Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Call for Submissions

Bridge House Publishing has several anthologies planned and they are asking for submissions in several categories including an animal anthology for charity – the charity being The Born Free Foundation.

Full details with requirements and deadlines here Bridge House Submissions


  1. They sound like interesting anthologies. Must have a dig around and see if I have anything suitable.

  2. As we say oop north even though I live down south, Thanks Hen! I'll have a shot even though I have never entered anything written anywhere - too self conscious about it all but faint heart and all that...

    BTW just read your story 'Waiting for Dad' in the Woman's Weekly Fiction special. It was a jolly good read and very touching. Highly impressive. I'd never heard of these short story mags until I read your blog!

  3. Hope you find something, Helen.

    MOB - I can't believe you've never entered anything. If anyone is a natural you are. Go for it! And thank you so much for saying that about my Dad story - it's very much appreciated and a real boost x

  4. Well, I've ordered one of the books (you're in it!) so I can see what they like and I'll definitely give it a go. I love having my stories in magazines, but books are a bit more permanent, which would be lovely.

  5. Thanks for the link - I'll see what I can come up with.

  6. Hope you enjoy the book, Bernadette. I think you'll find they like a good mix of stories.

    Go for it, Patsy!