Thursday, 3 November 2011


First of all isn’t the Woman’s Weekly Centenary Special fantastic? I got mine this morning and I can’t wait to get stuck in! I’m going to send for the free pattern and dust my old sewing machine off. It’s years since I made anything.

At a quick skim through I saw Facebook quotes from Karen and Jo and a lovely picture of my friend and visitor to this blog, Sue. And there is a complete copy of the original magazine from 100 years ago inside. How cool is that?

Now for Tilly news. We saw Tom again today and he remarked on how bright she is and how lovely and glossy her coat is, all things considered. Last time her weight had dropped to 17 kilos and this time she was up to 17.1.

Things have been very up and down. At one point I was torturing myself wondering if I was doing the right thing. It was a very bleak day and my mood was the lowest it’s been since this all began. If she turns her nose up at a meal, my spirits immediately go into free fall.

I realised I couldn’t go on like this, waiting for her to get worse or for a new symptom to manifest itself. Her treatment is palliative, but she’s doing okay at the moment so from now on I’m taking one day at a time, enjoying our time together and giving her the best life she can possibly have.

When the phone engineer called she told him to clear off and she’s even turned up at mealtimes with Indy a few times now wanting to know when hers will be ready! Today she was trying to persuade Isabel to share her beans on toast with her at lunchtime. She’s going a bit further for her walks and I’ve noticed a few times that instead of being in here with me she’s taken herself to the bedroom to sprawl out on the bed in the sun.

She had a horribly upset tum for a few days, but – touch wood – that seems to have righted itself. Now we have to try to wean her gradually off the steroids and hope her appetite doesn’t diminish. Then, all being well, back in two weeks for more blood tests. She’s still jaundiced, but as Tom says, not quite as luminous as she was.

Thank you for all the support and lovely comments over the past few weeks. You really have helped more than I can say.


  1. Great news about Tilly, Teresa. I'm so glad for you. As for Woman's Weekly, I'd no idea it was that old!

  2. So pleased to hear about Tilly. Fingers xrossed. Caroline x p.s off to get WW now - I forgot to buy it this week!

  3. Ah, bless Tilly, she's lucky to have such a lovely family. And thanks for the reminder - I KEEP forgetting to get that special WW issue when I go to the shop. I seem to have things on my mind at the moment ...!

  4. Thank you, Frances.
    100 years - amazing isn't it :-)

    Thank you, Caroline.
    I love these magazine specials when they go back over the past - so interesting and fun too :-)

    Thanks, Sheila :-) I doubt you'll have time to read a magazine with all those lovely grandchildren to cuddle :-)

  5. So pleased to hear Tilly has improved and is taking an interest in food. Stay positive Teresa.

    I bought the centenary WW issue today too, it's great seeing all the changes over the 100 years, and the reproduction of the first issue.
    I hadn't realised either that it had been going that long.

  6. So glad Tilly has improved and you are so right to take one day at a time. Not always easy but such a good philosophy to live by.
    Thanks Teresa for your mention of me and the Centenary of WW. So very proud to have been chosen to take part. Off to the exhibition next week which should be such a thrilling and interesting experience + a good excuse to visit wonderful London for a few days.
    Love and hugs to you and Tilly and, of course, brother Indy who I'm sure is also doing his best for his sister. Stay positive, we are all rooting for you. :o) xx

  7. Oh, that is hopeful news, Teresa.

    Ted, Tim and I will have a few extra words under our tree tomorrow.

    T&T send special woofs to Indy - they know he's rooting for Tilly, too.


  8. Hi Teresa,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, sneaking onto to the keyboard and pawing away this comment :)
    I just want to let you know how encouraged I am with Tilly's progress and may it continue.
    And Women's Weekly goes back more than 100 years. Amazing and I believe my human Gary, wrote one of the first ever articles. Arf! Arf!
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  9. i shall definitely go out today and buy the centenary issue of WW. It is very special to me, as my mother had it delivered every week for many years and always read me the Robin family story when I was young. I think it came on a Saturday and I used to climb into her bed and ask her to turn straight to that page`, She was probably longing to read the grown-up fiction and all the articles, especially the knitting patterns, but she always read the Robin story first. Then I read my comic (Playhour, I think it was, and later Twinkle) while she enjoyed the rest of the magazine.

    I am so very pleased to hear about Tilly's progress and hope she continues to take such positive steps forward.

  10. Thanks Carol x I've been annoying everyone with my WW special - I keep reading bits out!

    Thank you Sue and I hope you have a brilliant time in London x

    Thank you Pat and Ted and Tim (and thanks to the tree too) xx

    Ah Penny, thank you for calling by. It doesn't surprise me about your human. Tilly thanks you and sends her love xx

    What a lovely memory, Joanna.
    Thank you x

  11. Hi Teresa

    Good to hear that Tilly is improving. Personally I think you're doing the right thing by giving her the best quality of life she can have. Why subject her to invasive treatments which may frighten her and which might not prove anything at the end? She knows she's loved and that's the best gift for any human or animal.


  12. That's lovely, Linda, thank you x

  13. I bought that centenary issue this morning. Looking forward to starting on it tonight, with a large bar of Turkish Delight. But, gosh, the print in the original edition was tiny!

    Hope Tilly will stay on an even keel for a bit. You can really wear yourself out trying to do the best for them. Harvey got thoroughly barked at by two springers yesterday - but today it's pouring down so we probably won't meet anyone when we go out just now.

  14. Thanks Joanne. Poor Harvey! I hope he stuck his nose up in the air and ignored them!
    I had to read the old one with my glasses off and a very bright light on!

  15. So pleased to hear Tilly is holding her own. Taking a day at a time can be hard but it can bring great happiness as well. Worrying about what might happen tomorrow can stop us enjoying the good bits of today. Linda is so right: Tilly is surrounded by love and everything with which she is familiar and fond of: the best things a dog can have.
    Take care of yourself and your lovely dogs. x

  16. Thank you, Lydia - she does seem quite happy and content right now and that's all that matters really x

  17. Glad things are looking up with Tilly. As for Woman's Weekly, I feel quite awed that I write for them after reading the centenary issue.

  18. Thanks, Marian. Yes I know what you mean, I feel quite awed too x

  19. Great news about Tilly. Sounds as though she's feeling much better.

  20. Thanks, Patsy - sometimes it feels as if we're getting there, other times not, very much a roller coaster at the moment x

  21. I know what you must be going through as my daughter-in-law has a very poorly Papillion called Sammie and after months of high intensive care, the vet has finally said there is nothing more they can do, so they are giving her exactly what she wants to eat, when she wants it and letting her do what exercise she wants to do when she should be resting because of her heart. She is very old now, so will at least spend her last days happy.

    On a happier note I too have sent for a pattern for my g.daughter from the WW centenary edition. I intend to hand sew as I gave up my machine ages ago, but quite looking forward to the challenge of hand-sewing a little dress. All the best with Tilly.

  22. I'm so sorry about Sammie, Maggie, but it sounds as if your daughter in law is making sure she is very happy for the time she has left.

    I've sent for the little dress pattern too. It'll certainly make it extra special if you're hand sewing yours :-) x

  23. I bought my copy yesterday. It's so interesting, I'm really enjoying reading it.

    So relieved tom hear Tilly is a little better. x

  24. Still thinking of you and Tilly and sending love to you both.


  25. I think I may keep mine, Debs. It's lovely to have a dip into the past isn't it x

    Thank you, Suz - as of today Tilly is back on the high dose of steroids, but I think in the grand scheme of things that is how it has to be. She is so much better when she's taking them x

  26. Hope Tilly's dong well on her meds.

    I didn't know you had a serial in MW, Teresa. I missed Part One *sigh*.

    Woofs to Tilly and Indy from Tim 'n' Ted

  27. Thank you, Pat. I'm afraid things aren't very good at all now. There just isn't any good news. She's gone downhill over the weekend. I'll post an update when I can, but it may not be for a while. Thank you for thinking of her xx

  28. So sorry, Teresa

    Look after yourself, too.

    Lots of love to all