Monday, 23 January 2012

Sweet Stuff

Thanks to Patsy and Carol (fellow sweetie pies) for awarding me the Sweet Blogger Award.

Now I have to think of seven things about me – hm, what to say? What can I say about me that I haven’t already bored you to tears with?

Maybe as the award picture is of something rather delicious looking, I should make it foody.

1. My favourite dinner is a roast with all the trimmings, but no meat and strictly veggie gravy.

2. My favourite dessert is – well how long have you got? Can’t make up my mind between chocolate pud and custard, lemon cheesecake, Tiramisu or fresh fruit salad and then of course there’s trifle and apple cake so let’s just say for no. 2, I love desserts.

3. I only ever made Christmas puddings once. It was back in the day and I put them on to boil and forgot about them. They were in plastic pudding basins. The saucepans boiled dry, the pudding basins melted, saucepans got ruined and from then on Mrs Peek’s fine puds were considered an investment.

4. I used to make my mum huge gateaux for her birthday and smother them in fruit, cream and nuts and put a candle on the top. One year we got her a candle that played happy birthday, but it wouldn’t shut up so we hid it in a drawer and it still wouldn’t stop. It had to go in the bin in the end. You could still hear it gamely playing away as the bin man hurled it into the back of the truck - well no you couldn't really, but the bin man might have heard it. For the purposes of this post, I'll assume he did and then couldn't get the tune out of his head for the rest of the day. In fact it was his birthday and he thought everyone had forgotten and so the singing candle put a smile on his face.

5. I miss my mum’s cooking more than I can say, specially her roast dinners.

6. My grandad used to pickle onions and fill huge sweet-shop jars with them. I used to go to the chippy with my friends and we’d all buy a bag of chips, then I’d dish out Pop’s pickles to everyone. I did not do this many times before I was forbidden to touch the pickled onions. I have never tasted pickled onions as good as Pop’s.

7. I love tutti frutti ice cream and can’t find it anywhere. Sob.

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  1. Oh...Mrs. Peek's Christmas puds! My mum always swore by them. I've only ever made my own once, too, and no-one noticed the difference. So back to ready-made. Phew.

  2. I agree - Ready made every time, Frances x

  3. Oh, tutti frutti icecream. You know you can make that by mixing some mixed glace fruit and nuts in vanilla icecream. But you are right,it can't be got any more, well not outside Sicily.

  4. Love the singing happy birthday candle - maybe it will feature in one of your stories some day, Teresa, if it hasn't already!

  5. Mrs Peek's pud's were a Christmas essential, never tasted anything better.
    I agree with your choice(s)of dessert...:-)

  6. Oh, Teresa, thanks so much for awarding me this sweet treat. I accept. Thanks also for making my day. I'm so happy you like my novel. Once you're done, I would appreciate it if you could give me a review on Amazon. Only if you can. Thanks again so much for making my day.

  7. Christmas pud is about the only thing I never bother making myself so I can'ty blame you there. As for pickles, they absolutely have to be home made if you want them to crunch instead of squelch.

    Interested that a non meat eater's favourite meal would be a roast and would like to know what you have instead. (I eat meat myself, but am keen to try alternatives too)

  8. That singing candle just HAS to become a short story! I bet if we all wrote one about it every story would be different. That'd be fun.

  9. Hi Teresa - enjoyed learning more about you. The dinner and desserts sound really good. I'm hungry now! :-)

  10. Congratulations over the award. Well deserved :o)In stitches over the singing candle! Yes, must feature in a story. xx

  11. I don't have a sweet tooth, but I do love tutti frutti ice-cream and would do (virtually) anything for a bowlful right now!

    I really enjoyed your seven mouth-watering things, Teresa, and congratulations on the award.

  12. I'm too lazy to make it myself, Jenny - but maybe I should. The annoying thing is I'd never tried it and didn't know I loved it until about two months before everywhere stopped stocking it x

    I think it already has, Rosemary but a very long time ago x

    I think it would be nice, Carol, to just have a big pile of desserts and not bother with any starters or main courses x

    Will do, Liz x

    My mouth is watering, Patsy - thinking of the "crunch". I usually have something like a cauliflower cheese grill as a meat sub, or nothing at all if I can get the nutrition police off my back - just lots of roasted and other veg and mash x

    Great idea, Jacula - I think we should all write stories about singing candles and you're right, they would all be different x

    Thanks, Diane - I've made myself hungry too, but that's not difficult x

    Thank you, Sue - poor old singing candle, he went to the rubbish tip never knowing he would one day be spoken of on the internet x

    Thanks, Joanna - maybe we should start a "bring back tutti frutti" campaign x

  13. Thanks for the award Teresa, I loved reading your seven things and will try hard to come up to standard with mine!


  14. Thanks for the award Teresa. Love your "foodie" list! Making me hungry now. Caroline x p.s got to think of something witty and interesting. Ummmm.....I may be some time!

  15. You're welcome, Caroline and remember what may not seem interesting to you, will be to us :-) x

  16. I must confess I have never made a Christmas pudding as it does seem an awful lot of work for very little reward, especially as I don't like rich fruit cake or puddings. The candle story must appear in one of your short stories Teresa - very funny.

  17. Thanks for the award, Teresa -will try to come up with 7 interesting things (?)
    Definitely agree with us all writing singing candle stories. Trouble is our editors will say: "no more stories about singing candles..."
    When I was a little girl my Dad had a Scilian client and his present to us each Xmas was a tutti-fruiti ice cream cake with chocolate coating. If I close my eyes I can still taste that cake: most marvellous ice cream I have ever tasted!

  18. I'm not keen on Christmas pud or Christmas cake either, Maggie x

    That cake sounds wonderful, Lydia! x

  19. Hi Teresa,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, taking over my human's keyboard to thank you for bestowing such a sweet award to 'klahanie'. Of course, we know that the true writing star on that site, is me, yes me! :) What chance does a mere human have against my pawesome pawstings?
    Anyhow, hearty congrats on you receiving this award, Teresa. And hearty congrats to all those other fine bloggers you forwarded the award onto :)
    Oh sorry to hear about you not being able to get tutti frutti ice cream. If my human had known, he could of brought some back from Vancouver for you. Then again, I wonder how he would explain to customs the melted stuff in his suitcase! :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  20. Ah Penny, you are a sweetheart. Indiana Bones is quite smitten. Maybe next time your human could bring me back some tutti frutti ice cream - which reminds me of the time.... ah I feel another blog post coming on :-) x

  21. You've made me hungry now (but I'd best ignore the pangs as have already had four mini rolls and a creme egg while watching Desperate Housewives a few hours back).

    Congratulations on your award.


  22. Ooh the mini rolls sound lovely, but Creme eggs hurt my teeth - and I've never seen Desperate Housewives though I'm told I should :-) THanks Suz xx