eh. Glad the puppy is okay. It might just solve one of life's great mysteries about where the missing socks go :)
    Gary x

  6. Aw bless Poppy :) What a little character!

    Happy August, Teresa!

  7. Our daughter is picking up a chocolate labrador pup later this month. I've already told her to be on shoes and socks alert. Hope she was listening.

  8. Thanks, Patsy! With Indy it was snails, but thank goodness he grew out of it x

    Thanks, Jenny - it has been a worrying time x

    Thank you, Joanna. Yes amazing what they can swallow. My first springer once swallowed a whole dead rat right in front of me and then looked very pleased with himself x

    I wonder what it is about socks, Pat? x

    That's true, Gary. There are about a million odd socks in my airing cupboard... hm, perhaps I should have a word with Indy :-) x

    She certainly is, Lacey - she is a very sweet, loving little thing x

    Ooh, Martin, a chocolate lab - how gorgeous. Hope to see photos on your blog. Poppy is half lab and she has destroyed quite a few shoes already - mainly school shoes. I think she's trying to keep the kids at home :-) x

  9. I wonder why the vets felt obliged to give them back the sock! Bleaurgh! Poor old Popster. Maybe she'll grow out of it.

  10. I don't know, Joanne - strange isn't it. Our garage does the same when they fix the car - they give us the broken bit and I remember someone kept her appendix in a jar on the mantelpiece for a while. Yet when my son asked for his wisdom teeth, the dentist said he couldn't have them because of "health and safety" rules! :-) x

  11. A bit like those sad collections of " personal effects" you're given when someone dies. Broken spectacles, stained slippers, the get well cards that didn't do the job...

    Gosh. I'm getting maudlin. I hope Poppy makes a full recovery, and somebody disposes of the sock in a hygienic and discrete manner. Even Geoffrey doesn't eat socks.

  12. So glad Poppy is OK. Better lock up the socks - and the knickers. My friend's used to steal knickers and eat them!

  13. Very worrying, especially when they don't understand what's making them feel ill. I expect the whole family will be on sock watch from now on.

  14. Phew! What a relief she's ok. Caroline x

  15. Poor puppy! Glad she's better. x

  16. Glad to read that all got sorted Teresa. :-)

  17. That's spot on, Frances - exactly the things that get left behind and all so sad. I think the offending (offensive!) sock has long gone! x

    I may be completely wrong, hydra, but didn't Kenny Everett have a dog called Knickers? I think Poppy may have eaten a pair or two! x

    Yes, definitely on sock watch now, Maggie x

    Thanks, Caroline x

    Thank you, Lydia x

    It was a great relief, Diane x

  18. Poor wee thing. I'm glad she's okay now.