Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ideal Home for Writer

Or a Reflexologist – or maybe a writer who is also a Reflexologist or is married to one or . . . maybe you’re just someone looking for peace and quiet and a beautiful house to go with it.

May I direct you here

This is the house belonging to Lynne Hackles in the lovely Welsh countryside overlooking the Cych Valley. It comes complete with the option of taking over the reflexology business – along with 200 clients.

And if that hasn’t convinced you I have a three letter word for you AGA! And what about this – craftsman built bookshelves. Are you drooling yet?

Go on – have a look!

Here is a picture of the front garden to whet your appetite.


  1. It does look like a very good home for a writer (preferably one who's better disciplined than me because that garden looks as though it would prove an irresistible distraction)

  2. I'd love it, Patsy. The garden looks wonderful doesn't it.

  3. Oh, gorgeous. Perhaps, if I wish very hard...


  4. Today I received The Lovely Blog Award which I’m so ridiculously pleased to accept, you'd think I'd won tonight's lottery!.

    And now the rules say:
    1) Accept the award, and don’t forget to post a link back to the awarding person.
    2) Pass the award on.
    3) Notify the award winners.

    So I'd like to pass the award on to (trumpets and drum roll) you, Teresa, because I've long admired your work and this blog is always entertaining and interesting. See my blog to pick up your award (think that's how it's supposed to be done!) x