Monday, 27 February 2012


Thank you Patsy for tagging me. This is something a little bit different and it seems like fun. I have to answer the 11 random questions Patsy asked and then tag 11 more people and ask them 11 new questions.

Well here goes with my answers.

1. Do you have a favourite word or phrase?

Yes, but I’m afraid I can’t repeat it here in case I offend anyone!

2. What do you like on your pizza?

Olives. Lots and lots of olives.

3. Where do you get you books from?

Amazon, book shops, The Book People, Abebooks, supermarkets, anywhere that sells books really.

4. Favourite drink?

Tea, no coffee, no wait a minute, white wine or red wine.

5. Who would you most like to meet?

Joanna Lumley

6. And why?

Because she’s absolutely fabulous of course, but mainly because she does so much for those who don’t have a voice. I admire her for that.

7. Favourite colour?

Green, no blue, or maybe yellow, or black.

8. Where have you never visited but would like to go?

Scotland. One day I will!

9. Do you like hats?

I adore hats, but unfortunately hats do not like me.

10. What weather do you like best?

Warm and sunny with blue skies and just a few puffy white clouds. Or fog, the really thick stuff you can get lost in. Or summer rain.

11. Were these questions random enough?

They were for me!

And now my eleven random questions:

1. Do you wish you’d been born someone else?

2. Who would you most like to have breakfast with?

3. Favourite subject at school?

4. Favourite television programme?

5. Do you believe in ghosts?

6. What is your star sign?

7. Which Star Trek series was the best?

8. If you could be a character from a book, who would you be?

9. What is your favourite animal?

10. Least favourite vegetable?

11. Why?

And now my eleven victims – whose mission should they choose to accept it is to answer the questions, think up eleven new ones and tag eleven more victims. Did I say victims? I mean blogging friends of course. I'm not going to put a message on your blogs, but I'll link to you from here so leaving it completely up to you whether you do this or not!

Joanna, Karen, Gail, Pat, Joanne, Eileen, Suzanne, Jarmara, Carol, Diane, Suzy.

But only if you want to ladies!


  1. This looks fun! Great answers BTW. Caroline x

  2. Thank you for tagging me Teresa, I will try to get round to it, although I still haven't done the Creative Blogger one yet!

  3. Thank you, Teresa! I shall look forward to answering these and I enjoyed yours very much too. x

  4. Lovely answers! (And if anyone feels left out, do please visit my blog and help yourself to a tag. Because I can't do the link thing, and it would take me all day to put evey full blog address...)

  5. Eww, I hate olives! I love hats though, but don't have the courage to wear them - apart from the woolly winter sort.

    Thanks for the tag, I shall get my thinking cap on :o)

  6. Ooh it's all changed - the comment thingy I mean. Anyway....

    Thanks, Caroline x

    Don't feel under any pressure, Joanne - it's just a bit of fun x

    I look forward to seeing your answers, Joanna x

    Thank you, Frances. I couldn't do the link thing either until Patsy told me how - but she explains it better than I could (and I have been drinking wine so it would be garbled if I tried) x

    The first time I ever ate an olive, Karen, I thought it was a grape (it was in a dimly lit bar) - well you can imagine how well that went down. Years later I tried them again and now I'm hooked x

  7. Teresa, I learnt a lot about you from these - incuding how decisive you are!

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  11. I'm often sad that I can't take part in these fun questionnaires. But I cannot, since my blog is invitation only.

    However,I'm going to answer the questions here.

    1. Popocatpetl. I like the way the word flows.
    2.Definitely not olives, like Teresa. I hate the things! Lots ham and pineapple would be my best pizza topping. And Beloved makes the best Hawaiin pizzas in the world!
    3. Just like Teresa, I get my books from any place I can find books. However, if I can't find books, papers or magazines to read, I just read beer mats, cereal boxes or whatever's to hand.
    4. Favourite drink. That depends on what time of day it is and what frame of mind I am in. In the morning, unlike my Other Half who 'must' have coffee, for me it's 2 very large cups of PG Tips tea. In the afternoon, I might fancy fresh fruit juice and then a cappuccino when I watch TV somewhere between 8 and 9pm. After that, it's very dry white wine, champers or red wine, whatever's available.
    5. Who would you most like to meet? That's a tough one! Maybe Queen Victoria to see what her life really WAS like? Being a queen, being permanently pregnant and then having one of your sons being accused of being Jack the Ripper? That must have ben stressful!
    7. Favourite colour? Green. Most definitely! You'd know that, if you ever visited my house. That is closely followed by blue for the summer sky,and the different blue for the sea around Crete. Yellow is also ggod, being the cheerful colour of flowers that bloom in winter and spring. There's nothing like a vase of daffodils to cheer you! I also like red for love and sexiness, mixed with black it's 'phwoar!' (So my Other Half tells me!)
    8. I've never visited Scotland but, like Teresa, hope to do so soon. I'd also like to see Ireland (North and South), Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, the plains of Africa and the rest of the world, should finances ever allow.
    9. Do you like hats? Not really, they make my head sweat! However, a few hats seem to like me. I can wear a big-brimmed hat and look okay, even though I'm only 5' 2" tall. I'd love to wear one of those mad Russian white fur hats like my neighbour's daughter once did and look as sexy as she did. Unfortunately, I just look like a woman a dead white goat landed on top of.:-(
    10.What weather do you like best? I love a warm spring morning with bulbs flowering and birds singing, showing the promise of things to come. I love an Autumn morning when the air is ripe with the mushroomy smell of decay and leaves are crisp beneath my feet. I love a winter morning when the birds are singing and almost every flower on show is yellow. I love a hot summer afternoon when bees are buzzing and Beloved is burning things on the barbecue, and that morning in winter when the light and the sound are different even before you look out of your bedroom window because snow has fallen.

  12. Sorry for all the 'removed comments', that was me editing my post.:-(

  13. I've stolen this tag, Teresa! Sorry! :) You're welcome to view my answers over at mine!

  14. Yes I can be very decisive, Patsy, I think, well sometimes x

    I love that you answered the questions, Jacula. I never thought to pass things on to you as your blog is private. I did laugh about you reading cereal packets etc. - I do exactly the same! And the light and sound of a snowy morning - lovely x

    That's great, Maria, I'll pop over for a look! x

  15. Great answers, Teresa - and you must come up to Scotland!

  16. Yes I must, Rosemary and I will one day! x

  17. Hi Teresa,
    Humble apologies for my delay in commenting on your posting. You can relax now, for shy and humble Gary is here :)
    Of course, I'm wondering why the feature to 'subscribe to follow up comments', has vanished. This means, if you comment back to me, the only way I will know is by coming back. So that's good for your hit count :)
    Delighted you been 'tagged'. I was 'tagged' and now the authorities can keep track of my whereabouts. I'm kidding.
    Aha I note you would like to meet Joanna Lumley. Of course, she's the voice of AOL and an evidently a much loved voice on SatNav systems. Something like, "You've arrived at your destination, darling!"
    I wish your "victims", if they so desire, much fun with being the subject of a "tag".
    Take care and happy writing.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  18. Hi Gary - don't apologise - I've just found a whole chunk of blogs I'd missed all around Blogland.
    This new comment thing is a right royal pain - change for the sake of change methinks.
    Thank you for stopping by x

  19. Oh, you must come to Scotland. It's lovely up here.

    And thank you so much for the tag. Look forward to answering the questions.