Tuesday 28 December 2010

Help - I've eaten too much wine!

Apparently this was yelped by me sometime over the Christmas period. I don’t believe a word of it. I haven’t been well. I’ve had a throbbing headache and a cold and I refuse to take responsibility for anything I might have said during the festivities.

Anyhooo, New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t think I bothered last year. I can’t remember, it’s too long ago and too far away. But Russell Grant says Jupiter and Pluto are in my ninth house in 2011 and therefore anything is possible, so perhaps I should grasp the bullet and bite the nettle.

So here goes – and I should point out that I have already eaten too much wine today and intend to eat considerably more so this should be taken with a mince pie and a slice of Christmas cake and probably a large glass of iced water.

1. I will finish one of the novels I have simmering away on the boiler.
2. Okay, perhaps first I should choose which novel I should finish rather than gung ho-ing all over the place about finishing one at all.

3. Well maybe I should actually find the started novels first and look at them and decide which one/s deserve to be finished.
4. I’ll draw up a shortlist.
5. Or maybe a longlist.
6. I quite fancy that really serious one that has turned to murder.
7. But I also fancy doing something a bit light and funny like the one with the exploding suitcase or the one with the… oh never mind, who wants to hear about my what ifs?
8. You know what, I’d really like to start something completely new and not keep going over old ground. I like starting new things.
9. I think maybe I need another glass of wine and then I should give it more thought. But you know what thought did?
10. Perhaps I should stick to writing short stories or have another look at that childrens book I started.

There you have it. But you know what I love about this time of year – anything really is possible. The new year is spread out before us like a great big empty page and we can choose how we fill it.

No baby yet. Next time I blog it will be with news of his arrival – I hope. He’s a week overdue. We’re all pacing up and down, tapping our watches and shaking our heads, but he’s in no hurry.

And then in the New Year, a post about writing. Probably.

Where was I? Oh yes, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year with abundant good health, oodles of success and wheelbarrows full of happiness.

Twill be interesting to wake up tomorrow and see just how much I have embarrassed myself. Now dare I post this…?


  1. The solution to your resolution issue is to just say 'I'll do one of them' and then it doesn't matter which one you go with in the end.
    Happy New Year Teresa.

  2. Nice, simple NY resolutions. Writing and drinking. I'll go with that.

    Good luck with the baby!

  3. I like your resolutions! I have a few plans, but really my resolution is to try a bit harder.

    Best wishes for a happy New Year!

  4. Yipes! Just as I typed those last two words, this year's calender fell off the wall. D'you think it's a sign?

  5. My list will probably look similar to yours, Teresa. I just searched out last years and was delighted to find I could cross a few off. The moving house got the biggest happiest tick.

  6. Hi Teresa

    Sounds like you're having a fun Christmas. What I like about this year is the gift of time. After the initial mayhem, the chance to relax - feet up on the sofa with the wine and food and a good book!

    Hope you find the project that really inspires for you this year and hope that baby comes soon. Both my children were overdue - the second was due on Christmas Eve but arrived on 5 Jan so I know exactly how you're feeling. Fingers crossed it won't be that long!


  7. Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas. I always get in a bit of a tangle with resolutions, but I think my main one this year has to be to write and sell more short stories. Here's hoping anyway!

  8. Hah! Hilarious, Teresa! People do say strange things when under the influence of a 'virus' so you're fine! (What vintage was it by the way?!)

    Happy New Year!! And come on that baby!
    Julie xx

  9. Quite right, Carol. Happy New Year.

    Thanks Frances - I haven't dropped a touch today!

    Thank you, Patsy.Yep maybe that calendar is telling you something.

    That was the best one, Lynne :-)

    Thanks Linda - this little one's brother and sister were both late arrivals too.

    Very good resolutions, Helen. I bet you will do it too.

    Thanks, Martin :-)

    Don't know, Julie - the bottle has gone, but the virus lingers on! Happy New Year.

    My daughter is booked in for induction tomorrow. So hopefully he'll be here before the weekend.

    Happy New Year xx

  10. Oooh, you MUST write a book, Teresa - please. I've a space on my keepers' shelf all ready.

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas and I'm looking forward to hearing your grandbaby news.


  11. Ha ha - great list. Good luck with sorting it out. :o)

  12. Happy New Year. It would be lovely if the babe arrived tomorrow and had a birthday on the 1st of every new year!

  13. Happy New Year Teresa. Gosh - with so many resolutions to choose from, the world is your lobster!

  14. Happy New Year, Teresa! Hope by the time you read this your new arrival will be welcomed into the world!
    Loved this post! Think I've eaten too much wine too often this holiday too. Anyway, good luck with the resolutions - sure one of them will get done.x

  15. Aw bless you, Suzanne xx

    I'll need all the luck I can get, Diane, thanks :-)

    He did, hydra - what a great date for a birthday!

    Thanks, Joanne.

    THank you, Lydia.

    Noah arrived in the early hours of Jan 1st - the first baby of 2011 in the hospital :-)And he's gorgeous of course :-)

  16. Congratulations, Teresa. Give him a big cuddle from me.


  17. Aah - welcome Noah to this mad world!

  18. You'd better finish one of those novels. There's a Teresa-sized gap on my Novels-By-People-Wot-I-Know shelf which only you can fill.

  19. Thanks Suzanne, cuddle delivered.

    Thank you Joanne :-)

    Thank you womag - I am feeling very encouraged and anything-is-possibleish which is usually a sign I'm about to crash!

  20. Going back through the blog and finding this post, I just love it. It sounds just like me, except for the bit about grandchild expected.

  21. Eek, I forgot about this Jacula! Glad I'm not the only one :-)