Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's been a while...

I love the snow. I don’t love wearing that silly coat she puts on me, but I do like wearing my woolly jumper at bedtime (Granny knitted it for Sweep about 12 years ago and I inherited it and it is still going strong). Even so, I still get under the covers if I get chilly.

On Sunday we were on our way out for a walk when this large creamy coloured whiskery faced creature hurtled round the corner and belted up to me, all arms and legs, gaping mouth and floppy ears.

A lady who appeared a minute later said, “He’s a Labradoodle you know.” As if that explained everything. Then she added with a disapproving look, “Don’t you let him off the lead?”

She was talking about me! To be honest I wouldn’t be happy being off the lead in the middle of the estate. I might get run over or tempted to chase something or even get chased by something. No, I’d rather wait until I’m safely on the fields where I can run wild and free with impunity, thank you.

Anyway herself made a huge fuss of the lolloping creature and as we walked away she said, “I wouldn’t mind one of those.”

What? Has she lost control of her marbles?

If she wants wild and woolly, I can give her wild and woolly. See?

I’ve noticed quite a few dogs wearing coats lately, even ones like me (but not as handsome obviously). Worryingly, since she’s had that sewing machine she’s been talking about making me a new one. I’m not sure I like the sound of that.

Yesterday she watched 101 Dalmatians with Lachlan and when Nanny (Joan Plowright) came out with the still puppy, she began to blub and then when Roger (Jeff Daniels) held the pup in his hands and Pongo nudged the pup with his nose – well it was like the great flood. I thought himself was going to have to nip out and start work on an ark.

We’d just about got the place dry, wrung out the carpets and put out warnings about a national tissue shortage, when Imogen and Isabel came downstairs – and said they wanted to watch it from the beginning.

So we had to go through it all again! And she had the gall to blame me for the fact her clothes were all wet. She said it was where I’d been out in the garden leaping round in what remained of the snow before coming in and sitting on her lap. Humph!


  1. That is one seriously smart sweater!

    It reminds me too that I want to watch that 101 Dalmatians, one of the things I have not got around to doing. I loved the old Disney one which I think I first saw as a kid.

  2. Great post, Indy. Nice to hear from you again. I think you do 'wild and woolly' wonderfully!

    You're absolutely right about staying on your lead until you get to the safety of the fields.

    Humans do have a tendency to leak when soppy animal films, or even cartoons, are on that noisy box in the room where they sit down. This particular human leaks whenever there's a 'Lassie' film on - whether Lassie is happy or hurt. Though, of course, she seems to leak more when Lassie is hurt.

  3. We haven't had any snow here, but some local dogs are still out in their coats. I'll try and get pictures, because some are really snazzy and you might find one you'd like her to make for you.

  4. You look wonderful in your lovely jumper. Extra-cuddly and very handsome indeed. x

  5. She says it's very good, Jenny, but personally I think 101 Springer Spaniels has a better ring to it :-)

    Thank you, Jacula, I do don't I? I must admit I leak a bit, but that's my narrow tear duct for you. Sometimes when I am trying to tell her that I desperately need another Markie, she says things like, "What is it, Lassie? Is little Tommy trapped down the well." I have no idea what she's on about, but you have clearly heard of this Lassie fellow.
    I sit in front of that noisy box sometimes so they can look at me instead :-)

    Yes, please do that, Patsy. You might save me from embarrassment. I know she reads your blog and likes your pictures :-)

    Thank you, Joanna, you are right there. I am extra-cuddly and very handsome and of course extremely modest :-)

  6. Nice sweater. Did mummy knit that for you? I have a pattern book full of doggy jackets - sadly, no dog.

  7. It used to belong to Sweep, Maggie - Granny made it for him to keep his back warm when he had arthritis and he left it to me in his will (he died 10 years ago). Don't give herself ideas about knitting me one - I'd never live it down. She did knit one once, but I've buried that where no one will find it :-)

  8. Geoffrey (my daughter's dog) says to tell you that a coat is very handy if you don't want to go for a walk. You just lie on your back, and your human will drag you along, and you don't bump or hurt yourself. Geoffrey's human say he is lazy. Geopffrey says that's nonsense. He just isn't that into going for walks.

  9. A very sensible and smart sweater for a cold day. And who needs a labradoodle when your mistress has you!

  10. Hm, Frances - you've given me an idea :-)

    Exactly, Rosemary, exactly :-)

  11. A warm coat makes going out fun, and I'm sure a Labradoodle wouldn't look as smart as you do.

  12. Hi, Indy
    Hi, Indy
    Our human tries to make us wear waterproof coats when it's raining hard. She says we take too long to dry if we don't.
    Your coat looks quite nice, though, and you haven't got loads of fur like we have to keep you warm so it's sensible for you to wear it.

    Oooh tail wags; We're in doggy love with a labradoodle called Maisie. She loves us, too.

    Walkie time for us
    Tim 'n' Ted

  13. It stops me getting so muddy too, Carol - and I hate being dirty! Tilly used to say I wasn't right, but I can't help it, I have an aversion to mud :-)

    Hi Tim 'n' Ted - you have fantastic fur coats. Mine would be thicker if her indoors didn't keep taking her electric sheep shears to it - she usually gets them out when she says I start to resemble a Highland Cow - I ask you! I don't think I could ever be in doggy love with a doodle - although I did fall head over heels for a rottie puppy called Flossie at Christmas (ah starry eyes), but she's probably enormous by now :-)

  14. Lovely to hear from you Indy, cool and handsome as ever. Herself has nothing on me. I leak at EVERYTHING even (whispers): The Muppets I took my young grandson to see the other night.

    How embarrassing is THAT? But oh it is so lovely and feelgood (sighs, reaching for tissue) :o)xx

  15. I'll be sure to keep her away from the Muppets then, Sue x

  16. You look very handsome indeed, coat or not, Indy.