Wednesday 3 August 2011

I Don't Believe It!

Greyfriars Bobby a myth? All made up to bring in business? I don’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. To be honest I don’t care if it was made up. So there!

And also in the I don’t believe it category – The Royal. Anyone else watch that? I love it. I love Doctor Ormerod and his lovely wife, Doctor Weatherill. I love Sister Brigid and Matron and the pipe smoking Mr Rose. I love that it is set in kinder times.

If you’ve never watched it, well it’s too late now because it’s gone. Every series finished on a cliff hanger and the last one of the latest series ended with… well I shan’t say in case any Royal fans are reading this and haven’t watched the last one yet. But I cried buckets and I can’t believe they left us hanging like that. It would have been kinder to us faithful viewers never to have shown that last episode at all so we could imagine life in Royal-land going on as ever it did.

I know one of the nurses has got a job in Holby City – and she hasn’t aged a bit!

I received a free copy of a fat glossy magazine with a hefty price tag in the mail today and so far all I’ve found in it are adverts. I don’t believe that either. I’m going to keep looking – there must be something in there to read! But it was free, so it’s mean of me to moan isn’t it?

This week I bought a heat gun which keeps cutting out. I read the reviews online after I bought it and apparently no one would recommend it. The cheaper one had much better reviews. I don’t believe it! A wise man once said “You can’t afford to buy cheap”. Well he obviously hadn’t bought a blankety-blank heat gun!!

Here’s a picture of Indy in the woods this morning. When we got out there he said I don’t believe it – new smells, squirrels, no other people – fab! Tilly said it was very nice, but she prefers the lane and the fields thank you very much.


  1. Aw, looks like Indy's having a great time.

    I always meant to, but now I'm so glad I didn't watch The Royal - it's awful when a loved programme leaves you in the lurch like that. I hope they change their minds and bring it back so viewers can enjoy a proper conclusion.


  2. Thanks Suz, I hope so too. It was a lovely series xx

  3. What on earth is a heat gun? Do you have a licence, Teresa? And what about H&S?

    Ts ts

  4. Those fat glossy mags look inviting, but then once inside you find they are so empty. Big disappointment.

    I don't know what a heat gun is either. Is it a craft thing? What I've always fancied is one of those steam guns that cleans the gunk from between tiles and other hard to reach gunky corners of the house.

  5. That walk through the woods looks very inviting.

  6. Hi Teresa - those woods look awesome!Story inspiring even!

  7. Hi Teresa, I have watched the Royal from time to time but didn't realise it was now finished! As you say, a lovely drama set in kinder times (kinder in some ways). Love the photo. You sure those aren't my woods? Look very familiar but then - a tree is a tree I suppose! I too was in the woods with the dogs this morning - before it grew too hot :-)

  8. Great picture. I have woods envy. There's a highway near my place. It's just not the same...

  9. Completely agree with you, Teresa - Greyfriars Bobby can't be a myth! As for The Royal - both hubby and I have watched it faithfully every week and couldn't believe the way they ended the series. We too will miss being transported to a different way of life (same with Heartbeat).

    Lovely woods - can just imagine walking through them.

  10. I'll still believe that Greyfriars Bobby was true come what may. Animals can find thier way home after being lost hundreds of miles away. And what about Lassie! Don't tell me that wasn't a real dog or I'll have to go into therapy ;o) Love the Royal and we are currently enjoying watching Heartbeat re-runs on ITV 3 (along with Goodnight Sweetheart which I love!) Caroline x

  11. I loved the Royal, too, even though it was set in a county that has the wrong colour rose for me! The other county, over the Pennines a bit? Talking about the heat gun, I bought a pressure wsher to clean my dirty slates week or so ago. I have no trouble with the machine, only the thingy that fastens the hose pipe on to the garden tap. I spent more time putting that back on than I did pressure washing!

  12. Noooo, please don't tell me Greyfriars Bobby is a myth - I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that!

    What a lovely photograph of Indy. x

  13. A heat gun is what you use to melt paint to strip it off, Frances. It's not the easy option I thought it would be - although it would help if it didn't keep cutting out!

    I've got a steam gun, Joanne - they're great for stripping wallpaper!

    It was lovely and cool in there, Patsy!

    Yes, I've been inspired there, Diane.

    Best place for dogs in hot weather isn't it Deborah. Those woods are at Wrabness.

    We have to drive to get to the woods, Lacey - they're just outside town.

    It was heartbreaking wasn't it, Rosemary - all that emotion and it just ended! I wanted to know what happened with Sister Brigid too! And that poor lady who died - I met someone with a similar story to hers who had been institutionalised all her life.

    Quite right, Caroline! Well said!

    Those things that attach to the taps are a pain aren't they Marian! I'm so glad there are lots of Royal fans! Maybe we should make up our own ending!

    I don't believe it, Amanda and you don't have to either ;-)

  14. Hi Teresa,
    We have a lovely woodland walk just across the road from where I live. Unbeatable. I watch the Royal, and I'm always sad when it ends, especially the way it did. I love the humour and the escapades that the old plumber and his apprentice get up to. Also I love Wendy Craig, she looks good doesn't she?

  15. Wendy Craig is lovely isn't she, Suzy! They certainly got up to some stuff didn't they!

  16. Oh dear! I don't know whether to watch the last episode of The Royal now? Evidently it was all wrapped up and ready to roll with its usual cliffhanger ending before the series was axed. Probably better indeed not to have shown it? Beautiful photo of the woods - oh sorry and of course you too Indy!Fine figure of a dog xx

  17. Oh Sue now I don't know what to tell you - yes I think you should watch it, but it will make you cry and I bet you will be furious at how it ends knowing that we are never going to find out what happens!

  18. I'm guilty, I have just bought a pair of nude shoes in the sales- makes a change from black. The redeaming feature is that they have very high heels.
    Tilly obviously has the best idea, curl up in the chair and nap.:-)

  19. I'm sure they look lovely, Carol. I wish I could wear very high heels! Don't tell Tilly but Indy is in "the chair" at the moment. I think they've decided that as long as one of them is occupying it, I won't be able to get rid!