Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Oh Nothing Really

Sorry about this – just let me brush away the tumbleweeds and move some of these cobwebs. Ah, there you are.

I don’t know what’s happened to this blog of late, but you may have noticed the wind whistling through the gaps and the occasional creak of footsteps outside.

So many people are working hard on NaNo and I don’t even have that excuse, but I have been very busy doing other things not even remotely related to writing.

And then there’s Christmas. I’ve just about got my head round it. Christmas never used to be this stressful. I blame the blokes.

What do you want you ask. Oh, nothing really they say. What about slippers? Nah, I’ve got slippers coming out of my ears. After shave? The other half’s got that covered (that’s son/son in law speak for “I know you, you’ll get me something that smells like a cross between moth balls and Werther’s Originals”).

Clothes? The look of horror is enough to kill that idea. Then there’s the Beloved. What do you want? Oh, nothing really.

What about the girls? The grown up ones that is. They’re a bit easier. Plenty of stuff out there that smells nice, looks pretty and sparkles.

Anyway, I have bitten the bullet and got a few bits and pieces of Oh Nothing Really and now you can be sure they’ll be beating a path to my door, “You know you asked what I wanted for Christmas, well I’d really like . . .”

So when you hear that I’ve been done for grievous bodily damage with a 10 metre roll of red shiny penguin wrapping paper you’ll know the reason why. (Note I have the heftiest roll of paper put to one side in premeditated readiness).

This weekend I am staying over at my daughter’s to baby/dog/cat/snail sit while she goes off to London to see the lovely Julian again (Jealous – me? Of course I am) with her newly moustachioed husband.

As well as being NaNo, this month is also Movember – supporting prostate cancer research. My son in law is doing his bit, growing his Mo to help a Bro.

There you have it, a lot of Oh Nothing Really.

What would I like? I'd like this day back - ooh a long time ago - my youngest and our lovely Sweep having fun in the snow.

It seems like only yesterday. I wish it was - I've gone all teary thinking about it. So yes, that's what I'd like - the turning back of the clock just for a day or two.

I suppose a time machine would be out of the question . . .


  1. Awwh, what a lovely photo, Teresa. You're making me go all teary eyed too. It doesn't take much to set me off!

    Step away from the red penguin hefty roll!

    Julie xx

  2. Teresa

    I'm afraid I'm as much of a 'wind-up' as the rest of the fellas. Every year I get asked the same question, every year I can only come up with the same response 'Oh, nothing really'. Hang on, is that a hefty roll of wrapping paper I see virtually aimed at me?

  3. That is a lovely photo.

    I have a very good excuse to do all my Christmas shopping on-line this year - and I'm sticking to it!

  4. That was sweet! Yes, it would be fun to turn the clock back just for a day to have the grown ones become little again. Sometimes they come back to me in dreams, so real! just as they were when they were toddlers. I love that.

  5. So many snatched moments gone but not forgotten. God, wouldn't it be good if just for a moment we could see, touch, hug someone close to us that has gone? What an incredible gift that would be. What a great post. X

  6. Well now that you've done your Christmas shopping... how about doing mine? ;)

  7. I’m trying to step away from it, Julie – really I am.

    Is it really that you men don’t want anything, Martin?

    I’ve done the majority of mine online too, Helen. Just the thought of a heaving High Street is enough to give me the wobblies.

    I dream about mine being little again too Dreamfarm girl, particularly my youngest. I love those dreams. Life seemed so much simpler then or is that viewing the past through rose tinted specs?

    It would be such a gift wouldn’t it MOB? That picture is rather like the calm before the storm. So many people I loved and cared about have gone since it was taken and that dear little boy is now a strapping six footer – but at least I can still hug him.

    Er, pass Lacey!

  8. Well, we're doing Secret Santa this year! I suggested it last year and no-one was interested. In fact they were horrified at the idea.
    'Buying pressies is the best bit,' they said.
    This year they've all got big fat mortgages to pay so suddenly Secret Santa is a great idea!
    I have to confess I dread Christmas - not the actual day, I love having all my family together, but the lead up gets me so stressed. But then it would, Himself and I own a butchers shop!

  9. Love the photo. And can I put my name down for a time machine as well, please?

    I'm doing a Scrooge this year and not buying many gifts - the recession suddenly means it's acceptable to plead poverty.


  10. gorgeous photo, I can understand why you want to go back there! Yes if only we could buy each other returns to favourite memories, Christmas would be so much easier!

    Around this time of year I end up with tons of emails from my brother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law etc all asking what my sons want for Christmas. The boys send me wish-lists, so I end up buying the lot and allocating presents to relatives and getting the money off them. So I do the xmas shopping for several. How did that happen?

  11. Yes, don't those old photos get you feeling sentimental! I know what you mean. As for Christmas ... anyone out there want to join a Let's-Not-Think-About-It-Till-December society? If we get enough members, will the shops go back to stocking autumn clothes during the autumn, and Christmas gifts at Christmas? I know - no chance!!

  12. I'm turning into voucher-auntie, though I suppose that's better than hand-knitted-gloves-auntie - I used to have two of those (aunties that knitted, that is.)

    My Mum's the worst (bless her). She said there wasn't anything she wanted for her recent birthday, then opened every parcel with - 'Ooh, I hope it's slippers. I really need new slippers.'
    Guess what she's getting for Christmas?

  13. I love Secret Santas, Sue. They're great fun. It's the lead up that does my head in too but I love it once it gets here.

    I haven't spent half as much on presents as I usually do, Suzanne. I think most people are cutting back aren't they.

    How did you get yourself into that Womag? But then again, at least you know they'll get stuff they really want.

    Olivia - I think a Lets Not Think About It Till December society sounds great!

    Aw, your mum, Bernadette! Bless her.
    I'm a voucher auntie too.