Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Your face...

On the cover of Stephen King’s latest book, The Wind Through The Keyhole.

Go to the Facebook page, here, upload your photo before 23rd January and you’re in with a chance.

And if the idea of that doesn’t grab you, how about one lucky entrant winning his entire Hodder backlist? Swoon. Oh, but what am I on about – I already have all his published books – but what a prize for those that haven’t!

There is a reason for the shorter posts of late. Adhesive Capsulitis and/or IVF encroachment (that’s what my chiropractor has written on the note I have to give my doctor - I know Adhesive Capsulitis means frozen shoulder, but I've no idea what the other thing is). Whatever it is, it hurts and I can’t wave my arm about – not that I usually go round waving my arms about, but I couldn’t for instance send a semaphore message to the woman on the other side of the field as there are some letters I just couldn’t do – definitely couldn’t do an E or an F.

Maybe I’ll have to stick to Morse code.

Anyway don’t let me keep you – go and find a photo and I hope to see you on the jacket!


  1. Gosh it sounds painful - hope you get better soon. Caroline x

  2. IVF encroahment sounds like you may have been impregnated by an alien! Hope it's one of the cute purple ones.

  3. Thanks for the link Teresa :-) I hope you feel better soon. x

  4. Hi Teresa. Sorry to hear that you're in pain. IVF Encroachment is basically a pinched nerve, I think. See

    I'm not sure why you would be semaphoring to the woman on the other side of the field but, if Patsy's theory about impregnation by an alien is true, perhaps you can't do a letter 'E' (or a letter 'T'?) so that you can't point the finger. :-)

  5. Thank you, Caroline x

    Fraid not, Patsy - the only aliens I've ever seen are the tall, scary grey ones - well unless I'm in for a surprise :-) x

    Thank you, Diane x

    Thanks for the link, Jacula, I'll take a look. You may have a point - I can't do T either x

    Thanks, Lacey x

  6. Ouch! Frozen shoulder is no joke. Sounds like a job for the physiotherapist. At least, it worked for me. Hope you're back to waving your arms about soon.

  7. Ouch! Hope it's better soon, Teresa.
    Bowen therapy might be worth thinking about.
    Tim 'n' Ted said to tell you they were volunteers for case note studies on Bowen for animals and they loved it.

  8. No thanks to the 'face on the book'! But I do hope your shoulder improves soon, Teresa. I've had osteo-arthritis in my right shoulder for a year now (my writing/mouse side), so I know the difficulties. Mine isn't frozen, just painful.

    What we need is a complete rest from computers - as if!

  9. A lot of frozen shoulders about, Martin! Glad yours is better x

    Thanks Pat and Tim 'n' Ted. I'm off to look up Bowen therapy x

    I didn't fancy the face on the book either, Rosemary.
    That must be so painful - your shoulder. I am trying to keep off the computer as much as I can x

  10. Frozen shoulders are a pain in the - well, shoulder. Hope it gets better soon.

  11. Get swinging that shopping bag, like your mother used to. It worked for me.

  12. It certainly is a pain in the... shoulder, Maggie ;-)x

    Fancy you remembering that, Lynne! I shall give it a go x

  13. Sorry to hear you're in pain, Teresa. I know all about back pain and nerves being trapped - hope yours gets better soon.
    The trouble is we all spend too much time as writers crouched in bad sitting positions over laptops. My chiropractor says I should have a desk top and a keyboard that keeps my eyes and hands straight ahead. Not sure how you manage that,lol!
    Get well soon! :)x

  14. Hope your shoulder improves soon Teresa. Is it hampering use of your new sewing machine?

  15. We do, Lydia and we suffer for it in one way or another! I never used to have any trouble when I used a typewriter - mind you I was a lot younger then! x

    Thanks, Joanne. Well I did go a bit mad with the sewing machine once I started so I'm leaving it for a few days! x

  16. Get well soon Teresa xx

  17. Haha, I can imagine the comments from my beloved family if I had my face on a horror novel. :)

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. It's just a thought, but when I had that problem a while ago, changing the mouse button to the other hand cured it in a couple of weeks. It was a form of RSI I think with me. Darn nuisance.

  18. Teresa, I've nominated you for the Irrestibly Sweet Blogger award. Please pop over to mine if you'd like to accept it.

  19. Thank you, Sue x

    Thanks, Jenny. The problem is with my left shoulder so I can't even blame my mouse x

    Really? Oh how lovely, Patsy, thank you! x

  20. Aw thank you, Suz. The doctor is going to refer me to someone else and I had to have a whole load of X rays - you should have seen the way I had to pose for those! xx