Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chronological King, Cruelty Free & Save the Urban Fox

Phew that was a bit of a mouthful wasn't it?

One thing I asked for every year on my birthday or at Christmas was a Stephen King novel. I used to have a list and I’d cross them off as they joined my collection, but then I caught up with him and started to buy his books as they came out.

Many years ago, I used to borrow his books from the library, but I always knew I’d want to revisit them – and I have, sometimes several times.

James Smythe at The Guardian is in the process of re-visiting Stephen King’s novels in chronological order. He starts here with Carrie.

What a good idea! I may try that myself - reading them in order I mean.

My daughter is on the cover of his latest book - can't tell you how chuffed I am about that!!

There are a couple of petitions some of you might be interested in as I know many readers of this blog are animal lovers.

The first is against the plan to cull the urban foxes in London. You can read more here and find the petition if you’ve a mind, here. And if you have an interest in urban foxes, I suggest a visit to the Hillingdon Wildlife blog where you will see some fabulous pictures of foxes (and a rather gorgeous cat) and other wildlife.

The other petition comes via The Body Shop who are partnering Cruelty-Free International to stop cosmetic testing on animals around the world. You can read more and sign the petition here.

Thank you.


  1. Ohhhhhh thanks for that link Teresa. Sometimes I wish I had read Stephen King's books in chronological order, but I've still got more to read of his, which I'm keen to do. Perhaps when I'm done I will return to the very beginning - sounds like a plan :-)

  2. I always wonder, though, whether an author's first book is really their first book, or if they had to write a dozen before getting published. Is Carrie Stephen King's first book or the first one published?

  3. Always worth re-reading, Diane :-) x

    He was published in magazines before he became a novelist, Annie - but his wife rescued Carrie from the bin and persuaded him to keep writing - good job eh? :-) x

  4. I think Stephen King's On Writing is one of my most favourite books ever. My husband, a non-writer and a non-fiction reader, also loved it. He reads the Stephen King novels too, despite his preference for non-fiction. He's an incredible man. Stephen King, that is. (Although hubby is too, of course.)

    Thank you for the links too,Teresa. I'm going there right now.

  5. I'm going to have to start reading all his books now, Teresa! And I do love On Writing.

  6. On Writing is just such a fab book. It would be interesting to read the novels in order, and at the same time refer to On Writing to see what SK said about the writing of them.

  7. A brilliant book, Joanna, one of my favourites too. And I quite agree - an incredible man :-) x

    I think I shall re-read On Writing, Rosemary :-) x

    What a great idea, Joanne - I may try that too :-) x

  8. I have yet to read a Stephen King, but it's on the list. He keeps getting shunted to the back of the queue.

    And the sun is still shining!

  9. Sun still shining here, too Maggie - glorious isn't it :-) x

  10. *Scraping jaw off floor" - Your daughter is on the cover of Stephen King's book?!?!!? Your daughter?!?! OH WOW!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

    I have so signed the "stop killing foxes in London" and the Body Shop Cruelty Free Pledge! Yay!!!

    I love the whole idea of re-reading books of favourite authors in chronological order! I may join you!

    Take care

  11. Patsy's on there too, Old Kitty :-) You do need a magnifying glass to see them, but still :-) Chuffed doesn't cover it really :-)

    Thank you SO MUCH for signing x

  12. I've just read S.King's manual on writing. First class. What a fascinating guy he must be too! And don't tantalise us, HOW did your daughter get on the cover!!!!!!!

    Urban foxes... sorry but I am not with you there, having seen the awful way urban foxes have tortured and killed chickens owned by one of my daughters. They don't eat them, just slaughter them for fun, what a mess, what a trauma for the chickens who survive and what a hideous bloodbath with dead and dying birds ....

  13. On Writing is very different to any other writing book I've ever read, Jenny. Something very special there.

    I do sympathise with your daughter re the fox attack – it must have been extremely distressing. Two close friends of mine had a similar thing happen (one living on the outskirts of a city and one living in the countryside) – in both cases the chickens were pets and were found dead and dying.

    But I have to say both of my friends blamed themselves for not having secured their chickens properly that one night and although they were very upset (which doesn’t begin to cover how distressed they were), neither blamed the foxes.

  14. I've just picked up copies of TAB FF and WW F.Special and your are prolific in your short story writing. Can you tell me, or maybe a blog would be good, how frequently you write and send off short stories, and are you writing a novel?

    Just picked up a Stephen King novel (my first) from the charity shop. Reading the blurb on the back, I hope I can stomach it to the end!!!

  15. That's an idea for a future post, thanks, Maggie :-)

    Which SK novel did you get? Hope you enjoy it!

  16. Gerald's Game. Have you read it?

  17. Yes, Maggie - a long time ago. I'm sure you will enjoy it :-) x

  18. Oh, how fab that your daughter's on the cover of a Stephen King book.

    Thanks for the links - off to sign in a mo.