Monday, 20 April 2009

Notebook Tart

I am a notebook tart. I admit it. I confess. Here and now. I cannot walk into a stationery shop and walk past the notebooks section, hell, I can't even walk past a stationery shop.

Recently I have seen writers referring to something called a moleskine notebook which is by all accounts a must-have item. I'm sorry, but I draw the line at using a notebook made from the skin of a sweet little - hold on, someone is whispering in my ear. Ahem. Where was I?

I don't think I've ever seen one. I don't think they can sell them in the shops I frequent. So I looked them up on Amazon. Ah, I see. Imitation leather (I am reading a review as I write), a joy to write on, etc. etc. And quite pricey - which means I probably have seen them, but they've been out of my price range.

Well if I am looking for a journal, something I will keep, then I don't mind treating myself a bit, but my notebooks are hard-working little creatures. I used to buy shorthand notebooks in packs of six and occasionally I'd splash out on a legal pad. They end up smothered in scribbled notes and crossings out and by the time they are full, they are ready for their final journey to the shredder.

But I've always been a sucker for a pretty cover and lately I have been drawn to Pukka pads. They come in lots of different colours and sizes. I have a rainbow one which I'm saving for something special and a gold one which I use to make notes for the children's book. And there are others in my little cupboard waiting patiently for the day when they are chosen . . .

There are also the black and red notebooks with soft covers and the bit of elastic that holds them shut. Love those too I do.

Another newish discovery for me - the gel pen! Oh how I love them. Don't get me started on gel pens.

When I was a legal secretary, I used to be responsible for buying stationery. Mwahaha - that place was beautifully stocked when I left. I bet they didn't have to buy a pen or a notebook for years after I'd gone. I couldn't even stick to buying ordinary yellow flimsy, but would buy reams of it in all different colours. Flimsy for anyone under the age of about 40 is the thin paper used as a carbon copy, which brings us to carbon paper - the last I bought for the office was beautiful, shiny and purple and extremely expensive.

The stationery reps loved me!

And just one little thing that bugs me. When you see a writer on telly or in a film about to type their great masterpiece (this of course would be an OLD pre computer film) they always insert just one sheet into the typewriter. Where is their carbon copy?


  1. You should scan in the drawings you do. They're good.

    I personally also like stationary - I love new pens and notebooks. Even if I just use them for random scribbles.

  2. Why thank you, your cheque is in the post!

  3. I've got to hold my hand up...yep, I love stationary too. Actually, I'm a fan of the little moleskin note books,and the pukka pads, I have the pink and blue striped ones.

    Mine are full of scribbles, mind maps, possible story titles, facts, overheard conversations, notes, as well as "to do" lists connected with writing.

    I recently filled in a survey for Waterstones, they're thinking of putting stationary departments inside their larger stores. I can't wait!

  4. That is my idea of heaven - a bookshop with a stationery deparment!

  5. Glynis Scrivens27 April 2009 at 00:28

    This seems like a safe place to confess that I bought a magazine the other week simply because it came with a free notebook that I wanted - it's gorgeous, thick hard black cover, just the right size, and unlined paper... It even came with a nice pencil
    gave the magazne to my daughters

  6. A safe place to confess! I like that, Glynis. I don't think I'd be able to resist a magazine that came with a free notebook either.

  7. They'll have and use a photocopier. :o)

    I love the brightly coloured notebooks in all sizes available from Paperchase.

  8. Hadn't thought about a photocopier, Diane!! That would be it!!!