Friday, 28 October 2011

Out of the Loop!

That’s where I feel I’ve been for the past few weeks. The world has passed me by. I’ve been trying to keep up with blogs and such, but my head has been elsewhere most of the time.

On the news I saw that wonderful moment when a baby was rescued from the rubble after the earthquake in Turkey. What a shining moment that was.

I have been watching Barbie DVDs. My four year old granddaughter loves them and brought them with her when she came to stay. Every night we watched one before bed and she fell asleep halfway through and I found myself sitting up to watch to the end.

I looked up the voice actors and the prince/leading man in the films is often played by the guy who is Joshua in V. I love bits of trivia like that. When I found out, I phoned my husband to tell him. He pretended to be suitably interested and amazed bless him.

When I was a child no one had Barbie dolls. It was Sindy or Tressy. Remember Tressy with the hair that grew? I had Sindy and Paul and they used to go round in Sindy’s red convertible which had a stone for a steering wheel. I’d broken the original plastic wheel and my honorary uncle said he’d have something in his shed to fix it and he emerged with a round flat yellow stone with a hole in the centre that fitted exactly on the steering column.

He had loads of stuff in that shed. He used to collect the silver paper off Kit-kats and make them into balls which I think used to go to Guide Dogs. He also kept rubber bands in a ball which was huge. He had the tidiest, most organised shed I have ever seen in my life.

And a new blog has been born. It is called The Pocketeers and is written by writers of Pocket Novels. A great resource with plenty of information for anyone interested in writing for My Weekly and The People’s Friend pocket novels.

Finally I want to thank everyone for all the messages about Tilly. Things change on a daily basis and one day I’m in despair and the next full of hope, but we can only do what we can do and keep hoping.


  1. I had a Tressy and I cut all her hair off, thinking it would grow again.

    Sad at the time, but the story it inspired sold here and in Australia, so every cloud etc.

    Hope things get better for Tilly soon.

  2. I had Sindy and Paul and my friend next door had Tressy. I can still remember some of Sindy's outfits. Poor Paul, I used to spend all my pocket money on clothes for Sindy but he only ever had the outfit he came in! Hope to hear good news of Tilly soon, Teresa.

  3. A tidy shed? That doesn't seem right to me. Maybe it was new.

  4. I had a Tressy and loved styling her hair all different ways. Glad to see you sounding more like yourself, Teresa, even though the worry is always there about Tilly. Thanks for the link to the new blog.

  5. I had a Sindy. I was much younger than my siblings, and one Christmas one of my sisters-in-law made me a wardrobe for Sindy's clothes with little coat hangers, plus some outfits made from fabric scraps- it was wonderful.

    Still sending positive thoughts for Tilly.

  6. Hi Teresa,
    I sure can relate to being out of the blogging loop. Life and its trials and tribulations can get in the way. Then again, what we experience can be verbalised at a later date, through the power of the written word.
    And yes, those moments of magic when that baby was rescued from the rubble. It warms your heart.
    Suddenly, I've got this urge to get a doll. Did I really say that? LOL
    Shall check out 'The Pocketeers'. Our thoughts are with Tilly and your kind and decent self.
    May you have a peaceful weekend.
    In kindness Gary and co-starring Penny the Jack Russell dog. :)

  7. You must have been so disappointed when it didn’t grow back, Bernadette – I remember giving one of my bigger dolls a feather cut – very trendy she was :-)

    My friend had a Tressy too, Elizabeth and I was very jealous. Poor old Paul – I don’t think mine had many outfits. I remember my mum made them both silver all in one spacesuits… :-)

    I know – it’s hard to believe isn’t it, Patsy. He was just an extremely organised and very lovely man. He even had his old air raid shelter in the back garden which he used as a second shed :-)

    Thank you, Rosemary. There was a definite sense of either Tressy or Sindy. I didn’t know anyone who had both :-)

    Wow, that sounds lovely, Carol! I bet you were over the moon :-)

    Thank you Gary and dear little star Penny. It is very true that we store these things up. Don’t worry – I don’t think anyone heard you mention the doll ;-)
    I wish you a peaceful weekend too :-)

  8. My kids had Barby and Sindy. Tressy passed us all by. How old does that make me? 35 in my head that's what!

  9. That's the only age that matters, Maggie May ;-)

  10. Funny how it is hard to get back into the loop when you're out of it. At least I find it so. I remember Sindy and Tressy but didn't like either. Didn't Tressy have hair that grew?

  11. I hope you have good news about Tilly very soon, it's so distressing when they're unwell.

    I had a Barbie, which I had to save up for. I remember it taking far too long.

  12. Thanks, Debs. We're back to the vet next Friday unless we have to take her back for any reason sooner.
    I bet you treasured your Barbie for having to save up for her!

  13. Thinking of you and Tilly - hope all's going well
    xxPat, T&T

  14. Thank you Pat (and T&T). She is eating well and the jaundice is much better than it was. She had a walk in the woods today which is the longest walk she's had for quite a while and she enjoyed it. She has an upset tum now, but I think that may be down to all the meds (5 different ones) xx

  15. Great news (apart from the upset tum, of course)!


  16. Oh, Teresa - been away for a while and then ill with the mother of all colds, so entirely missed the Tilly blogs till now. I am so sorry. It's so dreadful when our beloved dogs are ill - it's a constant lump in the pit of your stomach, isn't it? Hope she continues to show signs of improvement. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts to you and lovely Tilly. x

  17. Touch wood, Pat, but her tum has been okay for the past couple of days (hope I haven't tempted fate saying that) xx

    That sums it up exactly, Lydia - that feeling in the stomach. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm hoping to post an update later when we've seen the vet xx

  18. Memories eh? I had a Tressy though I always yearned for a Cindy. I think Tressy survived until my younger brother took her 'to war' with Action Man. She was never quite the same after that though, amazingly, she kept her hair! Thanks for the link to Pocketeers, as a former writer for My Weekly, I shall be looking at it.
    All the best for Tilly X

  19. Ah, Deborah, younger brothers. I always wanted one - I don't know why. I also wanted an Action Man.
    Thank you x