Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ups and Downs

I was watching a wood pigeon this morning sitting on top of the lamp post opposite my window. It was peeing down with rain and he was sitting with one wing up in the air.

I thought he might be injured, but then he tucked that wing down and promptly lifted up the other one. He was merely having a shower. It was fascinating. He was out there for ages making himself look handsome.

We haven’t had a lot of rain, but after one mini deluge we found this little chap hiding under the hammock cover.

Those were ups.

I’d hoped to have some baby news by now, but at least we know it won’t be any later than next Monday. But my bags are still in the boot just in case we get called out before then. Fingers crossed we do.

I shan’t go into the downs. Downs are depressing. But the only way to go from a down is back up.


  1. Aren't animals great, the way they adapt to the weather? And they don't moan about it like we do!

  2. A Gemini baby. Hope it arrives soon and without too much fuss.

  3. That's a very handsome toad. Wishing you more 'ups'!

  4. Love the toad. Did you try kissing it?

    Sorry about the downs - hope they invert very soon.

  5. It's fun watching the birds in a shower after a dry spell in particular. I love to watch them splash around in the bird bath too ... although the crows we used to get in our garden back in Solihull used the bird bath to dunk their bread ...

    Fingers crossed you get that call soon.

  6. I've seen pigeons do that too. Our neighbours have a flat-roof extension which doesn't drain very well but makes a lovely 12ft x 12ft bird bath. I always think they're going to use underarm deodorant. (The pigeons, not the neighbours).
    I wish you well.

  7. I hope the downs disappear soon and are replaced by lots of wonderful ups.

  8. We could learn so much from them, Helen.

    Would have been my mum’s birthday today, Lynne – we’re still hoping, but yes definitely a little Gemini now.

    Thank you, Joanne. He is handsome isn’t he (she?)

    Thanks Jenny.

    Ugh no, Bernadette – not that I would mind at all kissing a toad, but it might turn into a prince and quite honestly I’d rather have the toad!

    I love watching birds in the bird bath, Diane. Never had a crow use it though.

    My thoughts too, Keith – I half expected him to produce a little wash bag and give himself a squirt when he’d finished.

    Thank you, Joanna.

  9. Wishing you all the good things in life Teresa.

  10. Ooh I love all things amphibian! Hope your ups come in thick and fast. You know the drill, the lows make the highs better!

  11. I cannot imagine how anybody would think a toad is handsome! Am I the only one who hates them? Marian H

  12. Sorry to hear about the 'downs'. We only need a few downs to really appreciate the 'ups' in our lives, but it can be difficult when we get more 'downs' than we can cope with.

    Having said that, there's clearly a Gemini Up approaching fast! Enjoy it when it arrives!

  13. Paula Williams9 June 2010 at 22:04

    Fingers crossed for the new arrival, Teresa - and loads and loads of ups coming your way!

  14. Thank you, Martin.

    And thank you, MOB.

    My mum didn't like them either, Marian.

    THank you, Simon.

    And you, Paula.

    Thanks everyone, your kind wishes mean more than I can say xx

  15. Hugs for the downs - hope things look up soon.

    Arriving late - sorry - so I'm hoping you will have already had some baby news.


  16. Thank you, Suzanne - the baby arrived safely on the 15th! What a relief and she is of course gorgeous :-) xx