Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kreativ Blogger!

Many thanks to Gail at The Writing Bug for passing this award to me.

Isn’t it pretty?

Now then, I have to reveal some interesting things about me – oh dear, this will be a short post then.

Drums fingers on desk.

Hums tunelessly.

Scratches head.

I’ve probably told you these things before – there is a very shallow file of interesting things about me I’m afraid. Interesting things seem to happen to my family and friends.

1. Turns out the arthritis in my shoulder and neck aren’t my only problems. I don’t know whether to be proud of this or worried, but the main trouble with my shoulder is – ahem, a drum roll please – a sporting injury! Yep, that’s right, me, Mrs Couch Potato herself has a sporting injury. The musculoskeletal specialist I saw says the impingement is almost certainly a result of my swimming. I’ve had a steroid shot into the offending (offensive!) shoulder and have to do exercises involving just me, a door and a gigantic rubber band. I’ve cut the swimming down to just once a week and have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably never now realise my lifelong ambition to swim the channel.

2. When I was an Elf (in the Brownies, not a real elf obviously, although I probably have the ears for it) we were playing outside on the Barrack field when suddenly Brown Owl and Tawny Owl ushered us into the Brownie hut. As we were bundled in the door I heard someone say Goldie, the golden eagle that had escaped from London Zoo had landed on the field. I vividly remember looking over my shoulder and catching a glimpse of a large, hunched, sad looking creature at the edge of the field as I went in. They wouldn’t let us look out of the windows and told us to stay at the back of the hut in case he should attack! I just felt sorry for him, poor old thing. I remember this with absolute clarity, but when I Google it now there is no mention of Goldie ever making it out of London – so did I dream it? I am 99% sure it happened.

3. My mum wouldn’t let me have ballet lessons because she said I was too tall and tall girls are never ballerinas. I’m 5’ 2”.

4. Many years ago in very icy weather I woke up and “saw” a motorcyclist wearing a white helmet come off his bike at a roundabout and slide down the road on his back. I saw this as vividly as I saw the eagle. I was so upset that my beloved left his motorbike at home (I had had premonitions before) and trudged to work through snow and ice and as he crossed the roundabout, a motorcyclist came off his bike and slid down the road on his back – just as I’d described. And he was wearing a white helmet. There have been lots of other things, but I shan’t go on as you probably already think I am too far away with the fairies as it is.

5. I can’t do that “Live long and prosper” thing with my fingers, but I can turn my tongue upside down.

Now I’d like to pass this award on to Joanna (Brightwriter) and Joanne (A Zigzag Road) and Lynne (I should be writing)


  1. The bike thing is really spooky! Oh - and please can we have a picture of your upside down tongue? (I can curl mine up and also touch the end of my nose with it, but don't understand how you can turn it upside down unless you have it on a hinge.)

  2. What an amazing premonition! I hope the guy with the white helmet was ok! What a thing to predict!

    Oh poor eagle - I sort of wish that was dreamt as I feel sorry for the eagle!

    Oooh I'd love to know more about your premonitions! It's a GIFT!!

    Take care

  3. Oh thank you Teresa. (But I'd rather not see a photo of the tongue thing, myself.)

  4. Noo, Frances - a picture of my horrid tongue would frighten people. It's only the end bit I can turn upside down x

    He was okay, Old Kitty - just shaken up. Not sure about it being a gift - it would be if I could premonish the lottery numbers :-)x

    Don't worry, Joanne, I shan't be posting any photos of my tongue :-) x

  5. Oh, thank you very much, Teresa, I'm delighted! It's a lovely award and I shall enjoy thinking of seven things to say.
    I'm fascinated by your premonition and glad it was taken seriously.
    I can only roll my tongue and touch my nose with it. But I think that's because my mouth and nose are close together!
    I really enjoyed your list and hope you get some relief soon from the poorly shoulder.
    Many thanks again!

  6. I remember the eagle escaping and it is on the internet - even Wikipedia said he "caused a nationwide sensation when he escaped for 12 days in March 1965" ... he could have flown anywhere in that time!!

    As a fellow shoulder sufferer I sympathise as I have frozen shoulder at the moment and it is such a pain..

  7. I remember the eagle escaping and it is on the internet - even Wikipedia said he "caused a nationwide sensation when he escaped for 12 days in March 1965" ... he could have flown anywhere in that time!!

    As a fellow shoulder sufferer I sympathise as I have frozen shoulder at the moment and it is such a pain..

  8. Hey Teresa,
    Firstly, hearty congrats on receiving that 'Kreativ Blogger Award'. And congrats to those you forwarded it onto.
    Some fascinating info you have submitted. Strangely enough and never mind my height, I never made it as a ballerina:)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend. And oh no, that awful word and numbers, verification. Wish me luck, here goes....

  9. Oh those premonitions sound very interesting. I wanted to read more about that. Maybe in another post?

  10. PS One of those words I had to type in to verify I am human was 'prophecy'. How bizarre is that?

  11. My dad used to do that, Joanna - touch his nose with his tongue. It always frustrated me that I couldn't :-) x

    I am certain it did happen, Susan.
    Hope your shoulder isn't frozen for too long - it certainly is a pain :-( x

    Thank you, Gary - it is heartening to know I'm not the only non ballerina.
    Argh that flipping word verification thing - it has got a lot worse lately hasn't it. I would get rid of it, but when I did that before Blogger didn't like it and wouldn't let me comment. We need Enigma machines! x

    Thanks, Diane. The first time it happened was the day my dad died and I'm afraid I do try to shut it off. I was going to say people will think I'm weird if I post about it - but I think that ship has sailed don't you? ;-) x (yes, weird about prophecy!)

  12. Interesting items, Teresa. I used to swim a lot too but haven't for a while. It's a (literal) pain having shoulder trouble, isn't it? And I'm 5ft 2 and wanted to be a ballet dancer when young! That motorbike story is amazing - but I know things like that do happen.

  13. No 4 on your list is very spooky. It was certainly a big coincidence. Would like to hear more?

  14. I can fold my tongue in half but I certainly can't fold any part of it upside-down. (I spent some time frustrated in trying to do that, after reading your post, Teresa, thank you SO much!)

    I can't touch the tip of my nose with my tongue either, but I can curl my top lip up over my nostrils. :-)

    I remember Goldie's escape. If you didn't actually 'see' him, maybe you saw him by feeling his misery? You are psychic, after all.

    I'm quarter of an inch shorter than you, so I must be 'to tall' to be a ballerina, too. Drat! I was just about to apply to the Russian Ballet company.

    I don't think you are 'away with the fairies' re your premonition. I very occasionally have them, too.

    I CAN to the 'Live long and prosper' sign, if I give the middle fingers a little help with my other hand to part. Then, they will stay apart. The 'Rock' sign is more natural to me ('Satan's horns thing.)

    Thank you for a most entertaining blog post. xx

  15. Swimming is difficult with a dodgy shoulder isn't it, Rosemary - well everything is, from putting on a coat to getting things out of the cupboard. I wonder if it was the influence of the comics that made so many of us want to be ballerinas? x

    I'll make that the subject of a future post, Maggie x

    I can fold mine in half too, Jacula! Would you believe I have been sitting here trying to fold my top lip over my nostrils and all I've achieved is a sore lip!!
    I can't do live long and prosper even if I give it some help, but I can do the Rock :-) x

  16. Thanks for the award, Teresa. Bit of a beep about finding another seven things about me though. Will have a think.

  17. You are downright spooky! Seeing birds that aren't there and premonitions of men in white helmets. In the olden days you would probably have earned a very nice little living charming away peoples' warts and making their lovers faithful to them. Have you considered playing the lottery?

  18. You're welcome, Lynne - loved yours x

    More likely I'd have been burnt at the stake, Jenny! I do play the lottery, but no luck so far x

  19. Hi Teresa. Just back from hols and catching up. How weird about the motorcyclist thing. Do you subscribe to the second sight theory? My Mum was a bit funny about "seeing" things too but then she always joked she was a Welsh witch!
    Sorry about the shoulder and swimming - boast about the sporting injury with pride - people will be well impressed! x

  20. Yes, Lydia, I think I do. There is so much about ourselves that we don't understand. Oh, yes I am boasting (as well as moaning and complaining) about my sporting injury :-) x

  21. Oooh, hugs for your sporting injury. I always knew exercise was bad.

    Congratulations on your award.


  22. Lol, Suz, that really did make me laugh out loud - I couldn't agree more ;-) xx